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  2. Can character be from different times like WW2? I've got the PERFECT WW2 character.
  3. That would be grand Idea but be warn do my set your self to close to the park but not to far as exploding forest are inevitable and to say any more would be spoilers
  4. Ok so I'm thinking of playing a witch/fae type being, is that ok?
  5. Hi! I'm in the RP From Scratch, and I saw that you posted this, so I came and looked! ^-^ May I Jump In?
  6. I'll go with a neko if you don't mind.
  7. That's fine just try to stay Tue o the one power thing for know
  8. Okay, planning on it.
  9. Oh my that post should've posted yesterday for the fae/witch character
    Talk about a delay
  10. Ha THE OCCs got more replies then the actual roleplay
    I think it's time to get started don't you guys agree(a non deletable smily:blah:)
  11. Yes you can join whenever
    Considering there s not one reply to the actually do
    You can go first
  12. Do we need to make like a quick character sheet with just things like tha name, age, image, things like that? Or do we just do whatever?
  13. You can make a character sheet if you wanna, but it's not necessary
  14. Okay give me a sec. I gonna make a character sheet.
  15. me too.
    It'll be a short one though. None of that complex stuff.
  16. Sounds great
  17. Name: Hellen
    Age: 13
    Doesn't like big crowds, fears no creature unless it wishes her harm,
    hates to have her hair cut or trimmed etc. Doesn't really wear anything fancy.​
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  18. That's sounds perfect
    What's her power?
  19. She can communicate with any and all creatures ( all living creatures, this includes monsters and mythical animals) and can befriend most of them.
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