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Ω Meet N' Greet

It was the first time anyone in the Omega Squad had ever met each other. With, of course, the clear exception of Lieutenant Elric Palmer and Agent 0086. Each member of the group was led into the debriefing room one-by-one. It was a fairly decent-sized room, although its atmosphere was that of an interrogation room albeit significantly larger than those found in any regular police station. Many of the members of the Omega Squad would be easily able to identity with those. The first of those in the room were, again of course, Elric Palmer and Agent 0086. The order of those led in was to be specific, as per the instructions of their handler: Lev Madgidovich, Kana Toromi, Reagan Bray and Anya Kallahan. The order, although arbitrary to the introduction, was the order of which the individuals survived the DNA augmentation, thus were considered viable candidates for the Omega Squad. The logic 86 used was as simple as that. It was an oddity, however, that of the seven known Agency members to survival DNA augmentation, five were female. That percentile was likely being researched this exact moment, as were a thousand other factors regarding the Omega Program.

"I believe I've made my decision," Sawback said to Elric, "You will be the Warden, and the members of this group are your Wards. How's that sound to you, Lieutenant: the Red Warden of the Skies?" Even Sawback grew bored with the at-times extensive waiting the Agency had in place. Each new member had to be guided with two armed guards to the room in intervals down different paths so that they wouldn't even see each other. The protocol were almost silly, but were nevertheless strict. Sawback, known by his nickname to Elric, was making meager small talk. Unlike the other members of this group, Elric had earned his respect, thus he talked to the man as if he had served with him. Elric, unfortunately, wouldn't be afforded the opportunity to reply as door slowly slid open and the second member of the Omega Squad was escorted into the room. Lev Madgidovich. Elric hadn't been debriefed on him yet, likewise to Lev. No one aside from Sawback knew anything, including the genders, of those that would walk through those doors until they did. For all intents and purposes, this was the first time the Omega Squad would ever be brought together.​
Lev Madgidovich

"What? Are we going for more tests?" asked a smirking, black haired man to the two agents who opened the door to his small living room. By now, Lev was used to this routine. When the agency wanted to do something with him, they'd send two goons to guide him along the long, winding halls of the complex.

"Come on fellas! You can't beat your gums even a little while we walk?"

The echoes of the three men's footsteps were the only answer to the young man's question. It was what he was expecting though. If there was a major problem this place, it was a lack of real conversation. Back in prison, the guards had been friendly enough, talking about their family, friends, or other gossip. Here though, everyone was serious and stoic. Every time he tried to start friendly conversation, he'd get one word answers or even worse, ignored. He'd started to get the feeling that these people didn't think of him as a normal human. Why should they though? By all rights, he'd given up his humanity.

A quick blink and a shake of the head launched that thought quickly from his mind. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of depressing thoughts like that. Especially not if another psych evaluation was going to happen. It had been made very clear to Lev that if he didn't pass all the tests put forward by the Agency, death was the only conclusion.

After walking along in silence for a few more moments, they came to a stop in front of a door. It was opened to reveal a room that looked more like an interrogation room than any of the laboratories he'd been in before.

"Well this is new," Lev said to no one in particular as he entered the room. On one side of the room were two men. One was confined a wheelchair while the other, looking like an agency drone, stood over him, but they were both more burly than the scientists he was used to. He couldn't help but size them up.

Deciding he would be able to best them in a fight, he said flippantly, "Don't tell me my request for a bare knuckle scuffle was approved? Don't worry. I'll let you both come at me at once. Even though that still might not be a fair fight." He gave a pointed look at the man in the chair.
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Elric Palmer

"Red Warden of the Skies, huh?" the man said, his voice as low, as rough, and as gravelly as the trenches, although somewhat mysterious and pleasing for a man his age. "It sounds a little to cliché, but what the Hell." Elric laughed with Sawback, but it was at that time the doors had opened. The lights flickered on and off about seven times, contributing to the nerve-racking terror that should have been present within the entering individual. However, instead of words spoken in high-strung tremors, the man spoke in strident low-keys. The voice this man used to speak reminded him of his colleagues in the military who wavered under the harsh commands of drill sergeants and higher authorities. Men like those hid whatever fear they had with nonsensical bravado, and the man sounded as such.

