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  1. I'm a huge fan of this amazingly well built character. It saddens me to know that he is hated across the globe and i just wanted to see how many people agree with me :) Please join in and let's discuss everything about him. This chat is also open for any other characters. Please note that this thread may contain massive spoilers, so read it at your own risk. Thank you :) 1521557_761987450509643_3538831164294639153_n.jpg obito__i_don__t_care____by_lesya7-d5ksjyw.jpg Tobi.600.617088.jpg
  2. Oh I wonder who that is, sounds s--- Naruto.

    Moving on. Too much filler for me.
  3. lol *hides in a corner and cries*
  4. Obito isn't certainly my favorite character but I do like him. Even though he seems kinda like a cliché from time to time. You know, a guy loses his love and goes all angst and evil only to return to his senses near the end. :p
  5. I respect your opinion and i completely agree with you. However, even though he's a cliche and a copy of similar characters, he does seem kinda special, especially what happened in the last chapter of the manga.
  6. Yeah, I guess you're right. And I kinda like how he ends up saving Kakashi and giving him his eye(s) twice. Feels. :,D
  7. I teared up man :')
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.