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  1. 20 years. it's been 20 years since the Pokémon Battle System and Leagues were abolished. A governing group called The Poke Federation formed in response to the constant abuse and attacks on Pokémon from the likes of Team Rocket, Magma, Plasma, etc. In that response however, The Federation became enticed with control, wanting to federally regulate the oversight of Pokemon. Pokemon and trainers alike ran for the hills, some protested, feeling their freedom and life of exploration which fueled the Pokémon world would die forever. They were right. 20 years since the ways of the world were lost forever. The Indigo League was dismantled, Gyms were decommissioned, and the old Pokémon icons and celebrities of the past have since then vanished from the face of the Earth into seclusion. The new system now known as "Regulated Pokémon System" sees trainers now collecting their Pokémon to help them in practical/everyday life affairs. Battling only is now permitted through requests of The Federation, usually at events, contests, or experimental tests held by Federation Scientists. Even the Pokémon Labs now have to report their research to The Federation. Some even say The Federation are the real criminals now despite their successful mission to rid the world of Team Rocket and Team Criminals. But.....as The Federation prepares to undergo their greatest secret mission yet, a quest to find and contain all Legendary Pokémon, the old ways still survives in the corners and homes of the world, as a mysterious threat with knowledge of the past emerges and places the world in a state of danger unlike any experienced.

    But a few will be thrown into something bigger than they ever anticipated. They will cross paths to determine the destiny and fate of the world for all time. They just don't know it yet.

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    The Battle system will be calculated OOC using a website that describes the base stats and level of the Pokémon being used against the other. Moves will be factored in with their hit power and type as well. Aside from that, the RP is story driven and plot based and will feature a bunch of dark action.

    Secondary characters can be controlled, but plot important characters must be discussed first before intervening.

    (ch0sen1) Palette: A Pokémon aide researcher and student that becomes entangled in an ordeal with a Federation regulated group called The Sect. Her will is only matched by her capability and compassion.

    (fallen demon) Eric Dovakine: A radical that grew up rebelling against the NPF in order to attempt to restore The Pokémon League back to how things were before the abolishment of the Battle System. He's now on the run from The Federation after the Team NOVA hideout was finally destroyed by the NPF and the PSO under order of a mysterious person.
  2. Name: Palette
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 123 lbs

    Occupation: Professor Elm's Aide; Pokémon Psychology researcher at Celadon University.
    Pros(5): Honest/Compassionate/Loyal/Intelligent/Strong-Willed
    Cons(5): Sensitive/Stubborn/Aloof/Devious/Paranoid


    • Houndour (Chomp)

    Bio: Palette was born in New Bark town two years after the abolishment of The Pokémon League. Her mother, Jewel, was a former administrator for the Indigo League and was promptly laid off due to the abolishment. Her mother raised Palette alone, as Palette's father Iro was a former explorer and studier of Pokémon cryptology, most famous for his research on The Ruins of Alph. Iro died in an excavation accident when Palette was only a year old. But his spirit of understanding and network of Pokémon carries on in Palette. Jewel raised her working as a tour guide for New Bark Town and also as a border travel administrator for Johto, seeing as how New Bark Town is the border town to Kanto as well. She made a living enough to provide Palette with everything she needed to have what a childhood needed. Palette was raised with a kind heart and soul, but a sharp mind and will of a champion. She became fascinated with Pokémon early on, hearing tales of her father's work and his status as an adventurer. However she became interested in the mindstate of Pokémon and how they can commune with nature, each other, and humans....she realized it takes a massive brainpower and complex neurology for an animal as instinctual as Pokémon to do such things. Palette's research into Pokémon Psychology became renown around the regions, as her work in discovering the "Soul of The Pokémon" research paper made plenty of Pokémon labs interested in having her.....even the NPF. But, she decided to stay close to home and work whenever she wasn't at school, granting her a full ride to Celadon University for her brilliant smarts. She has only one Pokémon, Chomp which is her Houndour. She was never interested in battling or even cared to know about the Old Pokémon League, but her mother tells her stories of how much more free they were and how things were more loving and competitive in good cheer before the NPF stepped in. Palette has yet to form a solid opinion on the matter, but she loves Pokémon in general. She does wonder about the old days though, and how much better things could be if The Pokémon League still existed....and if her father was alive. But she'll soon realize there's much more important things on the horizon...and her importance is more than what it seems as well.
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  3. Name: Eric dovakine
    Age: 20
    Height: 6 ft 1
    Weight: 199

    (Eric Now)
    Occupation: Former Team NOVA trainer. Currently a Rogue trainer
    Pros(5): Loyal, humor, will do anything needed to keep those he care about safe, Clever, calm minded, Caring (on occations)
    Nuteral: Uses his Pokemon in creative ways (controversial)
    Cons(5): Very quick to anger If done right, Ruthless against his enemies, Cold hearted at first, has a tenancy to scare people and play mind games with them, Its not only Pokemon he battles

    (Eric During Team NOVA)



    Growing up in Joto Eric had learned a lot about Pokemon and battling with them. Naturally when the SPEC came into rule and banned Pokemon battling He and many others had become rather angry about the derision. Him and 50 other trainers from around the reigns formed a team called Team NOVA. a rebel group of trainers who had one set purpose: Take down the Federation and return the sport of Pokemon turniments to its rightful way. However 5 years later a member of the federation infiltrated his organization and it was not long after that the federation stormed there hide away in the Orre Waist lands. 45 of the people were taken by the federation and 37 were publicly executed by the SPEC as a warning to all others who opposed them. Still some are unaccounted for and there fate remains a mystery to this day. Eric, Who was easily the spookiest of the members managed to get away after he brought the entire hide away down around the heads of the federation and using the help of his Pokemon he was able to make a get away. he now has been sited hanging around graveyards and moziliums. Nobody really knows why, most are to afraid to approach him
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  4. Volume One: Revolution
    GM Post: Rising
    Orre Region, Desert Outskirts. In the recent past...

