Objective Lost

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  1. There are 6 possible roles: M
    Medic /sharpshooter
    Tech specialist
    Team strategist
    Weapons specialist
    there can be 2 of each type except for captain and you can specialize in other fields. if you would like
    We are alpha team 6
    I Devin am Alpha leader
    -Mica : tech specialist ([MENTION=4513]Akuma[/MENTION])
    -Ariez : weapons specialist ([MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION])
    -Adam : sharpshooter ([MENTION=3744]Clu-Fix[/MENTION])
    -Richter : medic/ sharpshooter ([MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION])
    name :
    position on team:
    bio (optional ):
    Time on the team :

    Characters must be approved I am only accepting 10 people.

    the rp is about A team of cia agents who are considered the best in the world being sent on a mission to stop a terrorist group .. which may lead to something down the road later.

    thread .. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/objective-lose.30044/
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  2. Name: Devin
    Appearance Always shorts A black shirt and a hoodie long brown hair in the form of an afro he has on black glasses with blue lenses he is 6' tall
    attitude : For him to be a team leader he does not speak much. he has a playful mentality and hates bullshit. he believes that every member on the team is equal and what the higher ups tell him not to tell them he does anyways .. he is the fastest thinker on the team seeing as how he studied strategy and physics since age 15 .
    Position on team :Team captain and tech specialist next to (... )
    Bio: n/a
    time on team : Since he was 21. 7 years.
  3. Name: Adam Demaps
    Appearence: 5'7", athletic build, blackish brown hair, dark eys, tattoos of tribals on both of his arms and some on his back.
    Position on the Team: Devins right hand man, Sharpshooter, stealth, martial artist.
    Bio: His secret but reveals it down the road.
    Time on the Team: Since the team started.
  4. Name: Areiz Falcon
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Standing at 5'3, Areiz has jet black hair that hangs just above her shoulders. Her bright green eyes match well with her flexible and slim build.
    Position on team: Weapons Specialist
    Bio (optional): With most of her ancestors in the military, Areiz felt she had to follow in their footsteps, and she did, training until she became the best at what she did. She usually isn't too social, but she'll ask for names. She is very loyal to her teammates.
    Time on the team: Since she joined at age 19, 5 years in the team.
  5. Adam and ariez Accepted.
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    this is my first rp I hope its a good one.
  9. Name: Mica Valtrov
    Age: 22
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    Position on team: Tech specialist
    Bio: He was a former rebel hacker but was soon brought over to the military for his amazing knowledge of engineering and computing, he was put in the first head spot of Tech specialist and has been there for about a year. He has created many cool devices and technology in that year.
    Time on team: 1 year
  10. mica accepted
  11. =O You changed your picture... it looks cool =)
  12. name : Richter Greiselbrand
    age: 37
    appearance: Keagan.png

    position on team: Medic/Sharpshooter

    bio (optional ): Born into a military family, he was trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat, and field medic skills since he was a child. A natural sharpshooter, he used to be a freelance assassin before the CIA recruited him for their purposes. Greiselbrand is an natural marksman and well trained medic. Has a tendency to watch the time very precisely.
    Time on the team : 5 years, 7 days, 14 hours, 6 minutes an 37 seconds.
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  14. Richter accepted
  15. Name : Alice Walker
    Age: 29
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    Position on team: Team Strategist
    Bio (optional ): A fun-loving woman known for her strange and unusual strategies. She is very open compared to the stereotypical CIA black suit image most people have. She loves creating strategies and finding cracks in her enemys' defenses. She laughs, jokes, and drinks to every day on Earth that she has.
    Time on the team : 5 years
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  16. um no there are 5 spots left open ..
  17. 1Medic
    2Team strategist
    1Weapons specialist
    positions left unless you would prefer something different. 5 spots remain at this point