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Slice of Life, Modern, Horror, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Angst, Tragedy
*This is a roleplay between myself and @Nightfall please do not post if you're not her but feel free to read *

The way she looked at him, the way she talked to him, the way she had dressed for him. It was obvious that Katherine Matthews was in love with Brayden Grey. But she wanted to keep it a secret, she didn't want anyone knowing about the love they shared. So Brayden went along with it, he sent her letters expressing his love to her, he began trying to better himself for her, he sent her gifts, and left her notes. Brayden didn't want to keep their love a secret, he wanted everyone to know how lucky he was to have been loved by someone such as lovely as Katherine. But Katherine continued to act like there was nothing there until everyone stopped watching. Then, she would shoot him glances and smile. And the perfume she wore, she knew Brayden had liked it. She wore it for him. Even if they couldn't express their love the way he wanted, Brayden made sure that Katherine understood that she was the love of his life. His life had been so crappy up until the point he met Katherine. She was everything Brayden ever wanted and somehow Brayden had convinced her to love him too. Nothing would ever come between them, and Brayden would make sure of that.

He was just a normal customer. He hadn't meant anything other than that. Katherine noticed how shy and awkward he was but he seemed sweet. He just needed a friend, that was all. Katherine always slipped him an extra piece of bacon and smiled at him when she caught him staring. He was a bit weird but he left large tips and even sweet little notes every time he visited the restaurant. It wasn't long before the letters started. It was extremely eerie. The writer (he never wrote his name) wrote intimately about how much he loved Katherine and how one day they would live happily together. He wrote about how he was nothing and she was everything. When the letters hadn't stopped coming, Katherine began to grow worried. How had this man known so much about her? He always sent gifts and money and roses. What was she supposed to do? She didn't even know who this man was!


"Kill 'em with kindness."

Full Name; Katherine Diligence Matthews
Nickname(s); Kitty, Kat, Kathy, Kit
Age; 24
Gender; Female
Birthday; 5th July

Katherine "Kitty" Matthews is a young woman who only partially matured; she still loves childish things, has a prominent stubborn streak, and is often painfully oblivious to the bad in people. Yes, Kitty only usually notices the good traits that people have and essentially blocks out anything negative, but it'd often her downfall; she's too trusting and naive, and is usually in denial. It's her mentality that led her to be trapped in an abusive relationship for a time, and it only ended because one of her brothers intervened after a hospitalisation. A very positive girl, Kitty always tries to look on the bright side of things, and this can become rather tedious if you're a realistic person rather than a dreamer. Obviously, she isn't stupid and understands when she's in a bad situation, she just tends to remain in denial and refuses to accept the truth.
When angered or upset, Kitty can be quite catty, for lack of a better word, and if you know her to be a sweet, calm little thing, it can be pretty comical to see her acting 'sassy' and lashing out with her words. Her tempers don't usually last long, though, and she'll often go to sulk instead.
As well as being sensitive, Kitty is rather jumpy and gets frightened easily; she's squeamish, too, and can't stand to watch horror films because she's afraid that she'll get nightmares.

Katherine was born in Milan, Italy, but her parents gave her up and she was adopted by an American family who renamed her. Her adoption was never a focus for Kitty, as she figured she couldn't miss her biological family if she never knew them, and simply got on with her life. The Matthews family own a restaurant, and as soon as Kitty was fourteen, she got a job there as a waitress; her waitressing job is a lot of fun for her, as she adores meeting new people and is a real hit due to how friendly and bubbly she is most of the time.


