Obliging Expectations

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  1. Regency Period - England

    Theme Song (open)

    Every woman felt the restraint of their society, the weight of expectations. Some folded under that weight, following every direction perfectly. Others fought against the expectations that had been placed upon them. What happens in the life of two sisters when one has the love of her life but is forced to marry another for the sake of an entail and the other is forced into a marriage with someone of decent fortune? After all, "it is universally acknowledge that single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

    The House (open)

    Hertford is the manor that the Parnell family lives in. Mr. Parnell gained this house from his father when he passed away. He hoped that his wife, Mrs. Parnell, would give birth to a son, but she never did. Instead he has two beautiful daughters, Chastity and Lorraine. This, of course, posses a problem. When Mr. Parnell dies his estate cannot be passed to his wife or daughters; it has to be passed to the next available male in his family. This male is Mr. Gideon Tansey, cousin to Mr. Parnell. How will this effect the lives of the women? Will they lose their estate? Or will Mr. Tansey take care of his late cousin's family?

    The House (open)

    Dartley is the mansion that a wealthy man lives in. Regular balls are held in the magnificent ballroom of the house. Mrs. Parnell has hopes that the own of the mansion will admire one of her daughter and offer for her hand in marriage. Will one of the Parnell sisters really marry him? Which one will it be? How will he win the heart of the girls? Does he already have a love of his own?


    Celestialis - Chastity Parnell
    Elyd - Lorraine Parnel
    Jovian -
    Cotillion -

    Small Character sheet:


    Celestialis' Character (open)

    Name: Chastity Parnell
    Age: 23
    Personality: She is normally rather agreeable in nature, but she has grown tired of the weight society has placed upon her, tired of the roles that women have to carry. Besides that mindset, she is sweet. One wouldn't call her soft spoken; she lets her opinions be known, but she understands how to be a well accomplished, genteel lady.

  2. Other notes:

    Going off of this chart.We will be staying around third and fourth class.

    As for manners, I believe we need to know those as well. There are some helpful tips on how gentlemen and ladies should act here.

    This page explains what it means to come out in society as well as how dances were in that time.

    Finally! This is our characters official titles:

    The Landed Gentry: a vague term meaning members of "good" family who did not hold titles. Most families in this group did hold quite a bit of land
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    Lorraine Parnell (open)

    Name: Lorraine Parnell
    Age: 21
    Personality: Lorraine has always been timid and reserved in contrast to her sister, but she does adore going to balls and seeing people. In smaller groups, she's often the woman reading or embroidering while the others play games of cards and dances. Lorraine also spends a lot of time painting and as such is a very accomplished young woman, with a few of her portraits on display in the house. She does not deal with change very well, though, and is sometimes prone to hysterics.
  6. Since I am a kidnap victim :P, is there any particular role you guys want me to play?
  7. Jovian is going to play my first like true love interest, and she then might play another role WHICH I am not going to reveal yet because I at least want some thing unknown to you guys.

    SO! Coti! If you can play the rich dude who just bought Dartley... that would be awesome! Which means he will be Lorraine's not-so-love interest. It will more or less be an attraction of convenience.
  8. I feel like we're assigning people chess pieces, Twin.
  9. In a sense... we are =P

    But they can have full reign of their personalities of course. I'm just assigning roles.
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    I'm going to announce my thoughts to see what you think of them, because I'm still figuring out the time period.

    So, the guy in my head is quiet, gentle... Except in the courtroom because he's a lawyer, not because that was his first choice but because his father was a lawyer and therefore he was to be a lawyer. That's why he connects with Chastity so well, because he feels the same about the restrictions that society places on folks.

    Or something like that. Again, still looking around and poking information.
  15. I like it so far! Definitely is someone Chastity would get along well with. I also like how you keep the whole lawyer thing in the family. It makes sense.
  16. I thought it would. *nods*

    I'll keep working on him, but that's what I've got so far. Glad you think he's someone Chastity would go for, because I totally read her personality a few times before I thought of it. XD

    Already had the lawyer bit figured out though.
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    I've got a case of the busies this afternoon, but I'll probably have an idea thrown together for when I come home.
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  20. Name: William Drysdale
    Age: 27
    Show Spoiler


    Personality: William works as a banker. He is cynical, a bit of a romantic, and is not afraid to voice his opinion. Throwing balls is a particular fancy of his, for it allows him to show off his wealth.