    The desert land was dry and barren as far as the eye could see. Sandstorms covered and littered the area, as not a single ounce of life was detected. There were no wild Pokemon running about amongst the wilderness. There was only silence. The sun beamed down through the clouds and the dusty environment, as somewhere among the silence....there where whispers that could be heard. In a isolated part of the region, a large mountain hollow held a man made structure built by the unknown men. It was a place that no one would dare to go....a place that none would even think about considering to visit in their right mind. It was in the middle of nowhere, and away from everything. No one would ever come here.
    Which was exactly why it was the ideal place to look for someone who's hiding. A scout in worn down clothing looked out from the mountain base into the thick of the desert wind, and saw nothing in the mist of tan and brown. He used his binoculars to search the distance constantly, but just like the past 5 years....nothing. Not a sign of anyone. A sense of satisfaction filled his heart as he prepared to head back inside the hollow. Until he heard the sound of rumbling in the distance. It made him stop in his tracks. He was paralyzed with fear of what it could be. It was a sound never made before in the 5 years of them being on Orre. He would soon realize why.
    In the distance, blanketed by the cover of whirling sand and winds, the trampling of the ground thunders among the ground as the sounds of an army of hooves dig into the sand in the direction towards this hidden unknown base. Flames burn asunder in the sandy winds as men in blue and yellow equipped with tactical suits and helmets with yellow visors all look uniform and rugged with elite skill in heading to the destination. Among the waves of men on the ground riding in reinforced vehicles towards the mountain hollow...there was one that flew in the sky. The sun blacked her out from being seen from the ground, but in one simple word, she caused the army below to stampede towards the secret mountain hollow full force. Her voice was electronic, as if something was making her sound like a robot.

    Woman: "....Go."
    From the mountain hollow, the scout now heard the thundering sound of engines getting louder and louder, as he used his binoculars one more time...but this time his heart dropped when he caught sight of silhouettes breaking through the sandy winds towards their location. The scout wasted no time dropping them binoculars and sprinting inside the mountain hollow, where inside there were hundreds of people, all with Pokemon, either battling them or training them. Laughs and smiles filled the base with the happy members, but not for long. The scout runs inside and whistles to get everyone's attention. They saw the look of panic and fear on his face. They all knew what that meant. They all had patches on their clothes that read "NOVA", and as the leader stood up, he spoke quickly.
    Leader: "No.....Everyone!!! Hide!!!!"
    The Team NOVA radicals begin to summon their Pokemon back into their balls and haul ass for the evacuation tunnel....but it was too late. The base rumbled with a force that made everyone stop running. Where did it come from? What was it? The answer would come after what seemed like an eternity of silence. Outside the base entrance, the men in uniform get out of their rampant PSO titled cars, all saluting to attention. Their sleeves said "PSO" on them as the figure in the sky flies down and crashes into the sand and lands perfectly on her pokemon, which when revealed, was an Aerodactyl, a pokemon that was said to be extinct. A sharp and stern figure dismounted the dinosaur pokemon, every PSO officer still in respect and fear as the masked woman with blonde hair walks to the front of the pack. Her mask was electronic, showing the reason for her electronic voice.
    SectPixy.jpg Aerodactyl.jpg
    PSO Officer: "Captain, they know we're here. They're trying to escape. What shall we do?"

    Mysterious Woman: "If they are so obsessed with their Pokemon...then treat them like Pokemon.....catch them all."
    PSO Offcier: "You heard her! Weapons set to stun!"
    The PSO all equipped cartridge guns and set them to an electric stun as they rushed inside the base without a second thought. Once inside, they begin to shoot body after body, with some Pokemon still free from their master's balls. The Pokemon started to retaliate to protect their trainers, downing and knocking back a few PSO agents. This only brought more agents in, as they started to shoot Pokemon and NOVA radicals alike. Radical after radical falls unconscious, as the leader points to the dwindling numbers they have left.
    NOVA Leader: "GO NOW!!!! I'll hold them off!!! Get out of here!!!"
    NOVA Radical: *approaches Leader* "Captain Brock!!? We can't leave you!!!"
    Brock: "That's an ORDER! GO!"