Brayden Oliver Grey
Cisgender Male
26||December 21
Though his schizophrenia is a huge part of him, it isn't the only thing that makes up his personality. Brayden is a neat, and organized person, almost to a point. His mind is a bit scattered but Brayden is a determined male with the lack of confidence he would need to be ambitious. Introverted, outspoken, shy, and insecure the male is easily manipulated and naive. Socially awkward and oblivious, Brayden is often overlooked or labeled an outcast. He's obsessive and imaginative, not a very good combination. Although it may seem like he is just a weirdo neat freak that doesn't seem to mind being bossed around, the voices in his head are always so dark and violent. Sometimes he ends up giving in to them, considering how weak he is and other times he's struggling to try and keep them from taking over.
Brayden was born into a broken marriage of an alcoholic and beautiful angel that had bad judgement and believed she could fix broken men such as his father. He was used to his father coming home drunk after work and beating on Brayden and his mom. Of course, his mother always tried to protect the boy but it only ended up making the situation worse for herself. A control freak, a coward, and stupid his father had Brayden homeschooled and made his wife quit her job.
At the age of 10, Brayden's mother had finally decided that nothing could fix her husband and decided she and Brayden would leave while Brayden's father was still at work. Just as they were leaving, Brayden's father came home furious at what he discovered, accusing his wife of trying to take his son away and ruining their family. He wouldn't stop beating his mom, even when she stopped whimpering and begging for him to stop. He wouldn't stop when Brayden cried out for his mom and he watched the life disappear from her eyes. But his father wasn't finished. He couldn't let someone see what he had done! He needed to make sure he wasn't caught.
His father was quick to stab Brayden. He had only stabbed him once, aiming for his heart, fortunately the man had switched his left and right, and stabbed Brayden on the right of his body. Brayden held his breath, pretending to be dead and the man made the mistake of turning his head and Brayden grabbed the knife out of his body. Walking back to his "dead" son, Brayden's father had no idea what happened when Brayden stabbed him in the eye and ran.
After being found almost dead by a family, they rushed him to the hospital where he was saved. Remaining mute for the next 6 years, Brayden said nothing when his father was arrested and refused to go to his mother's funeral and no one knew of the voices in his head. The boy remained in foster care until the age of 18, where he found a minimal wage job and rented a one roomed apartment where he slept on the floor. Finally, after 4 years he found a steady job and moved into a decent apartment where he had furniture. And when he met Katherine, the love of his life.

Calander And Weather

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Brayden Oliver Grey
Brayden walked into a restaurant. He had never been here before, in fact this was his first time going out to eat since he moved into his new apartment. He had heard the hype about this place and was looking forward to trying it. The brunette winced as a bell jingled as he walked in. He had always hated those things. Brayden spotted an empty booth and made his way toward the seat. "Why is that guy staring at you, Brayden? He's probably some creep, kick his ass." Brayden ignored the voice but glanced at the man staring at him. It made him uncomfortable. "That guy is still staring at you, maybe you should leave." Brayden stood up from his seat and moved across the room, to another booth. The man had finally stopped staring. What was wrong? Had Brayden done something upsetting? Did he look weird?

"Wow, now he thinks you're a total weirdo. Good job, Brayden." Brayden glanced back at the man but he was already completely focused on the newspaper in front of him. The brunette tapped the table as he waited patiently for someone to come and serve him. This being his first time, he had no idea what to expect as he picked up the menu sitting in front of him. "The service here sucks. How hard is it to take orders?" He hadn't even been there that long. Brayden knew of the medicine that could control the voices and keep them at bay but Brayden did a decent enough job at ignoring them and he really didn't want anyone to know about the voices. Especially since the things they tell him are so mean..​
Katherine Matthews

Katherine wasn't having the best of days. She had a headache, they were short on staff, it had been a busy day, and a group of semi-drunk men out on a business lunch had attempted to flirt with her to the point that she had actually gotten annoyed, a rare occurrence for her. She was almost ready to call in sick when she noticed a young man around her age enter the restaurant and take a seat before moving, looking rather nervous he seemed lonely, and her heart immediately went out to him, and after smoothing out her hair and shoving a tip she had just received down the front of her blouse, she trotted over.
"Heya, honey, what can I get you?"
Brayden Oliver Grey

The brunette had still been focused on the menu when the waitress had walked over. Brayden put done his menu perfectly straight in front of him and looked at the waitress. She was really pretty. "You actually think you've got a shot with HER? You're a fucking joke, man." Brayden looked down at his hands, which were fumbling with the menu. He hadn't actually looked at much before she came. He had no idea what to order. "W-whatever's fine..." He whispered, picking up the menu and handing it to the girl. "You shouldn't have come here... You've already embarrassed yourself twice.." Brayden had slightly agreed with both voices. He could always just order pizza. Without looking back up at the brunette Brayden continued, "Whatever you recommend."

