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  1. june 6 2023 8:00 am We are on the brink of war. criminals against the few civil beings left on the planet. more then 60% of every continent consists of crimanals terrorists and gangs. they all struck at once and took over the governments. the people they captured were either killed or forced into under ground cells. the big names .. Zed and Marco head of all the violence are in hiding readying for war . here is all we have on the first group you are looking for .. packets are tossed on the table in front of us ..

    June5 2023 5:30 pm Lets go back to last night ..... "here is your mission you have three hours to complete" the voice of the president comes over the com . go in to the hydro stats building secure the drugs take in as many alive as possible .

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  2. I pick the packe up and look through .. seeing the faces of these guys always disgust me "yuck they get uglier every other mission." I chuckle to my self I get up leaving the briefing room as always heading to get my gadgets .. once there I begin talking to mac the guard for the weapons. .. he hands me my pack and I head to my office . "guys we leave in one hour be ready we have a new mission. . " I tap my mic sitting at my desk I begin to search for the guys in the packet seeing what we have in the computer on them.
  3. I heard Devin speak over the mic, which I was asleep and fell backwards of my chair "Whoa, ugh..damn it." I said and tap my mic, "Copy that, on my way to get my copy." I said standing up, still feeling drozzie, "Damn, I hate long nights." I started walking to Devins office and sits down in a chair, still trying to wake up and I rub my head since I hit it on my damn, file cabnet. "So what's new, Dev?" I ask him.
  4. He taps his earpiece as dev comes over the com he sighs and rolls back out his chair and stands up packing his duffle bag slowly, he packs all his normal items and throws the duffle bag over his shoulder. " Man..your voice is just loud through the coms " He said with a laugh as he was walking down the hallways with his hood up as usual.
  5. Areiz spoke into her mic, having already turned it on after she'd gotten her bag. "Check, I'll be there." she said, pulling her bag up onto her shoulders as she stood, zipping up her jacket and pulling her hair back. She started down the halls, humming songs she knew by heart.
  6. just as Adam arrived in my office I got up .. in a frantic rushy tone."here's your packet wait for the other ill be back . I dropped my mic on my desk and ran across the hall to the bathroom I go in to the stall and fade to black ... once back in my seat I put my com back in my ear. "so you look over the packet ?" I look to adam
  7. Seeing Devin shoot up like that startled Adam and saw him run toward the bathroom "Uh Dev...oook." He said as he sat back down and started looking over the packet, "Fuck, dude. They get nastier and uglier everytime." He said as Devin walked in "Actually yeah, question, is it me or are we always getting picked to do the most nastiest, most ugliest mother fuckers I've ever seen, besides your ex, in my life." He said throwing the packet on his desk.
  8. I laughed . "you know man it is always us. but id rather do the fun stuff then be on the moon alone you know what im saying.? the others need to hurry up . its getting close to the tyime " I opened up my computer then where my window is behind me a screen comes down a map pops up along with the pictures of the three guys in charge at the ware house . he hands a glove to adam . and puts one on himself . me and mica put this together the other day . if it works well install them around the building . with the glove from where you are sitting you can control the screen move things open files everything./ anything. " .. I throw him a piece of paper talking about our lunch with twins for tomorrow I laugh as I throw it. "read it" some things cant be said aloud with mics and such floating around here.
  9. He puts on the Glove that he handed him and the paper and started reading it. "No shit. Your kidding Devin." He said looking at him, he kept reading, he let a funny chuckle though is throat. He looked at Devin then at the time and tapped his mic "Team hustle your asses up, we are burning daylight." He said and looked at Devin "Does the team know yet?" He said looking at him.
  10. " dont rush me!" He shouted through the mic which didnt matter because he was already at the door. Which he continued to shove himself through. " a man can never get rest around here " He said as he sat down pulling out a yo-yo and letting it fall and then pull back up to his hand like normal. He sighed as the yo-yo began to light up. " so what idiotic mission have we been assigned to.
  11. Areiz ignored the call to hurry up, she was just down the hall. She opened the door and looked it, her arms crossed. "Hey." she said. "Miss anything important?"
