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OC + OC ;O?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Roses of May, Sep 9, 2016.

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  1. This is a little different than my original one I wrote for massive fandoms. I am also looking for originals, sorta. I have my own original world with a lot of information about it, but I am looking to play in my world. The idea I want is two very specific ones, I would like to work out the kinks with you.

    1. For now, his last name is Rhapsody as I didn't make his first name official yet. He is a lawful good character that turns to either chaotic evil or lawful evil. My character is the cause of this. Her name is Kiphame and she is part of a machine in a Holy City in my world, the problem is that finding out that the government is using human(or what he thinks are human) lives to power the city, this breaks something in his mind and he decides to help the girl out of her situation.

    The problem being that she has an addiction and is very socially inept to the world, so she would slowly drive him crazy with either her requests or questions over time as she would be bound in his home for an extended period of time. the type of descent to madness I would prefer would be like Sephiroth from FF7, how he is calm and collected but friendly and turned incredibly evil after certain situations arise. I can go over the specifics with you.

    2. I would like you to RP my Lord of Vampires. I have a small amount of info on him, but nothing about his personality. I would like to ship him with my character Zajora. She is a character with a rare status that people would hunt her down, but she is found by the Vampire guy and he takes pity on her temporarily. This would be a strange storyline, but I hope I can find someone for both of these.

    In closing, these story-lines I would like to say are very dark and while there would not be anything rapey in them. I would like to remind that for the 1st character, their relationship will go all over the place even to an abusive level on his side. The second is more him being kind and pushy about what they should do about her issue. I could see the 1st character actually harming her and possibly intimidating her from all the bs she gives him.

    Leave me a PM or comment here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.