Brayden's voice was so timid and meek, he hated it. Could he just stand up and leave? Would that be too weird? The lady seemed really nice. And she was quite beautiful. If anything were to happen that day, it would've been meeting her. Brayden looked up and caught a glance at the drunken men who were still staring at the waitress. "Now's your chance to impress her! Go kick their asses!" Brayden only glanced away from the men, pretending he hadn't seen anything. He hated those men already and if they were to touch this girl, he'd make them pay.​
Katherine's dark eyes searched his face with curiosity, and she felt a pang as she noticed how nervous and timid he seemed to be; she wanted to put him at ease.
"Well, the pizza's really good, and it doesn't cost too much. Do you have any dietary requirements?"
The last question was a second thought, really; the last thing she wanted to do was cause some kind of allergic reaction.
While waiting for a response, Kitty also noticed the way his eyes darted around the room, and how he appeared to be about to flee from something, and she made a friendly suggestion.

"But you don't want to sit here all alone, do you? I get off my shift in ten minutes, I could come sit with you, if I'm not too much trouble."
In her eyes, it was an innocent, friendly gesture to attempt to put him at ease, make him relax, she didn't mean anything else.
Brayden Oliver Grey
The man had barely heard the waitress's response, as the voices in his head were arguing about the men over at the other booth. He shook his head and the voices immediately pounced on him. "Unacceptable. Really? She was talking to you, you twit and all you do is shake your head?" "Did she just suggest you go on a diet?" "Like hell she did, kick her ass!" "You should've left when you had the chance.." It really hurt his head when they acted like this and he could barely think as their thoughts evaded his head. Couldn't they just shut up? "But you don't want to sit here all alone, do you? I get off my shift in ten minutes, I could come sit with you, if I'm not too much trouble." What? The voices didn't respond to this. They were all very quiet.

Brayden had a hard time saying something, too. "Sure.. That'd be nice." Someone like her willing to talk to someone like him? Brayden couldn't believe it, he was almost grateful. He was grateful. Pretty AND nice. This girl might as well have been an Angel. Brayden looked up and smiled at the waitress. He hadn't even known her name and she was already being so kind. No one had ever willingly spent time with Brayden. After he had been sent to foster care, all the kids thought he was too strange and all of the foster parents he lived with were too scared they'd set him off and murder them or something... But he had to admit, sometimes the voices wanted him too.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?"
Katherine trotted off again, swaying her hips in time with the beat of some old love song being played through the concealed speakers around the room. On her way, she paused to speak briefly to a few other customers including the businessmen, refilling glasses and fetching napkins, before disappearing into the kitchen.

It took a little longer than a few minutes, more like fifteen or twenty, but she eventually emerged once more with a tray in either hand, one for drinks and one for food. She returned to Brayden's table, this time ignoring the other men who called out to her, and seated herself opposite him.
"I hope it's okay. I got you a soda, I didn't know what you'd want. Am I coming on too strong? Sorry if I am, people say I sorta smother people sometimes," She laughed a little nervously, running a hand through her hair; she wanted to be friendly and sweet, of course, but she didn't want to freak him out too much.
Brayden Oliver Grey
Brayden nodded as the waitress began to leave. She really was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. She had shaken her hips to the song which made the brunette a bit uncomfortable as he watched the other men stare as she did so. The voices still had kept quiet which Brayden thought to be a good thing. It was nice to just think for himself. After 10 minutes, the voices started to act up again, taunting the man about the waitress who had yet to return. "I bet she left your sorry ass here." "How rude! Now it makes sense as to why she wanted to talk to you!" "Why would she just leave you... I guess that's what happens when a pretty girl comes up to you..." "Someone needs to put that girl in her place."

The brunette just continued to wait. She had to come out at some point, right? She wouldn't just leave him after that. There was a connection between the two of them, she couldn't deny that! Finally, the waitress walked out again and Brayden let go of the breath he didn't know he was holding. "Thank you," Brayden took the soda from her as she continued talking. "It's fine.. Being smothered is nice," Brayden concluded and the voices stirred again but he ignored them.. Even they couldn't ruin this moment. It was too much like a dream.
"What a relief."
Katherine flashed him a smile, swirling her straw around in her glass a little before taking a sip of her soda. This young man was really quite cute, and although he seemed very shy, she really wouldn't mind getting to know him; after all, he didn't appear to be as arrogant as some of the other men who frequented the establishment.
"Oh, I'm so fu-... I'm so stupid, I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Katherine, but you can call me Kathy, Kitty, Kat, Kit, anything you want. Nice to meet you!"

