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  1. Greetings everyone. I like to make a request for some art of an OC of mine. I want to have him look a very specific way. I will describe him in about as much painstaking detail as possible. Please do know that I am not able to really pay currently so sorry. If there is some way to repay you, perhaps by writing a story I will.

    Gender: Male
    Age: Early 20's
    Hair: I am not sure what exactly the style is called but it looks like this http://rs1202.pbsrc.com/albums/bb370/AnonymousLolita/Anime Male/anime-guy.jpg~c200 but the color I'd like brown with natural red hilights.
    Face: I want a face that is quite gender ambiguous. Like in the right clothes this guy could be a male or female. Green eyes wanted with a thinish face.
    Upper body: He would be a little bit big. Not to large, but a little bit of weight on him. Just a tiny amount. His chest should be tight.
    Lower body: Nice slender legs.
    Clothing: Depending on rather or not it's asking to much detail he is a total nerd so he would be wearing a shirt from an anime or cartoon show like Steven Universe or Dragonball Z with some denim shorts or pants. If that is asking to much detail lets put him in a simple gray hoodie.
  2. Hi, I would like to try and draw your OC ^-^

    I hope everything gets better for you soon, I know how it is *hugs*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.