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This game is all about making simple sentences. The first sentence will have a subject and verb, and end in an object. The next sentence uses the previous sentence's object as subject, and comes up with a new object. And so on. The object can be of a transitive verb or part of a phrase, as long as it ends the sentence. So, for example, if the first sentence is "I shaved my cat", the next sentence would begin with "My cat" as its subject, perhaps "My cat scratched the sofa"; the sentence after could go "The sofa is in the house". "The house" is the object here, this is what I mean by 'part of a phrase', so it would be the subject of the next person's sentence. So, let's start.

Grass grew on the lawn.

((So "The lawn" should be the subject of the next sentence))

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The boy's ear got torn off.