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  • Hello and welcome to my search! You can call me Quin or Molli. I'm 22 years old, and some time after finishing Persona 5 and watching a stream of Persona 4 Golden, I've written up an OC Persona plot that I'd love to RP. When I'm not RPing, you can catch me working, drawing, taking care of plants, or playing other video games.

  • Who am I looking for?
    Partners of any gender, aged 18 or older. (Not necessarily for smut; I simply don't feel comfortable playing with minors.)

    Who do I play?
    M/F and F/F pairings, and I'd love to try M/M romance as well. I will play male and female characters, and would like you to do the same. For this plot, I am expecting us to play 3-4 characters apiece.

    2-3 nights a week, I'll post as much as I can with you! 1-4 scenes a night is reasonable, depending on how drawn out the scenes are.

    I am open to RPing in Iwaku PMs. OOC convos can occur in PMs or on Discord.

    How long will posts be?
    I prefer short and sweet posts, though generally not one-liners. Expect 1-2 paragraph replies.

    How long will this plot last?
    1-3 months. When a plot lasts longer than that, I usually get bored and want to jump to a new idea. (If we click and have some common interests, I hope we can run more plots!)

  • The First Wasteland
    In a Velvet Room of cobbled-together broken parts, a contract is signed. Then the dream ends.

    Residents of a peaceful rural town see visions of a giant black obelisk falling into the Earth in a meteor's impact. A portion of those affected fall into depressed states and lock themselves away. As the town struggles with the apocalyptic visions, two teenagers get a cryptic text from their friend, who's been stuck at home caring for her shut-in brother. When they open the friend's door, they are transported onto an unmoving, aged barge in a flooded, sunken landscape. They can hear their friend's voice through the crashing waves.

    As the two explore the area, they discover that it's full of monsters (Shadows). But they awaken their Personas, too. They also rescue a little fox from the flood waters, who says her name is Synnove. After the friends swallow their surprise, Synnove explains that this place is a cognitive world called a Wasteland. They're inside a representation of their friend's mind, which is terrified of losing her brother, seeing his visions come to pass, reaching the end of their memories together. Afraid there's no way back and no way forward.

    When someone is overwhelmed by fears of endings, intense mental stress grips them, and their mind creates a post-apocalyptic cognitive landscape called a Wasteland. The only way to free the person is to make the crux of their Wasteland move again - in this case, the barge. But a boss often stands in the way of that, a Shadow version of that person who won't let the real version face their fear.

    To restore the Wasteland, the two human friends and Synnove will have to cut the chain anchoring the barge in place. How will they overcome the Shadow and help their friend confront her fear?

    After the Wasteland is restored and the friends return to reality, they can see a black obelisk hanging suspended in the sky. It looks far away. Nobody else seems aware of it. With every Wasteland they restore, it looms closer.

    Questions for Along the Way
    Why are Wastelands appearing in the cognitive world?

    What's Synnove's origin story?

    What villain (man, god, etc) is behind the visions?

    Will the visions come to pass? What happens if they do?

  • Got Suggestions?
    The idea in the previous tab isn't at all complete, so if you feel inspired to suggest additional elements, feel free to PM me about them!

    This RP can be set in Japan or America.

    We can use a full ensemble cast, or focus on two characters - a protagonist who uses multiple Personas, and a navigator.

    Production Value
    I'd enjoy some putting some stylish details in this RP, including:

    • Using dates in posts to keep track of when holidays, weekends, and seasons happen in the RP
    • Giving major characters and recurring side characters Arcanas (like with Persona's Confidants and Social Links)
    • Having a character's clothes change to post-apocalyptic costumes when they awaken their Persona (like the Phantom Thieves' thief outfits)
    • Making a playlist as a "soundtrack" to the RP
    • Making pretty bbcodes for character sheets and IC posts, to mimic the feel of video game graphic design

    These are listed in order of importance to me, and to be clear, I'd never rule out a prospective partner just because they preferred not to use fancy bbcodes. That said, giving this RP some style to go with its substance is important to me.

  • If you've made it this far and you want to play with me, that's great! Please PM me and do not reply to this thread.

    There are no passwords you have to mention to me, or anything of the sort. That said, I am trusting that you have read everything in these tabs. Thank you for reading my search! I hope to hear from you soon.

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