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  1. In a time of evil and horrible excuses for writing, a king was born to help in the dark ages. Out came of his goal to clean life of darkness and evil. The kingdom formed a band of mages to make spells to stop the forces raging on the unknown. So they write down scrolls and spells of the darkness and the ways to beat them. Now, it is said that magic was lost to a few families after the evil consumed most of the world. now its the modern age and that group of mages left their heritage to be long forgotten. Or so as the legend go, As people are blind to see the evil. only a few of the offspring act to save the poorly written world. This leads to the order of man to be lost and the evil ruling out on all our lives, to a stop. One day like any, a few of the children of the lost order found a book to resurrect the dying groups lessons and magic called Calligraphy magic used in words to make spell to defeat the evil and also human's stupidity. As the group called Kings Word. Now let this be told as many of the nations have different magic and ways of Calligraphy.

    To clarify this is a rp using magic and not actually focusing on doing Calligraphy. That is just the magic so you can get a idea, now. also you can play as the villains now.


    Bisalarma (open)

    mostly robotic based. They, killed off a large amount of human's during the Scales and bolts war. That was caused due to a fight that was trying to kill off a lizard hive that was in a few gold and diamond mines. Humans made most machines listen to a hive mind AI system that went haywire killing many humans that soon saw its creators a threat and started to build a base out of the mines. [​IMG]

    Ishvadam (open)


    a demon and monster race that is on the big side of killing anything with light or good in it. This is the out come of five hundred years of war and blind worship to evil. *Caution* many, might look pretty but, still are violent and heartless beings.


    Lolobania (open)


    Human's that once were the kings army and now fight for the demons. this was due to the fall of the old kingdom Of Lolchbashia . After a curse place on him by the previous king making most under the rule to suffer the a few demon viruses. Like vampirism, Lycanism, Necroism, Ghoulism, Arachnism and Etc. [​IMG]


    Scirish (open)

    Very fluent with fire and Speed magic. Has a high endurance to pain and very stubborn in will to fall to evil. Just Most are very ill tempered and have fought in many wars that left the big nation almost near to extinctions. Human that burn for the right of the light. Once a race with knowledge and glory to brighten even the smallest of darkness. Now a dying with now land to call home, only the sky ships of the past floating over a dead valley of dreams that burn out like a candle on a cold wind left. [​IMG]

    Amervasie (open)

    A fearless and free willed race, Air and shadow Magic is their Specaility. They of all race can be hard to find. Since they live in a valley called Limbo. Due to the dark and windy terrain. they are a Neko like race. Born from a fairy race long ago forgotten by time. Skilled to kill as assassins they can be very violent when needed and normal when not needed. Their home was burnt like the Scirish by the Bisalarma. Then windy and dark land was a haven for them with drink and stories around a warm fire to keep the evil away. Soon they lost it and their once happy trees turn to broke and weathered and dying. [​IMG]

    Ebosila (open)

    Earth and brute force is this groups mantra to the fine arts of Hand to hand and Magic. They, are peaceful, will act on defense or warfare...just very hard to push a boulder. unless, you are willing for it to hit back. The last safe a haven untouched by darkness. These earth bound race are of human and Reptilian name Eboilian. They are very human like, besides the tail and scales thing. Made of Lizard and hydria. they live underground, sky and on the mountains of their home. [​IMG]

    Locinola (open)

    a Water race that uses its power to knock down or capture its enemy than kill. Peace with them is...hard to say "water only attacks if the enemy hit first" they are very strange on to what that means. Very kind and cold at the same time. Made of humans and a race called Locinome. That race are like fairy with human form. Clumsy and kinda goofy. This race has no real home. Like the gypsy on earth they are a bit more shy and secretive. No wonder the dark ones haven't found them....cause they would be really confused, like me. Location?..anywhere. once they had a real home but...something happen, quite not sure, what? [​IMG]

    Candoris (open)

    Metal and lightning is a few things those people use. They, are very strong and very violent to power wise. They aren't very interested in helping with out a cost of their labor. Warning: Don't feed them or give booze. Most don't ever show emotions for a reason. To the high ground and to the valley. This is a race that listen to much to metal and ride the lightning. Ha get it. Well, this was a race of demons that refused to be evil. They, took a land that was empty and made a army that protects good. But, that was a long time ago. Now they, work as a Mercenary group that is very good at what they do.

    No gmodding.
    No fight ooc in ic.
    No cussing like a sailor. Must have limits.
    No sexual things over pg-13. Pm love scenes.
    No controlling others with out MAGES permission. Of the owner of said character.
    This is a fun story. Comedy, romance, and action are involved. But, no violence over punching.
    No starting without reading rules. You must read to see the word.
    (*) this stand for optional. Not need.


    * <-important info, please fill.

    *Looks(anime please):
    theme song that tells their story(optional):
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