Elric, who was then wearing his favourite turtleneck sweater which was sewed by his wife, black pants, and army boots, his definition of a nice attire, wheeled himself out of the safe tuck behind the interrogation table, moving the two wheels with his burly arms. He dislodged the large cigar out of his lips and placed in on the ash tray on the table, and exhaled the thick smoke from his lips. Extending his arm to Lev Madgidovich, Elric invited the Jewish boxer to give him a formal handshake. Lev, of course, would see that his legs were wrapped around a metal, almost robotic-looking leg braces. He proceeded to move his legs slowly, mostly thanks to the casts, but withdrew them quickly. "Good evening soldier, my name is Elric Palmer."
Kana Toromi

As two agents came in to lead her out, Kana remained silent as usual. She wouldn't get anything out of them, having already tried various times in the past, so there was no reason for her to speak with them, nor them with her. As it turned out, being an experiment didn't make one a preferable conversational partner. She got up and was guided along towards the meeting room. The silence made the walk feel perhaps a bit longer than it was, but it was likely both the guards and Kana herself were already used to it.

They arrived at the room and came to a stop, opening the door. It was an interrogation room, in all likelihood, though far too large just for her. Looking around, she noticed three other men already waiting. One was confined to a wheel chair, one was also held by guards, and the last was an African man standing alone. He looked to be the leader while the one being held by guards was probably like her, given they were in the same room. She wasn't sure what to make of the man in the wheelchair yet, though.

The man in the wheelchair was extending his arm to the black-haired man, introducing himself as Elric Palmer. She was a bit surprised he was the one to introduce himself first. She'd figured the standing man to be the leader, but apparently such was not the case. It likely wouldn't benefit her to try to speak until prompted to, so she remained silent for the moment.
Lev Madgidovich
Bemused that Elric completely ignored the pointed comment, Lev let out a chuckle. It wasn't surprising. After all the wheelchair bound man looked relatively tough. In fact, it would've been disappointing if he'd buckled under a comment like that, but this conversation obviously had a time limit. Hopefully there'd be enough time to discover what would piss the guy off.

"Lev Madgidovich," he supplied returning the firm handshake. "but ya might have the wrong person. I've never been accused of being a solider. Can't take all that selflessness and camaraderie. Seems like a waste of time to me."

Even if the man wasn't a solider, it was reasonable to expect someone to get upset at that when civic pride snapped in. Lev couldn't wait for the response he'd get, but he was distracted by someone else in the room. His eyes locked onto a beautiful woman. Judging by how she'd entered the room, a prisoner like him. She was the first broad he'd who wasn't a nurse or an agent since he'd gotten to this place.

Something new was happening, and now might be the time for shutting up and waiting for an explanation, instead of frustrating the people who could give it to him.​
Reagan didn't panic like she did the first time they came to take her away to God knows where to do tests. She didn't bother to ask what they were going to do to her. It was just routine work (or at least that's what she dumbed it down to be) and simply readied herself for the poking and prodding to come. She kept her mouth closed and followed like a good little pup. There was no use in fighting it. Reagan had never tried to get away, but with her lack of knowledge of the building and its exits, she wouldn't make it very far.

