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Just got a call from an ex, she was pregnant when we broke up, though I'm sure the baby was not mine. She called me to say it had died inside her and she needed someone to talk to. I said what I needed to comfort her but deep down I couldn't give a flying fuck. It was not the "she deserves it because i hate her" scenario, I just didn't care.

Am I a bad person?
I would say no. You comforted her, right? Even when everything in you didn't actually care, you did what you could to help her out. That doesn't fall into my spectrum of "bad."
'Good', 'evil' and 'bad' are all purely objective, mate. The only person who can answer that question is yourself.

From where I stand, I'd agree with Tain. You did what you could to comfort her, putting personal feelings aside.
If you bothered to call her, I don't think you're bad at all :3
And the baby isn't yours, so you did what you could do~
I don't think it makes you bad, man. You were nice enough to listen at least, It's not your responsibility to care about your ex's issues, Especially when it involves another mans kid IMO.

If It helps any, I probably wouldn't even (actually, I KNOW I wouldn't) take the time to talk my ex if the same situation applied to me.
you did your duty vay.
be sound in that knowledge.
Thanks guys, read your replies and thought on it. All is back to normal.