O_O Uh oh, Mary is backers

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  1. So i had to leave for personal reasons and had to delete my profile here cus i was well >_> going crazy xD The good news is that i'm back :D N' as eager to rp as ever! My name is Mary BUT some of the charries i've had are The Origliaso Family, Annette J. Blundel. Uhmmm.. and some others that i forgot. pardon my poor grammar tonight if i fail at something i'm just kinda groggy to say the least xD But uhm YES! :D
  2. Well, That's unexpected.
  3. I know right? xD
  4. Yah. Anywho, If you want to rp with me at any time, drop me a message. For now, I sleep.
  5. you do that sir. Text me whenever you'd want to xD
  6. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  7. Well thank you kind sir! :D Same to you, have a wonderful day/night or whatever xD
  8. Welcome back! I hope to see many creative works from you, may you have a cornucopia of ideas, and your chalice overunneth with strong vocabulary!
  9. Thank you too! You fine speaking female :D If i wasn't this dumb i'd follow your beautiful words. But since i kinda am i will say 'Thank you ladeh! Tehehe' xD! Mucho love though.
  10. Welcome, Mary. I like your pic!
  11. Thank you very much! She's the platonic love of my life and one of my possible characters. Hope to see you around!