She was no stranger to the men in the white coats and the guards that escorted her from room to room. She didn't care much for small talk, although it didn't look much like they would speak back either way, and welcomed the continuous silence. Something that she had grown to know and love. It gave her time to think. Her thoughts were the only thing that she had left as a reminder of why she ended up here in the first place and damn did she regret it. They took her down the same hallways as usual. This time, however, they took her to a whole new room. It looked a bit like an interrogation room, almost like the same one she was hauled into the night of the break-in. Great... She couldn't help but think what it was this time that brought her into this situation yet again though that thought was quickly overturned once she noticed the other people that occupied the room. She didn't bother to speak out and make her presence known. She was sure that they knew someone different had walked in. She walked over to the side and pressed her back into the wall away from everyone else only wanting to listen and let them do all of the talking.
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"While I'm glad," Sawback said, "that you two have gotten past the pleasantries, it is pertinent that I brief the group. I will introduce everyone to everyone." Sawback did have the courtesy of waiting until the handshake was over to interrupt the men. It was good that they were being civil thus far, but this did need to be treated like a formal debriefing session. Sawback waltzed behind the desk, then leaned forward on it to address the group. It became apparent that he wasn't quite like the men in black suits. As a matter of fact, his suit itself was more stylish for the era, although still quite formal. Sawback pulled out a pile of five folders, then tossed one of them to the side. He spread them out in front of the group, each one having a tab labeled with their name.

Sawback smiled as he said, "Go ahead. Open them. These are the files the United States has on each of you, and you'll notice you all have one thing in common: you're deceased. I believe you all have already met Lieutenant Elric Palmer. He died in post-war operations soon after World War I. Lev Madgidovich was stabbed outside a barfight from behind. Died in the streets. Kana Toromi was killed by a rival street gang, bludgeoned to death with baseball bats. Raegan Bray was burned to death in an industrial accident. There would be a fifth here, but she became too rowdy with the guards." While Sawback was letting the group look into their records, he looked directly at Lev and said, "yes, Lev, there was in fact someone even worse than you." At this point, Sawback could only grin. He was obviously joking, but his overbearing tone almost made his joke a threat.

"As for me, I'm Agent 0086. To you, I have no other name. You may, however, just call me Eighty-six. I will be your handler. At any time, I can shut down your powers, put you in intense pain or simply blow off your head. Keep that in mind. Mr. Palmer, here, will be your field commander. You will refer to him as the Red Warden, and you are all his wards. Lev, the Purple Ward; Kana, the Green Ward; and, Raegan, the Yellow Ward. Each of you will have a niche in the team; Lieutenant Palmer is a flight expert; Lev here is good at brawling, outright distractions and taking on multiple targets at once; Kana is a resourceful assassin and multi-lingual; Reagan is an electrical engineer, capable of fixing just about anything; your last team member would have been a demolitions expert, but it appears the first thing she destroyed was her chance in the field. Aside from this information, you may choose what you all share. Just know this: Lieutenant Palmer has the same controls I do." Sawback smirked as he looked back to Lev. He had been scanning the group for a while, nonchalantly watching their reactions. "Oh, one more thing... Lev," Sawback said.

Sawback then grabbed the large desk that was bolted to the floor, ripped it from its bolts and slid it into a wall, making the room... roomier. "I believe you were requesting a bout of bare-knuckle brawling. Guards said it was your most frequent request," Sawback said with his smug grin, "now's your chance."
Elric Palmer

"Here we go again," the Red Warden thought, his unspoken words accompanied by a roll of the eyes. Sawback was always fond of battles, whether casual or otherwise. The Harlem Hellfighters were of good repute in the Great War, their influence in the American Army taking flight until even Palmer and the first flyers knew of their skill. Alas, in spite of their service, they were met with racial slurs aplenty... a very un-American response to such loyal soldiers. That was why he respected his handler, and thought of the man both a mentor and friend. The battles after the war, the racism, the unholy child of fear and disgust that is prejudice, was far more dangerous a war than the first one itself. Hell, if Elric was an African American, he'd take skyline dogfights over the everyday spite, any day. Perhaps those memories are where Sawback's tapping into now, being so compelled to fight. "I suggest you stand down, soldier." His words followed a short chuckle, knowing from a single glance that this Lev character would fight his own handler until he was either wiped the floor with, or, for reasons unknown, victorious.

