OC Zora character request.

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  1. OK. So I had an idea for a character who is a Zora from the Legend of Zelda series. I'm sadly broke, so I cant offer cash. I'm sure after saying that 90% of you turned away and left. Although for the few still here I may not be able to give cash, but I will do an rp no matter what it is! Of course if it goes against the sites rules ... well I dont wanna get kicked off hear so I wont do that. I know its not much, but hey its all I got. If you are up for trying this feel free to give me a poke. ^.^
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  2. @Yaoilover91

    I am not sure how good of a job I'll do, but I can give this a shot if you give me more details. I won't ask for anything back. :]
  3. Sweet! Send me a pm and we can talk about it more!