Oban race is back [interest check/ooc]

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In what way should I build up?

  1. All a member of the human team.

  2. Own alien team with NPC's.

  3. A mish-mash of different aliens in one team.

  4. The race takes place on one of the planets of the serie.

  5. Make a planet myself.

  6. The race takes place on earth.

  7. I don't care just do something.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Old version I'll update (open)

    It has been 10.000 years since the last Oban races and now Jordan, the old grown avatar invites the planets again to race for the ultimate price. You would expect that people would remember what the ultimate price is but everything has been forgotten over the years.

    This time also the humans are again invited and this time it's publicly annouced that the government seek racers. But now not only humans but also other liveforms live in peace together on earth. Some of those are invited by their own planet some by earth to become racers. This all wouldn't have been possible without the Nourasians, thanks to negotiation between them there wouldn't have been a truce between the humans and the Crogs. The truce is of weak concistence but it holds.

    Now, let the races begin.

    As you can read I want to make an Oban starracers RP. This is my first RP I make so please give me advise on the way. *bows*

    Even tough it's about races I want to make it more about the reason they race and how rather than the races itself as the mainpoint. One reason is because that way it's easier to handle the races in itself. I also don't know what people want as teams, so please look on top and vote in the poll.

    This is all trial at the moment so bear with me if it isn't a lot yet. I plan to make changes.

    So, I have looked at the votes and I shall use either sangrar or danwar for the election races. According to my deduction of google and my (limited) creativity I imagine sangrar being more of an uptight and military like planet, while Darwar is more on the spiritual side and even more primitive than alwas in some ways. There was no additional info on the planets aside from alwas so I can just make them however I want ^^

    People also wanted a mish mash of aliens in the human team, that's fine but I think I have a rule coming with that. 'On the episode where molly races for the first time the judges say that she is not on the list, but they allow her because she at least LOOKS human.' Now, I don't mean your characters should look like a human but at least should be a human citizen. They were at least either born or raised on earth (may be both) or they should be part human. That is my only rule on it.

    I'm someone who thinks that something like this shouldn't be made without the help of the fans. I will make another poll and I would love to hear what you want. As soon as I figure it out... ^^'

    I want to make the poll because I'm busy and this may I can do a quick look without being distracted much.

    Here are the options already:
    -That rule looks fine.
    -No! you shouldn't limit us!
    -Darwar the spiritual planet.
    -Sangrar the military planet.
    -I have a suggestion, look in the comments.

    P.S. DON'T WORRY!!! I'm writing it. It just takes a while ^^
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  2. O....Oban...Oban Star Racers?! You have no idea how happy I am to find other people who like this show! You have my complete and full support! As I voted in the poll, I'm up for any choice as long as this becomes a thing.
  3. TT.TT You have no idea how happy I'm that somebody reacted, I thought that this would die.
  4. :O WOAH!! AMG I was so sad when Oban was over QnQ..I wondered if anyone would post an RP thread about it. I would like to support as well!^^ ♥♥♥
  5. I was also so sad :( and thank you for the support ^^ I will edit the post with a more detailed story when I have time. Then maybe more people will be interested.
  6. OH MY GOD!!! I love Oban Star Racers. I've watched the series so many times but it still never got old. I will join this RP no matter what. One thing Oban got right was the intense story line of the main characters as well as the secondary characters. Also, for people who don't know what this series is. I would recommend watching it to get a true grasp of what this RP is probably going to be like.
  7. I won't be online much because of my iternship but I will try to update it when I have time. So excuses in advance if this will be inactive for a very long time.

    I know how good the story is, I just hope that I can set the scene in the same qualityas the makers did and that you will enjoy it.
  8. I don't care too much how long something takes so long as it is done well. You can take all the time you need.
  9. ALL OF MY YES! I loved Oban as a kid. It was just amazing. I would love to get into something like this!
  10. AH! My childhood! I rewatched the series not too long ago after searching everywhere for the show! I couldn't remember it for the life of me... I'm very interested.
  11. Thanks for the interest, I edited my first post for some updates. I'm going to put the old ones in a spoiler like I already did.
  12. just rewatched the series because this rp got me an itch to see it again. Never gets old.
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