    The radical hesitates a bit before deciding to honor the former Gym Leader's decision and runs off. Brock turns back to the PSO agents with a mean grimace of revenge. He skillfully and stealthily releases a pokemon from his ball as the red energy seeps into the sand below him and disappears. A smile crosses his face as the masked woman walks through the crippling base, the PSO agents surrounding Brock so he can't escape. One NOVA radical manages to hide behind a PC console to try and surspise them, but is shot in the back by one of the tactical PSO agents who spotted him. Silence ensues for a moment, with dozens of radical bodies scattered. Some knocked out....some worse. Even Pokemon too. The smell of burned sand and flesh was in the air. The masked woman faces Brock.
    Woman: "....it is an honor to be in the presence of a Gym Leader. I heard alot about you, Sir Brock. Rumor has it your skill with Rock type pokemon was unparalelled....."
    Brock: "Ah. So you're the one I've been hearing about...I guess our reputations precede us...you're the girl from The Sect that uses speed as her skillset...quick-witted, quick-minded...and even quick-tempered."
    Woman: "What can I say....I aim to please. We've been looking for you for almost two decades now....shame you didn't side with us....you would've made a great ally."
    Brock: "It's a shame you sided with them. Not seeing that the NPF is trying to control all of us. Team NOVA is simply fighting for the freedoms we use to have, and the ones we have left."
    Woman: "Well, now Team NOVA is no more. Surrender yourself to me. It's over Brock."
    Brock: "If you think it's over then you must not be as quick as they say....you and your followers will never stop our spirit...no matter how many of you are there..."
    Woman: "You have no idea what or who you're dealing with."
    Brock: "Hmph ;)"
    Suddenly, the sand starts to shake under the PSO's feet, as they all fall down around Brock, all except for the woman. The agents all scream and grunt in surprise as Brock's secretly released pokemon reveals itself as his trusty Onix. It smacks the agents with its tail and roars as the woman all too quickly draws another Pokemon. It was almost like her speed and reflexes were inhuman....the red energy forms into an Alakazam, and it was almost as if....the woman and Alakazam knew Brock was going to do this. As soon as the towering Alakazam forms it throws its hands towards Onix, freezing the rock snake completely with its psychic powers. The level of power coming from it was scary, as it lifts Onix in the air as it tried to lunge for the woman. Brock looks on in shock and fear as Alakazam squeezes its hands in a fist, making Onix crumple into a ball of pain as it cried out.

    Brock: "NO!"
    Alakazam slams its fist as Onix slams into the ground so hard that one the boulders on its link like body cracks open. The woman looks in satisfaction, a smirk under her mouth mask.
    Woman: "Or....maybe you're not as good with Rock Pokemon as they say.....Alakazam...do it."
    Alakazam without hesitation blasts Brock into the stone wall of the mountain with its telekinesis. Brock hits the wall with extreme force, hitting his head and falling into the ground below unconscious.
    Woman: "Take him away. Take them all away."
    PSO agent: "And the Pokemon?"
    Woman: "We have no use for them. They were loyal to their radical masters. Kill them."
    The PSO takes the unconscious NOVA members and placed alloy cuffs on them and hauled them away to a large airship that came down over the base. Suddenly however, the inside of the mountain base started to rumble as the walls begin to tear apart. The stone begins to fall from the ceiling and quicksand starts to form in the ground below.
    PSO agent: "The mountain is collapsing! We need to move!"
    Alakazam quickly throws Brock outside to safety and teleports himself and the woman from The Sect outside, as everyone and everything else inside scrambled to escape....but they were too late. The woman watched as the NOVA radicals and PSO agents alike were crushed screaming under the heavy rocks and stone of the faltering mountain. They pleaded for help as the woman looked on without a single trace of emotion. Brock remained unconscious as the airship begin to descend and gather the vehicles provided by the NPF for the mission. A few PSO agents came out and secured Brock onto the airship as well.
    PSO agents: "Where's everyone else?"
    Woman: "....Dead. Alakazam. Make sure."
    Alakazam nods and closes its eyes and focuses to read any life energies that could be alive. For whatever reason, he opens his eyes and nods to the woman, meaning that no one survived. They were wrong though, someone or something must be blocking Alakazam's powers. The sound of a motorcycle could be heard in the heavy sandstorm, but the sound of the airship drowned it out. Someone escaped.
    Woman: "Alright. Let's go."
    The woman withdraws Alakazam and heads back to her Aerodactyl, which screeches as she mounts it and looks to the PSO agents.
    Woman: "Get Brock to The Storage. Notify your director of my success. I have more matters to attend to."
    The agent nods as the woman darts off into the sky at uncanny speed on her fossil-flying pokemon. The woman then inserts a communication link in her ear, reaching out to another one of her fellow members....but not just any member. THE member. The leader of this so called mysterious Sect.....
    Woman: "We found the NOVA base. Brock the old Gym Leader of Pewter City was in fact the leader of Team NOVA. He's been retrieved. As for everyone else....sacrifices have to be made."
    A dark and grim human voice responds on the other side of the link.
    Sect Leader: "This is a great victory for the NPF....now that we've handled that for them, we can get back to our agenda..."
    Elsewhere (open)

    Johto, Whirlwind Islands.