With that, he wheeled on over to the two ladies, one a Japanese woman whose physique was all but petite to him, and the other, an auburn-headed lass with eyes icy and piercing. Both women were uncomfortably silent for the kindred spirit that was Palmer, a man who revels in socialisation and making uncanny friendships. He had thought about his drinking buddies in the trenches and of course, his best friend, Natalya, who by now was teaching Rosaline how to do chores around the house. Oh, how he missed them. "Who do you think'll win this tussle, ladies?" he initiated, his eyes deadlocked on both the young Lev and their handler, his pupils jumping to and fro from the Jewish boxer towards the ex-Harlem Hellfighter. He leaned forward as he awaited a response from either woman, massaging his legs that were embraced in cold iron.
Kana Toromi

Kana wasn't particularly fond of the idea of being under a leash, but it was understandable. She'd probably do the same thing if she was in his position. She took the folder and looked through her files. Nothing of note, really, aside from the whole being dead thing. The corners of her mouth turned slightly upwards at the information. Being "dead" was a nice status. Nobody expected them, nobody looked for them. So really...not that much different from before. Perhaps some found this depressing. Kana found it useful, even if the supposed cause was a bit gruesome. She closed the file without a word, pushing it back to where 86 had originally set it down.

She sighed as 86 gave his challenge to Lev. Evidently their handler had no qualms about fighting with Lev, the Purple Ward. He displayed a rather large amount of strength, ripping a desk right out of its bolts. Seemed somewhat immature for a handler to her. Or perhaps giving Lev what he wanted now would, in the long run, be beneficial. But for now, it just looked like two boys trying to be the bigger guy in the room.

The Red Warden wheeled over to her and the other girl next to her, asking about the match to come. She still wasn't totally comfortable with a cripple being their leader, but he seemed quite built for a man in a wheelchair. Expressing her concerns wouldn't get her anywhere, though. She thought about his question for a bit. 86 had just displayed quite an amount of strength, and she knew nothing about Lev aside from the fact he was rather belligerent. Oftentimes, those types were mostly talk. "86," she told Elric.

The "fight" seemed kind of unfair, given that 86 had control over all of them. But from the looks of it, he didn't plan to use that. It'd make him look weak, which really just wouldn't do.
Lev Madgidovich

Lev took the file from the agent and flipped through it, but he quickly threw it back down on the desk. He realized it was full of paragraphs and fancy words. It wasn't written for his reading level.

Listening to the man, Lev returned his grin at the idea of a woman who was more belligerent than himself. He wished she was still here, he would've had a lot of fun with her. The ever thick boxer did not even realize that the agent was threatening Lev to stay in line.

The grin on the boxer's face faded a little as he heard about the conditions they were working under. They seemed a little more than harsh. When 86 mentioned that Palmer had the same power over them that this agent did, his focus shifted to the wheelchair bound man. It seemed outrageous that a man in that condition would be in charge of them in the field. Well, maybe it wouldn't amount to anything.

At the sound of his name, Lev snapped out of his thoughts and looked back at the large agent. A metallic sound confirmed that with a bit of strain, this man pulled a desk from the wall and shoved it off to the side. The whole scenario was baffling to the newly inducted Purple ward, until he heard what 86 had to say.

Those words were music to his hears. Being invited to fight combined with the adrenaline rushing through is body from the show of strength the other man had displayed caused Lev to duck into a fighting stance right away.

"You're gonna regret your invitation," he proclaimed, returning 86's smug grin with a smirk of his own.

Then Lev took a step or two to quickly close the distance between them. Using the momentum he had from walking, when the boxer was close enough, he sent a jab towards his opponent's face.​
Reagan wasn't as interested in her file as much as she was in the fight that was about to take place. It was the first sight of entertainment she had since she entered the program. She kept her eyes trained on the two men in front of her without any regard to anyone else until the man in the wheelchair, Palmer, approached her and the girl next to her. "Who do you think'll win this tussle, ladies?" It was nice to hear that someone else in the room found some sort of humor in it like she did. It felt more like two wolves fighting over their territory in her mind. It would be interesting to watch them hash it out.

