Obscure fandom search

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  1. This search is becoming rather depressing. It seems no one likes Death Note anymore. Which is basically all I want now. Specifically I want someone to be the A for my B. No grand plot in mind, I just have an intro lying around that I would like to use. I just want to do something at Wammy's with A and B...if there's any thing you wanted added say so. My only requirements no no sex, one liners (I'm not in a place to be picky but I do want some thought put into responses), and obviously you play A. Anything else is up for grabs just ask. You interested you reply OK? OK.
  2. だいじょうぶ!OK!
  3. Um...OK?!
  4. You said to reply Ok. I am interested in this however...
  5. Well aren't you a comedic genius?
    So however what?
  6. I wasn't going to say anything after that... I just wanted to know if you still wanted a partner for this because I would do an RP like this with you
  7. And I would love you forever.
  8. Lol Okay. I will do this RP with you. I love デスノート (death note)! So I am definitly interested, shall we PM to discuss the plot further?