  12. "if they come late its on them they will just have to deal with the consequences." as Devin spoke this mica and ariez came through the door. "ok guys since I have no clue where Richter is I guess we can get started. he mission cant wait or him .. ok (he stood up pointing at the screen ) so here are the three in charge of the gangs in the city Alonzo zani and spic .. they are meeting to to night to drug the water. here... our mission objective secure all the drugs ans keep these three alive .. at least two. ... the president told me that if this mission fails we wont have a break until next month maybe with out a medic we have to ensure top performance . for now we assume the worst has happened to him until we hear other wise. .. " I sit down "mica you ar riding with me . and Adam you and ariez .. ariez you drop adam off acroossed the street set up on the roof. and then you get top of the hydro building . and stand by .. mica and I will go in as imposter thugs.. its now 6:20 we leave at 6:30 ..any questions?" when I was talking about the placement I ponted at the screen and a green dot light up where we were going to be.
  13. Areiz nodded along. "Yep." she said as he finished. Go with Adam, drop him across the street from target, go to hydro building and stand by.. She repeated in her head to make sure it engraved itself in her brain.
  14. Richter groaned as Devin made the announcement via Com. He laid back down for a few minutes. He got up from his place on the bed and began to walk towards the conference room to get his copy of the case file. He would most likely be late, as usual. When he got there he noticed the meeting had already begun. And possibly ended. "Alright, Cap, I'm here. Quick brief, please." He said, plopping down into a nearby chair and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He grabbed a file off the table and leafed through.
  15. He was put with Areiz again "Ohhh hell yeah! Areiz and I together once again!" He said standing up. Their last misson together was to hold up at bunker near a research facility, they whooped ass, they acted like it was a game and did a Kill Count game. " he stood next to Areiz and set his elbow on her shoulder and saw Richter walk in "Well good morning sleepy head, nice for you to join us." He said jokingly, he looked at Devin, "What are my cover points? I already know I have to cover Areiz, as always. But what else?" He said then leaned toward Areiz ears and whispered "Let's go to the burger place like last time." He said and continued after he forgot, "Next time, if we have a Kill Count, it won't be a draw." He said with a playful grin.
  16. "this is the third time today ( I threw my hands up in frustration ) you ride with Ariez go up with Adam set up you two are gonna provide cover .. its supposed to be a simple drug bust . those three in the packet keep them alive kill the rest .. only after you get the go. lets move. (in response to adam) once you have the go cover the front door " I shut of the computer and walk into the hall . I tap my com Alpha leader 1 to costume room .. I need two out fits for myself in mica in the next two minuets. (looking to the team ) you guys can head to position . I head down the elevator and grab my outfit chang then head to the garage for the car .. its an old jeep sprayed black with the gangs logo to match .. the real deal. I put the gadgets in place and hop in . "mica you ready "
  17. Richter nodded as they spoke. "Alright, I'll grab a Joe and my rifle, and head over." he tucked the file in his suit jacket and went back to his room. He poured himself a cup of coffee and grabbed a silver metal suitcase with the name 'Jackal' engraved on the front. He strapped on his gun vest which carried his sidearm and extra ammo clips. He made his way down and into the garage, hopping into the old Jeep. He took a long drink from his coffee and tossed the disposable container away. "Ready to roll when you are." he said, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the outside light.
  18. Areiz shook her head at Adam. "Yeah, no draw this time." She shifted her bag. She'd have to take the contents out and put them where they belonged before they left. She went ahead and pulled out her pistol, clipping it to her belt beside a knife and took her rifle, holding it in her hand. "Ready Adam, Richter, ready?" She said.
  19. " ugh..." was the noise he made when he sat down in the jeep next to devin. " sometimes i wonder why i took acting class.."this was only his second year in and he was already being put in a close encounter bust. He adjusted his gang costume and tapped the side of the jeep " let's go " he said looking down at some files of the thugs. He had his laptop on him and he was typing through somethings. " file blocked..my ass" decripting and encoding he was breaking into basic files info that they left out.
  20. "OK remember go straight to your spot" I started the Jeep and drove off . The buildings and houses looked like something you see in a movie... 'perfect' kids played in yards parents talked from porch to porch... then we came to the gate it was a high wall with a gate only large enough to fit a tank through. We drove through this we were used to .. dirt smoke rising from the ground houses with no windows gang signs all over the place. "Hey mica you got through yet" Devin commented on his statement from earlier.. "file blocked .. my ass" he looked over.. "almost there