Occupy Wall Street Protests!

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I'm not one to get involved in discussions like this, but this is something I so whole heartedly stand behind and I think deserves the attention!

Occupy Wall Street is a non political movement started by very frustrated and angry people (the 99%) who are tired of seeing our governments being bought out, our media being manipulated and our country being ran in to the ground by the 1% who own 50% of the world's wealth. It's NOT about anarchy, wanting free handouts, etc. They are just tired of these rich corporations pushing their own agendas and controlling our government without thinking about what the PEOPLE need.

In America, people are being put in to hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to go to college and be educated, only come out and be unable to find any jobs. :/ Americas are working longer hours, with less pay. Finding their vacations, retirement, social security and healthcare all getting taken away. While these major corporations are getting yearly bailouts with money our government doesn't even -have-.

In September protests were started on Wall Street in NYC! There has been little to no media coverage about them, even though these protests are now spreading across the country to other cities and even other countries!

SO have YOU heard about these protests yet? Anyone talking about it where you live?
I have yet to go down and see the protesters but I'm getting educated about what's going on. There's a lot of news here about the protests and it's quite scary with people getting pepper-sprayed and beat with nightsticks, it's really crazy. Apparently there was a transgendered man who was jailed and chained to a chair without access to a toilet/food because the cops didn't know what to do with him, and that's a huge issue with me and I'm not happy with how the police are handling themselves.

I completely support this protest and think that it's something that's been brewing for some time. I'll head down sometime this week however and try to update with any information I can get straight from the protest itself.
Oh my god! Glenn Beck was right! The proletariat is rising up and is coming to kill us capitalists! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! AAAAAAAAAAAAA-
I really only agree with two things:

- End tax corruption

- Expand social security net in a fiscally responsible way

Everything else does not have firm logical or empirical backing. When you claim to protest for 99% of the people you are only able to represent a few key issues without massively polarizing the movement. Keep it simple and try not to let greed (for change) seep into your demands.

I have many ideas on why trying to ending American corporate hegemony won't do squat. I can detail them later if people are interested in having a discussion.
I'll just keep it simple. I hate ALL protesters, even ones who I agree with. Protests don't do anything until they get violent.
Isaboo has been trying to talk to the people at his work about this stuff and still NO ONE knows what he's talking about. x___x Are they still blacking out the protests on the news channels?
nope. never heard of it.

although i've heard far too much about the Prime Bogan and her Carbon tax.
Only heard about this from a friend yesterday.

I hope with this, the riots in England and the Arab Spring we are seeing a paradigm shift in world culture. The end result will probably be an acceptance that corporate hegemony is necessary, but at least people are asking the question and taking genuine action.
I'll just keep it simple. I hate ALL protesters, even ones who I agree with. Protests don't do anything until they get violent.
So what, should we then simply apply violence instead of first trying a peaceable option? I agree that they don't work, but what's the point of not trying? You cannot fail if you do not try, and not trying is itself worse than failure. And, for once, as WMD said, Ghandi fucked shit up without violence. The object of protest is to get people to understand your point of view and inflect change, not kill people until change happens.
Ghandi mate. fucked shit up without violence.
Actually contrary to popular belief Gandi was not responsible for Indian independence. He was part of an old movement called the Indian independence movement. which I am sorry to say was often violent. Gandhi just tried to move the protests in a more peaceful direction.

In fact Gandhi wasn't even after what the other protestors wanted

"Gandhi returned to India, on 6 January 1915 and initially entered the political fray not with calls for a nation-state, but in support of the unified commerce-oriented territory that the Congress Party had been asking for. Gandhi believed that the industrial development and educational development that the Europeans had brought with them were required to alleviate many of India's problems."

EDIT: I am in no way supporting violence of any kind. I just wanted to make that clear.
I haven't heard anything about this.... Holy crap, so I'm guessing everyone's getting sick of the greed and finally saying something, huh? I'm doubting it's going to work. :\ But at least they're saying something about it.
I hope with this, the riots in England and the Arab Spring we are seeing a paradigm shift in world culture. The end result will probably be an acceptance that corporate hegemony is necessary, but at least people are asking the question and taking genuine action.

That's also what makes me happy. I've been going out about every week this summer with a bunch of retired ladies to do some leafletting and be part of their peace protesting and they're just so happy to have someone my age ready to do something to promote peace. No one knows how to get involved to change the system - so I'm glad these protests are starting up so that people closer to my age at least have a chance to participate in the dialogue.
I actually just heard about this while on my way to take my truck in to the shop. Thank god for 89x (radio station where i live)

I think we 99 percent need to buy helicopters and bomb the hell out of things. That or refuse to pay taxes. They cant arrest a whole nation...
Suprised sorta at the lack of activity in this thread. Anyone else bothering to follow this, or should I stop posting and let the thread die?

Update on the person that was struck on the head before. Appearently he is the same person that is prone in the second youtube video I posted above (so appearently nota girl). Darn these low quality camera phones!

Scott Olsen, the protester shown with head injuries, apparently after being hit in the head by a police projectile, has a skull fracture and is in a "serious, but stable condition", according to a fellow protester with him in hospital.
Adele Carpenter, who has known Olsen since July, said she was told by a doctor at Highland hospital, in Oakland, that Olsen "has a skull fracture".

Carpenter arrived at Highland hospital in Oakland at 11pm last night, and has been allowed to visit Olsen – a former US marine, who did two tours of Iraq – this morning, she said.

"I'm just absolutely devastated that someone who did two tours of Iraq and came home safely is now lying in a US hospital because of the domestic police force," Carpenter said.

She said Olsen moved to the Bay area in July. The former marine, 24, left the military in 2010. Olsen is originally from Wisconsin, Carpenter said, adding that his family have been informed about his condition. A "military buddy" is also on his way to visit Olsen in hospital.
Video footage shows Olsen lying prone on the ground in front of police lines. A crowd gathers in an apparent bid to help him, but then scatters when a police officer throws an explosive device into their midst.

Scott Olsen is in a "critical condition", in Highland hospital, a spokesman for the hospital has just confirmed to me.
(We already knew he was there from the accounts below, but this is the first official confirmation).

Source from here http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/oct/26/occupy-oakland-protests-live

Appearently Oakland police have offically stated they have not used flashbangs to clear demonstrators. May be the case... However, they are using some sort of device close

Example of a police expolsive device (ironically called a flashbang) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YsC6M4GFoc&feature=player_embedded#t=0s