    The Sect Leader finishes his communication with his fellow Sect sister and stands bold with his fists balled, looking at a deep sea body of water surrounded by a vast waterfall. Men in helmets with flashlights on them stand beside him in hiking and excavation gear, PSO on their sleeves. Steel armor covered the Sect leader's regular clothes, matched with a steel mouth mask that caused him to breath high and piercing. He walks to the edge of the cliff looking down at the water, and then reaches into his pocket to pull out the Silver Wing.
    Sect Leader: "It is time....20 years no one's seen one....and now, that will change today. Today, I witness a Legendary."
    The Leader throws the Silver Wing into the water below, jumping down into the water himself without a Pokemon, his courage matched by his willpower. The PSO agents remain overhead and watch as the Leader swims and watched the giant waterfall before him. He silently waits for the long anticipated moment. Years the Sect has been working under the shadows, unknown to the world...for this very purpose. Now, things were about to change. A revolution was coming.
    Sect Leader: "You cannot hide forever....if you do not appear....many more will perish."
    The PSO agents all look confused as they await the unknown. Moments carry on and the tension was rising. They looked down at The Sect's leader, questioning if their partnership with such weird and limitless people should've ever been brokered between them and the NPF. They walk around above the law, and with no rules, that made the PSO worried. Working with people like this and working for them for a joint task operation....it was almost similar to the disbanded team known as Team Rocket.
    All thoughts stopped when a deep wailing could be heard somewhere in the cave. It was heart wrenching. Fear filling. The agents looked around with their flashlight helmets as The Leader remained calm and unintimidated. In fact, he smiled. He simply stared at the waterfall...watching...waiting...he then saw a dark winged silhouette with bright eyes piercing from behind the waterfall. For the first time in his life, he felt real fear. The PSO agents all gawked in amazement, as a screeching sound emitted into their minds from the Legendary Pokemon. The agents gripped their heads in pain, their screams becoming silent as they collapse to the ground and faint. The waterfall blasts apart, the pressure of the water so strong it knocks the Sect Leader back on land. He rises to see a Pokemon in the shadows, slowly coming to light, and when it finally does....The Leader looks in awe.
    Lugia, The Guardian of The Seas, glares at The Leader with fury. They speak telepathically.
    Lugia: 'You.....you are not of pure intention. Why have you come here threatening the life of spirit?'
    Leader: 'You see it as threatening. I view it as revolution. There's a reason things are the way they are now. Your Pokemon have had relative peace....no more being hunted like petty creatures. I seek to bring balance. For us....and for your kind.'
    Lugia: 'Lies. All banter. I see your intentions human.'
    Leader: 'Then you know you must join me. It's the only way this will all end. Otherwise...people and pokemon alike will continue to die.'
    Lugia: 'To be slaves to the likes of you humans who wish to use us as means of power and rule? Do you realize that makes you worse than those who sought to use us. Not in sport, but in greed. For control. There is no peace in that.'
    Leader: 'Maybe you're right. I honor you Lugia, I know you can see that is not a lie. I honor all Legendaries...but you hide amongst yourselves like refugees, as if you're weak. Like they will stop looking for you. It's a delusion your kind constantly face; you confuse caution with fear. Let me help you....I'm trying to do this because I respect you....because I care enough to try...'
    Lugia: 'Your efforts are futile, human. I will never join a crusade for power and dominance. I fought to protect Pokemon from such a thing long ago from FAR stronger men than you....to think I will subside now is a "delusion" you humans face.'
    The Leader looks down at the water, saddened. Everything goes still and silent for a moment. He then looks back up at Lugia the extraordinary Legendary, and puts his hands behind his back like a gentleman. He clears his mind and meditates, while looking into Lugia's strong and deep eyes.
    Leader: "Then you leave me no choice. I'm sorry."
    The Leader then pulls a Master Ball from his back and throws it lightning fast with superb reflexes. Lugia's cries can be heard as the ball hits its body, the red energy pulling the Legendary into the ball.
    Lugia: 'Nn-- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!'
    The Leader watched with mild remorse as the ball wiggles and struggles with the red energy inside. The ball floats on the water towards The Leader as the strong current from the waterfall waves pushed it right towards him, and in the blink of an eye....it was over. The ball stopped moving. The Leader came face to face with the ball that contained a Legendary Pokemon, the first to ever do such a thing in the history of mankind. His power was now solidified in the world. His metal gloves grasped the ball with care and precision. His eyes now full of determination and will.
    Leader: "It has begun."

  5. Palette

    Dream? (open)

    Somewhere in a dark and dreary cave, water drops from the humid stone walls in the pitch black area. Drops of water can be heard all around. A man looks through a first person camera, as the night vision activates. He looks around, breathing heavily from traveling through the deep expanse of the dark cave, facing many many strong obstacles and creatures before getting to this point. An NPF patch was stitched onto his shirt, and his breathing became more and more heavy as his heart pounded in his chest. Sweat dripped down his face as his camera looks back and forth through the vast area.
    Man: "This is uh....explorer Tom Ato here...under commission of the NPF. It is day 2 of my search in the Cerulean Cave. I don't really know what exactly they expect me to find down here....I mean I know this is the cave used in the past by trainers that were Champions....but then it was shut down and privatized by the NPF. They gave me precise coordianates and I'm working towards that location but it hasn't been easy....I'm losing Oxygen, I only have one Pokemon equipped , and it smells like Pidgeot droppings down here...."
    Tom pushes through the bleak and dreary cave, with his camera shaky from an increased focus and adrenaline. A deep and monstrous bellow comes from within the depths of the cave, making Tom stop and quake where he stood. His boots etched into the ground as the wet rock and stone wavered from under his shoes. He slowed his pace and slowly approaced the end hollow of the cave. He clung a hand to the slimy wall as he traveled through the crystal blue and beautiful waters, albeit in the pitch black. He slowly and carefully lowered his hand down to his Pokeball, ready to summon his guardian protector at a moment's notice. The sqeulshing of the water lightly rippled through the now quiet cave as the Pokemon's cries and roars behind him where the wild pokemon resided were now silent. The rushing of rapids could be heard as he got closer to the end of the opening. He lowered his body for a better center of gravity and control. He crouched and reached the opening, using his cam light to shine it out into the vast darkness, but catching the glimpse of the current several meters below.
    Tom: "This leads to rapids....no way I'm going down there alone...sigh then I again I don't get paid if I don't....leave it to me to take these stupid jobs...."
    He readies himself, as he takes a deep breath before plunging into the deep rapids below. The current immediately consumed him, with a blur rushing past behind him as he jumped. Something else was there. The water carries him with a furious force through the canal towards an unknown area. He grunts and huffs in catching his breath and tries to swim with the current to use it as direction to steer. His light spots some rocks he can cling onto as the current pushes him towards them. A blur zips through the area over his head, its sounds like whooshes of wind as he hears them and panics. He turns his helmet cam all around trying to catch it, but he sees nothing. The current pushes him further into the rapids, as a sudden large wall of rocks appear in his view. His eyes grow wide at this impending danger and reaches his arms out for anything that he can find, slipping off of rocks and ledges with futility.
    Tom: "Agh! No! Come on!"
    And then the blur stops up on a ledge. It watches as the NPF sponsored explorer rushes to a certain danger, his voice and screams echoing through the cave. As he started to realize he was coming face to face with potential peril, he braced himself for the impact, tensing his body with the rocky, jagged wall getting clearer and larger. He turned his head to prepare for the inevitable, but as he does his eyes go wide at the sight of something that made his heart drop. Something that put all the puzzle pieces together for him, he now knew why the NPF sent him to these coordinates in the deepest, darkest depths of Cerulean Cave. He was staring that reason directly in the eyes. Water rushed in and out of his ear, as the sight made him shocked with awe.
    Tom: "Oh......MY......G--"

    And then nothing.