"My money is definitely on Eighty-Six, regardless of how well -- Lev? Was it? -- can fight." She gave a bit of a smile. She didn't doubt his possible skill. It was more or less that he was young and still probably had a bit to learn. "He seems a bit arrogant. That might be a problem." She didn't know the man that well, but from what she gathered from his behavior up until this point, she noticed that he had a bit too much of self-confidence. Maybe he had every right to be, but she doubted that was the case. She looked down at Palmer for the first time since he wheeled himself over to the two with a slight concern with him being their leader. However, she's seen enough in her life to know most people aren't how they seem and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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Sawback saw the grin that matched his and knew Lev would go for it. And, boy, did he. One half-wit line later and Lev was already throwing a jab at Sawback. Sawback was no newcomer to combat, though, and boxing itself was actually a step back (or ten) than what he was accustomed to. Still, it was a 'boxing match' that Lev requested, so it would be boxing that Lev would get. Sawback swayed to the side from Lev's punch, then wrapped his opposite arm around the arm Lev jabbed with to put the man into a simple grapple, holding him their by his shoulder. From the second Sawback locked his arm with Lev's, he released a flurry of quick jabs into Lev's upper gut. While Lev had likely felt the punch of plenty of men before this, Sawback was unnaturally strong. Each member of the Omega Squad had grown stronger, but Sawback was still yet a step above that. If not for the enhanced durability granted to him by the DNA augmentation, a single punch from Sawback would likely have left the Lev with internal bleeding. Punch after punch, Sawback seemed to have no intention of stopping. Whether Lev could stop him at two or three or he made Lev fall after twenty, Sawback would have continued.

After the first time Sawback hit Lev and the two were locked, he said, "Don'cha know, Levvy-boy? When you box, ya aim for the body. If they can't breath, they can't fight. Punching a skull'll just bloody your knuckles." Oh, it was this exact moment that the entire group would realize Sawback, or 86 as they knew him, was definitely unlike any of the other agents or employees the Agency had introduced them to. And... this man was their handler.
Lev Madgidovich
The stinker was faster than Lev had anticipated. Before he knew it, 86 had the boxer in a grapple. Suddenly a punch harder than any he'd had ever felt knocked the wind out of his chest. The instant realization that he would be dead if it were not for the modifications hit him. Gasping for breath and struggling to get out of his opponent's simple lock, it was obvious the brawler was in great pain, but his opponent was ruthless. He even taunted the man with some fighting tips.

When the second punch hit, he realized that 86 was not going to let up. If he did not break his opponent's underhook, Lev could suffocate. His mind began screaming for air. No longer counting the number of hits on his body, his focus was on creating distance from his opponent. He positioned his arm over his opponent's and pressed inward on the arm holding him as he pulled his hips away and dropped his weight. His movements had the desired effect, and 86 was forced to release the thoroughly battered boxer. Letting go of his own overhook, he fell to the ground and was finally able to catch his breath.

Painting heavily, Lev forced out a complement, "That was some good dirty boxing Agent." While he was annoyed the fight was over so quickly and his pride stung a little, he wasn't going to engage 86 again. He wasn't suicidal enough for that.​
Kana Toromi

It was over as soon as 86 caught the jab. If he could catch something like that, nothing else Lev had to throw would connect, barring dirty tricks. It struck her as perhaps a bit foolish to pick a fight with an enemy who'd just picked up and thrown a bolted-down table without any sort of plan aside from "punch him really hard," but maybe that was just Kana's opinion. Lev recognized this too apparently as he called off the fight as soon as he pushed 86 away. At least he wasn't a completely reckless fool.

With the fight over, there didn't seem to be much business left in here. Oh, that's right, they were supposed to be a team now. With the cripple as the leader. Why he was their leader instead of someone powerful like 86 was beyond her, though perhaps it was because "manager" was a higher position than leader. Though a cripple seemed more like someone suited to the manager title.