As she held out her hand for him to shake, she flashed another friendly smile, still trying to get him to relax a little- she didn't understand why he was acting so strangely, she felt bad for him.
Brayden Oliver Grey
Brayden still couldn't wrap his head around what was happening.This girl, this amazing girl was taking time out of her day to talk to Brayden. It clearly bewildered him. His own father didn't want him so why would this girl? "Oh, come on. Don't think about that, stupid. You've come to far just to give into that again." Brayden hadn't heard that voice before, but he already liked it better than the others. The waitress--sorry, Kitty--was very chatty and very bubbly. Her whole being was just so adorable. Brayden looked at her outstretched hand for a second before reaching over to meet it. He hadn't ever shaken hands with someone so young. It was a bit odd but Brayden liked it.

"Brayden," the brunette said, reaching for a slice of pizza. Her smile was so nice, it was so genuine and cute. Brayden was glad that he had decided to stay even though every voice except for the new one STILL wanted him to leave. "She's very nice. It's obvious she cares about you, Brayden." Brayden smiled and took a bite out of his pizza. It felt nice to be cared about. The man wondered if this is how Kitty felt too. Brayden hoped she did, he really liked Kitty. "How long have you been working here?" "Well that's a stupid question.." Brayden ignored this remark, he was actually interested in getting to know more about Kitty.
"Since I was about fourteen; this place is run by my parents," Kitty replied after releasing his hand from her gentle grip. He really was a very sweet man, she just wanted to wrap him in a blanket like a baby or something, she found him so cute.
"So, Brayden, tell me about yourself. Have you got a job?"
She sincerely hoped that employment wasn't a touchy subject- usually, people discussed their employment status freely, but there had been a few times where the conversation had turned pretty ugly. Apparently, the mention of a job struck a nerve in certain people. In all honesty, though, she wasn't too frightened as Brayden didn't seem the sort of person who would get violent or particularly angry, although she was a little afraid of hurting his feelings. Eventually, she shook off her fears; she was probably over-thinking.
Brayden Oliver Grey
Brayden tried not to react as she mentioned her parents. "Calm down, Brayden. It's okay. She doesn't know about what happened." The brunette took another bite of his pizza before answering. "Try not to say anything embarrassing." Brayden cleared his throat before answering, "Sounds interesting. How'd that working out?" His heart was pounding now and the man had no idea why. He had felt such a connection with Kitty, so why was he still nervous? She seemed so familiar.. "Those men are staring at her again.. What the hell is wrong with them?" "Oh God, they look really pissed off, Brayden. You should leave."

He nodded, in response to her question. "I work over at Whole Foods.. Not very good at it, to be honest but it pays," Brayden half smiled at his attempt to make a joke whilst taking a sip from her drink. He wondered if she had felt the way he did. Brayden had finally realized something.. Kitty held a striking resemblance to his mother. The swallowed the lump in his throat as he tried to engross himself in his food but it wasn't working.. Now the image of her cloudy, dead eyes was stuck in his head.
"Wholefoods? Maybe I'll bump into you there sometime," Kitty laughed softly, picking at a slice of pizza before frowning and glancing up. Something seemed a little off, he seemed quieter than before, and his expression had changed quite rapidly. Gently, she reached across to lay a hand on his.
"You okay? Sorry if I freaked you out or offended you or something, I swear I didn't mean to," She rushed her apology, the worlds tumbling out before she thought them through properly; she had felt he was opening up and relaxing, and she really didn't want to lose that. She was aware of the men watching them, probably wondering why she had chosen to sit with Brayden, but she didn't care. Maybe that was what was bothering him..? No, it seemed more than that.
Brayden Oliver Grey
"Brayden. You need to calm down. Look, you're worrying Katherine. You don't want her to worry. Especially not about you." Brayden stared at the hand Kitty had laid on his. He needed to think of something to say. He couldn't worry her. He didn't know what to say.. The brunette finally spoke up, "No, don't worry.. I was just thinking about how bad I am with people." He tried to smile but it was obviously forced. He felt himself slowly starting to shut down as he relived his mother's death.. The screams.. the blood..