    Palette opened her eyes sharply as the light from the classroom entered in. She rubbed her eyes as the night poured in from the window. Celadon University was way brighter than it was before she dozed off it seems. She brushed her purple hair back behind her head as the teacher lectured on about Pokemon with multiple types, and how to determine the best offense/defense when battling them. University was overrated, it was stuff that we basically learned growing up in academies, and especially me working with Elm in the lab. The teacher turns from the board and looks at her.

    Celadon University (open)


    Teacher: "Nice to see you're back among the living Palette. We know you made famous groundbreaking research on Pokemon but that doesn't warrant napping in my class."
    She replied sluggish but yet also sharp. It was the end of class anyways, she was sure the lesson wasn't that important, seeing as how she knew that information already. She grabbed her backpack and placed it over a shoulder, stuffing the countless letters from the NPF and Pokemon Labs across the other six regions into her bookbag. They wanted her talent badly. Her research on Pokemon psychology was unrivaled. Her connection to the human mind and soul to the Pokemon's intellectual neurological thought patterns whilst containing animalistic DNA was unlike any other. It featured her on many radio talk sessions, namely Goldenrod's Radio Station. Professor Oak himself even complemented her and praised her of her work, wanting her to move to Kanto to work with him instead. She stepped out into beautiful Celadon City where the city was bustling with people and festive life. The moon shined bright on this night. She walked around to the side of the University where the parking lots were and traveled along a row of locked bikes. She placed her PokeDex up to her lock, as the Dex scanned the lock to turn the light green. The lock opens and she hops on her bike, and makes her way towards Saffron City via Route 8, where she will commute via Train back to Johto in Goldenrod, where her mother will pick her up from there and fly her back to New Bark Town.
    Bike.jpg CeladonCity.jpg

    Palette jumps while in the back to give herself some momentum as she pedals towards Saffron City. The wind brushes through her hair as her face is soft yet gazing into the skies above. She rides with a keen spirit and a sense of happiness, a small smile forming on her face. She looks at the PokeDex on her wrist to check the time, it was a little after 8PM. She knew she would have to run into the lab to check in with Elm to make sure things were ok. She had stayed later than usual today, attending a late class to make up one that was postponed earlier in the school year. The night sky was littered with stars and a clear image. A phone call rang on her PokeDex from her mother.
    Jewel: "Hey you! You out yet?"
    "Yeah mom, on my way to Saffron."
    Jewel: "Okay, well I'll be in Goldenrod waiting okay?"
    "Yupp, later Feraligatr."
    Jewel: "In a while, Croconaw."
    Palette hangs up as her bike zooms for the large urban mecca that was Saffron City.
  6. Eric was racing down the dirt path on his own motorbike, He had been on the run about 5 days now since Orre's hide away was ransacked and destroyed. Brock got taken, this wqasnt good at all. He needed to find a way into the hide away where SECT was holding them. Wail on the move he had heard rumors of the public executions, though brock wasn't among them. This assured him brock was still very much alive. As he raced down the street he pulled into an old graveyard and walked off into it as the wind blew threw his silver and white hair. With a sigh he sat down on a crypt thinking to himself...and searching for another pokemon to catch. He wasn't sure what he coulkd find as he had started training ghost type pokemon. not longs after he sat on the gravestone he looked over seeing a girl biking by. He didn't pay much attaenchion not realizing that she would be a big part in his future.
  7. Palette

    Palette bikes on as the night sky was well lit overhead. She hums a tune in her ear, the music playing from the radio station she selected. She could see the guard building up ahead that joins Saffron and Celadon cities. That's all the police were reduced to now that the NPF was formed: guarding buildings and staying in their cities to regulate the law there. It was pretty much the same way before the NPF, but now the NPF assisted on the bigger scale problems throughout the world. Anything the police did or saw, would have to be reported to the NPF. The PSO was something else completely. Palette's mom told her they were supposed to protect humanity from other human criminals and their actions, but the way her mom said it suggested she didn't trust them. Palette had her doubts as well. PokeCenters were the only thing that wasn't directly influenced by the NPF. Doctors and nurses still had control and authority to perform healing to the community in their city or town.
    As Palette focused on the light from the toll building ahead, she focused on the darkness to her right: nothing but woods and an old cemetery which was probably the Celadon Graveyard. Many tombstones for humans were placed there and some crypts of some famous or well know people as well. Palette thought it was a shame that there weren't as many Pokemon Graveyards as there were human ones. The only two she knew of for Pokemon was Lavender Tower in Lavender City and Mt. Pyre in the Hoenn region along with the Lost Tower in the Sinnoh region and Celestial Tower in the Unova region. Her eyes locked on a silver haired young man, dwelling among the crypts. Creepy. He could be some kind of weirdo. She pedals faster as the toll building was right in sight. She bikes up to a policeman with a flashlight.