She didn't want to speak out of place, so she waited for 86 or the leader to assign them a mission, try to do introductions, or whatever it was they had planned for them.​
Reagan pushed off the wall and released herself from the relaxed position she was standing in. It wasn't exactly fear that made her stand stiff, but surprise at the altercation however quick it was. It wasn't quite what she was expecting, but she knew in the back of her mind that there wouldn't be much that Lev could do against the man he was bold enough to challenge. It was pretty interesting though. To watch the movements of both men as one tried to pummel the other while the other tried to weasel his way out of a harmful situation. It was kind of playful though. Almost as if Eighty-Six was simply playing a game with Lev, but proving a point at the same time. Reagan used this as an ample warning not to provoke him. She cleared her throat, not to draw attention to herself, but to draw her attention away from the pair in front of her. She watched and waited as the both of them collected themselves and to get back to the task at hand.
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Elric Palmer

"I told you to stand down," Elric uttered, a smirk drawn across his lips. The former pilot knew that a member of the Harlem Hellfighters would indeed bring hell upon their opponents, even if it was a casual fight inside an office. Lev was compromised the minute Sawback captured him within his grasp, and a flurry of jabs followed in the captivator's hands. Although 86 took the victory, the disabled wondered if the fight that had transpired before him was boxing. The last time the Red Warden watched a boxing match, grappling was illegal. With an open mind, Lieutenant Palmer wheeled on over to the two men. "Now that that's over, let me tell you more about what 86 and I can do." The Red Warden looked on over to Sawback, nodding his head. He leaned on over to his belt and, after pressing some buttons, began to sit up from his wheelchair. It was a surprising display, as the mechanical braces that Elric Palmer wore gleamed with red energies. The former cripple pushed his wheelchair to the side, placed his foot under the table that 86 ripped from the ground, and kicked it back into place: thus was the strength of his legs. He began to stretch and crack his knuckles, summoning his phaser pistol within his grasp. Like a soldier, he began aiming the gun at each and everyone of them, until twirling it and making it disappearing once more. "As stated earlier," Elric said, leaning on the wall as he began stretching his legs. "86 and I have the same controls. This is just a small glance at what we can do. Currently, only my powers are on." It was then that Elric crossed his arms, got his wheelchair, and sat on it once more. Upon sitting, the red glow of his high-tech leg braces dimmed, and he was once again made paraplegic. "There'll be a day I won't need these things anymore. The alien in me's still piecing things back together. So, 86, care to brief us on our next mission? I heard it was a field test."
While Lev was on the ground, panting in what Sawback could only assume was greatly discomforting pain, the rest of the group basically gave a unified 'told you so' to him. Sawback did even give the man the polite gesture of knowing he wasn't exactly 'normal' by ripping a bolted desk off the ground, so Lev really had it coming. Of course, the grappled Sawback completed would be entirely illegal the moment he threw a punch. In contemporary boxing, grapples were used to prevent an opponent from punching to to catch a breath. It didn't really matter, though. Even if he would have fought clean, Sawback would likely have won the fight. Not to mention, what were the chances Lev was gonna fight clean anyway? Sawback wasn't banking on it; the kid was a street fighter from some of the harshest crowds around.

"You will have a field test," Sawback replied to Elric. For the moment, he was straightening out his jacket. It had become slightly ruffled in the grapple, and Sawback did like to keep his appearance dashing. "After you go through preliminary testing. See, aside from you, Palmer, none of them have ever had their suits active. We're going to put you in a controlled environment against hostile enemies and see what you can do. Not to mention, you need to learn the basics from Palmer. If all goes well, you'll be alive, unharmed and ready for your first actual field test. If it doesn't... you'll be dead, maimed or something will go horrifically wrong, to which we will likely just detonate your collars," Sawback explained. This time, he wasn't trying to wave around his authority or scare them. He was serious. He may have sounded like he was just continuing on with his nonchalant attitude about ending them, but the fact was, detonation was the protocol in many cases. "Anyway, Palmer, you will take them to Lot C in the West Wing. Everything is setup for you there. Show them how to use their crystals and call for their suits. After you get the basics down, radio into me and I'll activate the... drones," Sawback said, this time just instructing Palmer.

