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  1. I'm Aracrexus. I'm here mainly because the guy who DMs a couple of RPs I'm in decided to switch from SQL-Error Gateway Roleplay Gateway to this site. You may know me from various other sites / games as Synniseth, Graphic or Atomizer. More than likely, you won't.

    I'm a religiously apathetic Korean-American transhumanist who draws, writes, codes and builds / fixes PCs. I play a shit ton of video games, mostly WRPGs, 4X, and MMOs. I occasionally roleplay in said MMOs, but not often.

    I strongly prefer play-by-post, which I've been at for ~9 years. I'm not down with all of this newfangled Titan-Ether-whatever, and I definitely won't do chat-based RP. I like long-term, character-driven plots with lots of conflict and pew-pew lasers. I don't really have any limits on explicitness, but note that I'm a raging asexual and am generally disinterested in romance unless it makes sense (love at first sight = definite no-no). I'm not very picky about how people write, save for very general criteria — just make an effort to adhere to grammatical conventions and give me a few paragraphs to reply to. I'm mostly interested in group RP; I probably won't be down for a one on one unless I either know you or am really interested in what you're proposing. I can usually check in a few times throughout the day (unless I'm taking it up the ass courtesy of my job), but I'm a nocturnal writer so any posts from me are probably going to come after 12AM CST.

    I have a terrible sense of humor, I'm inordinately vulgar, and I'm kind of an idiot. I like science fiction, making up my own science fiction, and talking to other people who enjoy science fiction. When it comes to Mass Effect, I pick the red ending every time.
  2. Rp gateway is also having problems?

    -rp guild person
  3. RP Gateway was down for 3 or so days straight recently. I'm still getting occasional SQL errors and that stupid Cloudflare 403 screen when I go there. So yeah, it's got some issues.
  4. Holy shit

    Well sorry you guys can't migrate here were busy with it <3

    Hope ya have a good time here
  5. The great roleplay site plague of 2014? O______O *Starts spraying lysol all over Iwaku*

    Well hell there Aracrexus! Welcome to our community!
  6. It's the zombie roleplay apocalypse!

    Don't worry, they have to roll a critical 20 to breach Iwaku. Trust me, I've seen the horrors first hand.

    I know.

    Also, hello mister Starscream! You have failed me for the last time... again!

    I totally know what video you got your avatar from, I lul'd. Also I love G1 Transformers, so you're already the best person ever.
  7. Sorry about that Aracrexus, we ,might need to change Dervish's pants. He gets excited around transformers.
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  8. There's a Metroplex in my pants and everyone is invited.
  9. Aw jeez. Thanks for the welcomes, guys.
    Yes, but have you got the touch?
  10. I have the whole Stan Bush, thank you very kindly. It is POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEER!
  11. So Say We All! =D

    Welcome to Iwaku!