    "Hey officer, going to Saffron from Celadon U to commute back home to Johto."
    Officer: "Alright, ID?"
    Palette shows him her ID on her PokeGear and he nods and lets her continue.

    She bikes through the toll building to come out the other side to another view of a different city. In fact, the largest city in Kanto: Saffron City. The city lights were beautiful among the night and people were vibrant and frequent with chatter and commerce. Palette turns and heads to the north of the city to head towards the train station. A few eyes look at her as she pedals on the city streets. She rises from the seat of her bike to pedal hard and fast, letting the wind breeze through her hair. She thought about heading to the Saffron Supermart to buy some items and other things, but she figured it was already late, maybe another time. She reaches the train stattion and walks inside while guiding her bike. She walks up to the conductor as the loudspeaker announces times for train trips and information. A few people step on and off trains as Palette shows her ID to the conductor, giving her free admission to travel since she's a University student.
    Conductor: "Very good, right this way."
    Palette steps on the train and sets her bike against the inside wall before taking a seat and putting in some headphones connecting to her PokeDex. She tilts her head back against the wall and looks out the window to the scene of the station. The music floods her ears and she relaxes and unwinds herself from the day. She couldn't wait to get home and eat, and also see Chomp, her trusy and best pal. He was a Houndour that was given to her as a gift when she was 13. Chomp's playful nature only brings out the wild side of Palette she otherwise wouldn't have the chance to show; her more adventerous side. Even noe she can picture Chomp running around in the yard, barking at neighbors of New Bark Town to come and play with him. He was a bit aggressive, but not in a violent sense. Chomp had the warmest heart of any Pokemon she knew. In an instant the train powers up and the engine churns will force as the speed train takes off down the railway and makes for Johto. Palette took out a snack to eat while listening to music on the train, nodding her head in harmony. Everything seemed peaceful.
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  8. He looked up when he saw a girl Biking through and shoot him a weird look. It was clear she wasn't to sure what he was doing hanging around in the graveyards He knew what he was looking for though, He had his mind set on catching some ghost Pokemon. As he waited around and the knights grew darker and more omminising he smiled as he heard rustling. He stood up as his baynette climbed up on his shoulder "I think...i can hear one coming...." he said to it as the Pokemon eyes narrowed, having the same thirst for fights as he did and without another word he shot into the darkness of the Mozillians nearest the woods to wait for the right moment to attack if it was the pokemon he was hunting for. He was determined to find a dusskull or coughingus or something like that. he only remembered it looked like a coffin
  9. GM Post
    New Bark Town.

    The night sky fades down upon the small town of New Bark. A very quiet, close knit town that stuck together in times of community. The Johto Lab was all they had of interest besides the border to Kanto. In a small house next the the lab, a woman exits the door and locks it behind her. She walks out from the yard, petting her pet Houndour and continuing in to the middle of the small town. She looks in her purse and pulls out a Pokeball, ready to summon the Pokemon inside. She puts a hooded jacket on over her head. A neighbor spots her and says hello.
    Neighbor: "Oh!!! Hey there Jewel!"
    Jewel: "Hey Lyra!! I'm off to go pick up Palette from classes, she had a late night tonight."

    Lyra: "Oh, I can see that! Well, be careful and watch the skies! Safe travels!"
    Jewel: "Thanks :)"
    Jewel throws the Pokeball, the red energy releasing to reveal a Togekiss that screeches in the air. It was a Pokemon Jewel owned since she was a young administrator for the Indigo Plateau, which was now the HQ for the NPF. She raised it from a small Togepi to the Pokemon that it is now. She used a Shiny Stone on it when Palette turned 18 as a celebration of her daughter going off to school. Togekiss wails and sqawks as Jewel pets its soft feathers and wings. She then climbs up and kisses her Pokemon on the back.
    Jewel: "Alright Togekiss, let's go to Goldenrod to pick up Palette."
    Togekiss: "Toge!"

    The winged creature flaps and generates wind as it pushes from the ground and drifts into the night sky. As it does, a vehicle engine can be heard down below as a convoy revs into the small town with distinction. PSO is on the side of the convoy as it pulls up to the front of the Johto Pokemon Lab. Lyra looks and immediately runs inside, knowing that the arrival of the PSO meant no good. The rest of the curious townsfolk peeked from their windows out at the scene as PSO officers emerged from the car. They open the door for one man that stood out: A very tall man, with a suit and tie, but with metalloid arms or gloves as he walked like a classy gentlemen to the front of the vehicle.