At this point, Sawback headed over to the door, but then turned around. "If you attempt to ditch Mr. Palmer, he'll likely just detonate your collar. If he doesn't, I will. Aside from that, any questions?" Sawback asked before he left.
Elric Palmer
The disabled pilot smirked upon receiving instructions from their grizzled handler, nodding his stubbled chin in response to Sawback's authoritative words. He wheeled on over to the door and took one last glance at each and every one of his Wards, before ultimately opening and exiting through the door. Elric had the files of his members in hand, skimming through them like the morning paper. "Miss Reagan," Palmer said, his eyes locked on to her files as they moved left to right. "Would you kindly push me to where Sawback said we would go? I can lead you to where we're going." He said this as he closed her folder and opened Kana Toromi's, the Green Ward. An assassin whose specialty was hidden combat was an interesting concept to be brought into the team, because even soldiers in an army can only go so far with what they were trained with. He looked on over to Kana, who looked like a child, as Reagan pushed his wheelchair to where they had to go. It was like a maze, the facility, but luckily, amidst the silent moments, Palmer directed Reagan in the form of verbally said directions. Kana was the strong and silent type, it was obvious in her visage and the ferocity of her eyes. "May I ask, Kana, is it? Where did you train?" Lev lagged behind the team and had a forlorn expression on his face. He could not believe that he lost, but such was the power of 86. He was mysterious indeed, and more often than not, mystery and strength were synonymous with each other. "Come Lev, now's not the time to mope. You'll have a rematch in the future, I believe it."
She figured that this was the first time in a while that Lev had faced any humility. Reagan imagined it would be hard for anyone to have their butt handed to them with such ease, especially in front of a group of people (no matter how small it might be). She no doubt would be feeling nothing shy of embarrassment and frustration.

She didn't comment, she didn't raise her hand to ask a question like you'd do in grade school and she barely made eye contact with the two authority figures that stood tall in the room, both Eighty-Six and Palmer (regardless of his limited mobility). Instead she kept her eyes trained on the wall behind them. However, her interest piqued when Palmer made his way over to Lev and the big boss. He gave a small -- small being a relative term -- demonstration on his ability to give movement to his otherwise motionless legs. She studied him carefully, or rather the somewhat fluid motion of the mechanics as he stood up from his chair. It was an interesting sight. Something she had never quite seem before and something she really wanted to see again, but as quick as it happened, it was over. Palmer returned to his chair and moved on.

After the last bit of instructions were given, Eighty-Six was on his way and they were left to just Palmer. It wasn't long after that, he was ready to go on his way and when asked to help wheel him to their next destination, she had no hesitation. She grabbed the handles without a word, but a nod to let him know she would. Twist after turn, it was a quiet trip. Conversation was short as he only addressed Kana and Lev, so she made no effort to listen or speak.
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A test, huh? That would be interesting. Maybe they were finally done being lab rats, or this was just part of being one. Whichever it was, if they could get onto the field it'd be a lot more interesting. She hadn't planned on speaking with her team on the way out, but then the pilot, their leader, spoke up to her. Well, speaking with her leader wouldn't be so bad. If it was up to her she'd be asking the questions, but she wasn't really in a position to be deciding anything. So then on to the question. Did she say her parents taught her? Or the streets after they died? Or both, maybe? Well, no need to tell him too much, a simple message would do. "Yes sir, my name is Kana. I was trained by my parents." ...Actually, he'd just read her file, right? She didn't really have much about herself to hide from him, then, though who knew how much he'd actually read.

"They died, then I had to fend for myself. So I suppose that can be considered 'training' as well." Palmer was the only one speaking to everyone. How leaderlike. Maybe he wouldn't be too bad as a leader after all, besides, apparently he soon wouldn't need that child. This was acceptable.
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