O' Partner, O' Partner. Where art thou partner?

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  1. There You Are!
    About Me (open)
    Hello. My name is MewMewMartini, but you can call me Mew. I like to think of myself as an avid writer and roleplayer. I can adapt my style to my partner meaning if you write 4 paragraphs, I will too. I usually roleplay MxM (yaoi) and sometimes FxM. No Yuri unless we're closeish. I can play any genre and any setting. When it comes to libertine, I'm okay with a lot of things as long as the kinks aren't to weird like necrophilia or bestiality. I also don't really do male pregnancies (this is bendable) or straight incest (this not so much.)

    Genres (open)
    High School
    Apartment building/dorms
    Foster Care
    Broken Family
    Long distance relationships
    Road trip
    Trapped in Maze
    In a horror game with choices
    Reality drama show
    more later

    Pairings (open)

    (Ones in bold are ones I want, and ones that Crossed out I'm not doing)
    Angel x Demon (wing!kink)
    God x Goddess
    God x God
    Master x Slave
    Swimmer x One scared of water
    Time Traveler x normal human
    Alien x human
    Scientist x Scientist
    Scientist x his creation
    Alpha x Omega

    Grim Reaper x Soul
    Psychic x Soul
    Orphan x Orphan x Orphan
    Paparazzi x Celebrity
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Survivor x Zombie
    God x Angel x God
    Witch x hunter
    Childhood friends
    Best friends
    Psycho x Therapist
    Ghoul x Ghoul
    Ghoul x Human
    Neko pet x Human master
    CEO x Intern (Petplay)
    Roommates who hate each other
    Twin 1 x popular x Twin 2
    Drag Queen x Bad Boy
    more later

    My Current Roleplays (open)

    Alpha x Omega
    Mafia boss x College boy
    Mind-reading Mafia boss x College boy
    Mystery Island setting (MxM)
    Twin 1 x popular x Twin 2
    Angel x Demon
    Mermaid and Pirates
    Kidnapper x Kidnappee
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  2. Hi^^
    I'd be interested in rping with you :)
  3. Hi! I'm interested too! :)
  4. Awesome! PM me and we can work out the details!
  5. Sweet! PM me to work out the details!
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