    Man: "Let's go."
    SectNeox.jpg PSO.jpg

    The PSO officers all follow behind him as he walks towards the entrance to the laboratory. His metal arm pounds the door so hard that the metal clings with the door and shakes the front of the building. The doors slide open as he is granted access, and the PSO officers follow him inside. The erect man walks in with his arms behind his back, looking at all the puzzled and wary faces of the scientists and aides. The PSO troops line up in a line as the man walks through them and walks to the center of the lab. Voltorbs and Magnemite can be seen powering the place and the electricity.
    Scientist: "May I help you....?"
    Man: "Hello, I'm looking for Professor Elm, is he around?"
    Scientist: "I'm afraid he's indisposed at the moment, perhaps I can assist you?"
    Man: "I'm sorry, this is much needed attention in regards to Elm, no one else. Could you please contact him for me? It's......urgent."
    Scientist: "As I said before, he's busy. If you wish to see him you'll have to schedule an appointment, or either have a request of summons of some sort....I don't seem to see you with any documentation."
    The man smirks at the scientist's arrogance. He takes a step closer, now inches away from the scientist. He towers over the aide and beams into his eyes with a dark look.
    Man: "This is a matter of national and federal affair, sir. I was simply trying to be kind. Are you this hard on all the guests....?"
    The scientist backs up a bit and looks away from intimidation, as the man walks past him and back towards the deeper part of the lab where he suspects Elm should be. The researchers watch on as the group of federal suits march their way to the back with confidence. The scientists hid animosity, but they showed worry. The man looks around at seemingly empty spaces and silence, until an echo of a voice reached through the lab from an unknown location.
    Voice: "So....the NPF just thinks they can barge in and bark orders still eh? I've lived a long time....respect is something that's much of a rare resource in these days. What's your business in my lab?"
    Man: "Professor Elm...it's an honor. My apologies about the urgency, but it is urgent. Please, come out and talk to me so that we can discuss what's needed of you."
    Elm: "Urgent to the point where you threaten my staff and intimidate with your PSO lackeys? Please. I'm old son not stupid. My aide told you to make an appointment, I suggest you follow suit. The NPF can't do anything for a lab regulating protocols."
    Man: "So your government needs you in a time of complete urgency and you refuse us out of pride? Who's really the one being disrespectful? Shame....I'd hate to see this prestigious lab of yours suddenly get shut down....or maybe even a freak accident."
    Silence surrounds the area as The Man and his PSO legion await for Elm's response, as after more silence and unresponsiveness...extreme measures were about to be taken.
    Man: "Search the place. Find anything we need on Project Garden."
    The PSO begin to sack the place and search every inch of paperwork, computer files, and scientist research looking for a certain set of information. The Man continued to walk around with his hands behind his back, a stern but light facial expression. His metal arms solid against the rest of his flesh.

    The Man and the PSO alike stop what they're doing to turn and look at an elderly man arise from a locked part of the lab, a secret panel closing behind him as he walked out and finally revealed himself. The famous Professor Elm, who was around even when the Pokemon League existed. He was even older now; a slouched back and a weak frame, supported by some technological enhancements he had made here in the lab. His elderly features eyed the Man as he walks towards Elm and extends his arm for a handshake, to which Elm raises a furrowed brow and glances in shock at his metal limb.

