OC RWBY game anyone?

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  1. Thanks to Netflix's Recent addtion of RWBY to its roster I've been going a tiny bit OC nuts.

    I have at least 3 OC ready for emediate use with about 4 more in near ready condition. With my brain running over board with these things I am in desperate need for some RPing.

    Admittedly I don't have much in the way of plot ideas at the moment, but I am more than willing to brain storm with willing parties. A few thoughts to for set up off the top of my head: Tournament setting. New School year/new Students. Recent Grads on their first assignments/mission.

    - OC's only. I know for fandom stuff people really enjoy playing their favorite characters. While I get that, its really not what I'm interested in.
    - I like a good two or three paragraphs per post at a minimum. I don't mind if you dip below that now and then if what you do write is good at moving along/contributing to the plot, but for the love of peat no one liners.
    -Communication! I understand if life sweeps you away for a while or if you lose interest in a game, BUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

    Q and A for other things
    Q: What are your thoughts on Cannon Involvement.
    A: sort of depends on who want to use and what you want from them. Generally I prefer to avoid them, but feel free to run the idea by my

    Q: Violence level?
    A: about the same as the show I'd say.

    Q: Language Level
    A: Swearing never bothered me, but lets keep it reasonable. Unless its some very integral part of your character, lets not make every other word a curse.

    Q: I am less than intermediate, can we still play?
    A: Eh, send my a link to a sample of your stuff and I'll let you know if I'm still interested

    Q: I am more than Intermediate, can we still play?
    A: heck yeah, let me know where about you want to hang and I can kick up my writing gears to prestigious at least.

    Q: Thoughts on -eye waggle- Adult Content?
    A: not really in the market for smut, but I won't turn it down if you scratch the kinks I like.

    If you find you are interested please post here or send me a PM. Hope to hear from ya soon.
  2. I am up for a RWBY OnexOne.
Thread Status:
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