"Look at her, Brayden. She cares about you. She can help you get through this, you just need to let her." "I can't.." "Look at her, Brayden." The brunette looked up from his pizza at at the waitress. She was genuinely worried. It made the man feel guilty for ever letting her worry about him. He cleared his throat once more and smiled, "If you ever bump into me I'll make sure to give you a discount."
"I think you're doing great, everyone gets nervous sometimes," There was still a part of Kitty that didn't quite believe that that was all there was to it, but she didn't really want to pressure Brayden into revealing everything. After all, they had only just met.
"I suppose I'll return the favour in advance, then. Besides, I've eaten half of your pizza," It was an exaggeration, really, she had eaten a single slice and picked the toppings off of another, but he hadn't even picked it, so it seemed weird to charge him the full price.
Brayden Oliver Grey
Oh, but if only she heard what was going on inside his head. Maybe then she'd understand Brayden isn't the greatest guy to be hanging around. The brunette shook his head and arched an eyebrow, "I highly doubt that but good try." Brayden understood that it wasn't just her appearance that binded them. The fact that she cared so much for him, the fact that she was sweet enough to even bother with Brayden was what binded them. Kitty was just such a good person.

"It's funny how you think she actually cares.. She just wants a bigger tip, man." But Brayden knew this wasn't true. If this was the case she wouldn't have spent so much time with Brayden. She wouldn't have stayed to ask about his job and comfort him about his bad social skills. "I will gladly take you up on that offer. Wholefoods may pay but it does not pay much," he explained, getting up from the booth. This was probably the part where he leaves, right?
"You're going already?" Kitty pouted a bit as she slid out of the booth and stood up, straightening her skirt. She was somewhat disappointed that he had to go, but part of her did want him to leave so she could go have a quick flirt with those other men and potentially double her tip; it was a bit shameful, but hey, it worked.
"Well, you make sure you come back soon, it was great to meet you," Kitty flashed yet another smile, blew a kiss, and turned to head off, assuming he wanted to be out of there quickly.
Bayden Oliver Grey
Brayden smiled at the brunette's pout, "Yeah, um.. Sorry. I have to get home before work." Katherine had already turned around to start leaving and the voices stirred in his head. "I told you, for the tip man." "Really? After all that she's just gonna leave like that?" "What a prick, kick her ass!" "Does she not want to talk to you anymore?" "She probably has something important to do..." Brayden agreed with the last voice. "Wait--erm--Kitty! ...Here." The man fumbled through his wallet before pulling out a $20 and handing it to the girl.

"Thanks for being my therapist, I guess," Brayden rubbed the back of his neck with his other hand and waited patiently for Kitty to take the money. "WHAT THE FUCK! TAKE THE MONEY BACK NOW! THAT COULD FEED YOU FOR LIKE 2 DAYS!" Brayden couldn't disagree with that.. He did need that $20 but it felt more important to give it to Katherine. She was so sweet to him and even if it were only for the money, he was still grateful.
Katherine stared at the money in her hand as if she had never seen anything like it, and then looked back up at Brayden.
"Wow, are you serious? Y'know, you don't have to give me money for being friendly, that's what friends are for."
Sure, she could use the money, working for her family didn't pay as much as it should, but it felt wrong to take such a hefty tip as she had done very little. She had actually enjoyed talking to him. On top of that, he had said himself that his job didn't pay much.
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Brayden Oliver Grey
"LISTEN TO THE GIRL AND TAKE THE MONEY BACK, BRAYDEN! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!" Brayden chuckled at the brunette's reaction. She was so adorable. "Well, now I know she didn't do it for the tip." "Exactly, Brayden. She doesn't care about the money, she cares about you." "It's only money, Kitty. Take it, I insist." Brayden didn't care about the money either, he just wanted to show Katherine how grateful he was to have met her. He hoped she felt the same way. The feeling he was feeling was like no other.. He could tell this girl was particularly special.