    Man: "Oh, I'm so sorry. Pardon the arms....I lost mine in an accident so....had to get some Steelix steel to forge me some new limbs. They're actually heavy, but comfty after you get used to them."
    Elm: "If the NPF are as capable of making technological advancements such as those surely you don't need me for anything."
    Man: "That's where you're wrong Professor....we have every, well almost every resource that we monitor and produce. Decades of work and government and we can say that we pretty much have attained much intelligence towards the ways of the world and even in the old days of the Pokemon League. Except one thing. We need your help looking for it....or should I say them."
    Elm: "Who are you?"
    Man: "I am a man of peculiar skills, tasked by the NPF to help with a classified operation, the only reason I'm here is because I feel you are vital."
    Elm: "You have me at a disadvantage. Never seen nor heard of you, a man with metal arms. You have a name with those set of skills young man?"
    Man: "My name is The Sword. Well, my nickname at least. Under confidentiality I'm ordered not to reveal anymore information unless you comply."
    Elm: "With what exactly?"
    Sword: "Finding what we're looking for, sir."
    Elm: "Which is?"
    Elm looks around at the PSO still searching through the lab files and items.
    Elm: "They have no right to touch that without a warrant or request. That's an illegal search, or are you going to downplay that with more authority?"
    Sword: "Haha, Prof. Elm I assure you, we mean this place no harm, but compliance is key."
    Elm: "And if I refuse?"
    Sword: "Then....you refuse. And you deny your country and this world a great service."
    A PSO officer looks to see one of the scientists are recording the entire ordeal, getting snappy and commanding him to cease.
    PSO Agent: "Hey! Stop recording!"
    Aide: "No! We have our rights!"
    PSO Agent: "Stop it now! Or I will arrest you!"
    Aide: "FOR WHAT!? This is OUR lab! You can't do that!"
    Elm: "Hey! What's the meaning of this! This isn't right! Who is your supervisor!? I'll have a talk with them right away!"
    Sword: "I am my supervisor Professor. I suggest you and your aide's comply."
    Elm: Why so you can push around an old man some more and force on his aide's with power and intimidation? You're not for the people, if you were you'd never treat us like this! Get out of my Lab, NOW."
    The aides all draw together to fend themselves from the PSO's fear tactics. Elm glares at The Sword, as he looks back with a casual face, even a small smile. He puts his metal arms behind his back again and utters the command in one strong voice.
    Sword: "Take it all."
    The PSO Agents then order the aide's to the floor and draws their weapons on them. Elm's shocked look is met with The Sword's as he walks past Elm and starts to point to the secret door in the lab. He knew Elm would never open it for him, so he literally took matters into his own hands. He looked at Elm one time and then drew his fist back and thrust full force into the keypad with his metal arm, the strength crushing the device as the door opens up to Elm's complete astonishment. Sword smirks at Elm, and proceeds inside the secret lab as Elm chases after him.
    Inside the inner lab, The Sword looks around as the area shows a bunch of screens and computer consoles, as if they were connected to a separate network than what was commonly used. A Pokeball rested on the lone desk in the secret room, as Sword eyes it and starts to approach it. As soon as he does however, Elm rushes in and stops him.
    Elm: "STOP!"
    Sword: "What's in the ball, Professor?"
    Elm: "None of your business."
    Elm steps towards The Sword and stands off with the tall agent, Elm takes note of a logo hidden underneath his trench coat, which was a pokeball logo with a sword, shield, star, and diamond around it, engulfed in a flame. Elm looks back up at Sword surprised as he grabs Elm's pokeball.
    Sword: "Tisk tisk....hiding and harboring secret Pokemon and unregistered ones as well as this place is illegal....shame I have to report it now...unless, you comply. Help us and maybe we'll forget about this little...discretion."
    Elm: "You young generations and your thirst for power. It will only backfire. The Pokemon League was used just for these reasons: balance, fellowship, sport...you. You and the suits up top have taken that away from the people, look at how the past 20 years have been, people have been miserable!"
    Sword: "But safer. Less crime, less chaos. We succeeded. Now it's your turn to help with that. We've let you fly solo for two decades. Surprised but glad you're still kicking...but it's now. The time has come."
    Elm: "No, no I will never help you, corrupt scum."
    Sword: "oooh harsh words....not even if it'll help you see The Legendary Pokemon?"
    Elm: "Wh-- What??"
    Sword: "They're the ONLY thing that no one has ever seen. The only thing both the people and the NPF can monitor. That makes them unpredictable, dangerous. We need you to help us locate them, catalog them, and bring them in, at least to a safer environment."
    Elm: "You're mad...The Legendaries answer to no one you buffoon!! Even attempting is suicide! There's no way I'll help you, because I can't. Even after the Pokemon League was abolished, no one had seen them for ages since before then!!!"
    Sword: "You have to know something. You've seen things, done things. Experimented and tested Pokemon extensively. You know Johto, so you know that there must be rumors of at least the locale of these creatures...."
    He places his metal arm on Elm's shoulder, the weight and power of it almost making Elm wretch in weakness.
    Sword: "Tell me. Give me the information Elm."
    Elm: "I........No."
    Sword removes his arm and looks at Elm in disappointment. He then shoves Elm aside, causing him to fall hard on his side. The Sword approaches the connection or terminals and screens and starts to deliver fast and hard blows to the consoles and screens, the objects exploding and shattering to his powerful metal punches. Elm screams in agony and disbelief as Sword continues to break the secret room apart. He then looks at the Pokeball and picks it up, putting it on his clip as he grabs Elm by the arm and forcefully carries him back out into the main lab and puts him with his aides. The PSO all look to Sword after scanning the files and digging through papers everywhere.
    PSO Agents: "Nothing sir."
    Sword: "Sigh....Elm and his fellow assistants, by order of the NPF you're all under arrest for conspiracy and harboring information. Take them outside."
    Suddenly, the Voltorbs and Magnemite all stop charging the lab and flashes a bright light, as the PSO are blinded before the lights in the building go pitch black. The Voltorbs glow a molten red, signifying their Explosion attack was imminent. Elm was about to blow the lab to pieces.
    Elm: "RUN, NOW!"
    The aides make a break out the door as they all sprint from the Laboratory and head in all different directions. Some went on the route to Cherrygrove, others headed into the woods, and some even tried hiding by the water and swimming to Kanto. The PSO all turn night vision on their helmets and draw their weapons, shooting electical stun charges in the backs of some scientists. Cries of pain sound through the town, as the townsfolk all run inside their houses and lock the doors in panic. A female aide goes down and faints, as another man runs to the water, to get shot and tased until he passes out. It seems the others have escaped....so they think.
    Sword: "FIND THEM, NOW!"
    The PSO Agents take off in all directions the aides were thought to have gone, as the building was about to blow, the Voltorb glowing red hot now. Sword looks back in the building at Elm, who was still kneeling in the middle of the lab. He closed his eyes. He made peace withwhat was about to happen. The Sword reached to Elm in a futile effort to get his attention. It was too late, Elm was about to blow up with the rest of the building.
    Sword: "Professor, NO!!!!"
    The Sword jumped off the stairs and into the grass as a few moments later, the Voltorbs reached maximum heat and discharged one final time, exploding as the Johto Pokemon Lab shot across the town in debris and fire. A loud boom could be heard miles around, as the shockwave went through the entire local area. The Sword shook his head trying to regain his senses as he looked around to see PSO Agents recovering and looking disoriented, before running off to track the other aides. New Bark residents begin to scream and yell at the horrendous sight, calling the Cherrygrove City Police for help. The Sword summoned a Pokemon from his clip, the red energy forming an Absol. The bladed head Pokemon forms and looks at his master.
    Sword: "You know what to do."
    Absol nods, before stepping forward to the panicking townsfolk and its eyes start glowing a bright rainbow color energy. The people looked into the light for a brief moment, it was almost mesmerizing, and then Absol snaps out of its Future Sight move and looks back at its master, with a face of worry.
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  10. After a few hours of walking through the woods he arrived in a small unnamed town off of the rute. He let out a sigh as he had lost what he had hoped would be a duskull, they wernt common around the area but he was allowed to hope never the less. He was also after an Onyx to but he wasn't to sure where to find them at. He inhaled the night air and exhaled as he looked around at a train station, a small one and kinda shabby but it was still a train and that is exactly what he needed. "Take me to the nearest town to professer Elms lab" he said to the conductor hostess. He didnt know the town because he didn't know this area very well. Somebody who had hid away in Orre for so long got use to waist land like seniory and almost forgot a lot of the other towns., The conducter looked at a map on the wall and spoke "Thats going to be about $200" she said. Eric had the feeling something wasnt right but at this point he just intended to ghet to elms lab. He let out a sigh as he handed the money over, got the ticket and boarded the train. Sitting down his bayonet climbed from his back and looked out t5he window, its normal cheery face contorted into a twisted frown "You feel it to huh..." he said as he watched the outside as the train slowly began to move "It seems your not the only one with a feeling of foreboding" he added
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