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OC Black Butler *Closed*

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DJae Writer Chick, Nov 12, 2014.

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  1. Brey shifted, mumbling softly in his sleep before stretching, sitting up. He hadn't been sleeping so well lately. He wondered if he was getting sick. He leaned back against the headboard, rubbing his eyes and glancing around the dark room with a soft sigh. He was fairly cold, considering he'd been sleeping under several covers, but upon a second look, he realized with his tossing and turning, he'd kicked the covers off of him. This brought another sigh out from his lungs.
  2. Gin carried a tray that held Tea as he walked towards Brey's room. He knocked on the door softly before slowly opening it and slipping inside, closing the door and stepping towards Brey. "Good morning Young Master, Did you sleep well?" He pours some tea into a cup, handing it to Brey. Gin and Brey had made a Contract only hours before, which meant that he now served the young male with his life. It had been quite a while since he'd been able to make a contract. "What do you plan on doing today?" He speaks once more before closing his mouth, standing next to Master Brey's bed and staring down at the young male with sharp, cold eyes. Although his eyes told a different story, his body language was very enthusiastic and happy. Gin would most likely stay with Brey, since he needed to learn what the male enjoyed and disliked. But at the same time, he already knew. There would be very few times when he'd leave Brey's side today, and that was when he went to go collect the food for Young Master.
  3. "I attempted to." Brey said quietly, relaxing a little. He wasn't quite used to having a butler yet. He accepted the tea, holding the warm cup in his hands before taking a sip, closing his eyes and savoring the warm taste. "Well. I have an appointment with one of our competitors to try and buy them out." He said after a moment of thought, sipping on his tea. "I'm fairly certain we're garunteed the buy...though there's something I feel I'm missing." He stretched a little, looking up at Gin. Would he ever get used to this? "What kind of tea is this?"
  4. The Butler smiled and gave the young master a small nod "Ah, yes. I'm sure we'll buy them out, sir. Do you possibly think that I could help with your little problem? I can be of great use when it comes to things like this." He spoke calmly and set the tray down, but still stood. "It's Chai Tea, Young Master. Do you not like it? We have other varieties of Tea, if you would rather have something else. There's Ceylon Tea, Keemun Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Chamomile Tea, White Darjeeling Tea, and Uva Milk Tea. I'm sure we have a few more too, I just can't think of them as of now." Gin patiently waited for an answer as Young Master took another sip.

    "Should I begin a bath for you?" He asks another question before finally going silent.
  5. "I believe I will try my best on my own skills first." Was his answer to the first question before he took another sip. "And no, I actually very much enjoy this tea. I don't believe I've noticed this one on the shelves before." He said, yawning slightly. "And yes, a bath would be nice, if you could." He said, looking back down to the tea and swirling it a little in his cup. "This is very nice tea...you know just the right amounts to add."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.