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    [GM Prince | Roaring Twenties, Tokusatsu, Superhero | Linear-Sandbox]

    Ω Introduction

    Omega Squad is a roleplay created from scratch using the ideas, inspiration and collaboration of several interested roleplayers through an interest check. Beginning with the suggestion of a Tokusatsu-themed superhero roleplay and building a foundation from there, the roleplay was shaped over the course of roughly two weeks with numerous individuals assisting in its creation. Incorporating elements of comic heroes from multiple works as well as Tokusatsu-style heroes, all in a 1920's setting, have created a unique universe for the players that have taken part of this endeavor. The Omegaverse is filled with aliens, magic and mysticism... but mostly aliens.

    Ω The World
    The year is 1923. The era is known as the Roaring Twenties, and for most is a time of excitement. New journalism techniques have brought forth a surge of attention to sports, with famous athletes like Babe Ruth being heralded throughout the states. Jazz music has swept through most of the nation, eating at fundamentalist ideals while simultaneously giving birth to a whole new generation of swingers and parties. The invention of the radio, although a slow integration for America, has even allowed the spread of news and culture to diffuse from coast to coast faster than ever. Many claim there will never be a better time to be alive. Many ignore the obvious faults of the generation as well. Crime and poor work environments are often covered up or gone entirely unattended. Prohibition brought forth a whole new insurgence of gang activity, with new mobsters such as Al Capone leading the forefront in bootlegging, prostitution, murder and even drug trafficking. Child workers still fill the labor force, although efforts are slowly being made to improve those situations, and the entire nation allows its rose colored glasses to keep it from seeing the faults within it. Without a doubt, this era is roaring. Not just with loud music, but with gunshots and sirens as well. The Omegaverse takes place in this era, but the Omega Squad does not roar along with the twenties. The Omega Squad exists alongside mysticism, magic, the occult and even aliens in secret, hidden beneath the layers of journalism and even deeper than the utterly-ignored crime. That is, for now.

    Useful Links: Wikipedia: 1920's, World War I, World War II, Prohibition; History.com, 1920-30.com, Slang, America 1918-1939

    Ω The A'vi and the Agency
    The A'vi, originally called the Avis Homines (bird men), are an alien race that crash landed on Earth centuries ago. The earned their homage due to their lightweight bones and frames (believed to be from extended space travel), small, wing-like appendages on their backs and beak-like protrusions over their mouths. Not much more is known about the race or their physiology as what corpses were found were badly burned, already incinerated due to on board processes or ravaged, likely by animals. The A'vi, as they came to be known, were a seemingly advanced race capable of long-term space travel with technology aboard their ship so far advanced that the technology of the Roaring Twenties is still so far behind it that there exists hardly a way to bridge between them to learn from the technology of the A'vi.

    The ships and their remnants were originally found in the arctic lowlands of Canada, however, how they came into the possession of the Agency is a complete mystery. The Agency, as it has become known, is the unofficial title of the United States agency specifically directed at advancing warfare by creating and testing new weapons. The agency itself is actually a branch of a much larger agency, but details regarding the agency are kept secret, to the degree that officers within the Agency may not even know its true name. As this agency is one of the few with human interaction, those that are forced to understand it and its body of management simply deem it "The Agency" and move on.

    The technology of the A'vi is apparently crystalline in nature with some being as light as air, yet capable of supporting more weight than concrete and acting as incredible insulators. Others act as magnets so powerful that no computers can easily be used to test them and in small quantities make fantastic conductors, far better than gold. Actual crystals act as batteries, storing enough energy in an object the size of a baseball to power entire industrial plants of the Twenties. In short, the materials and technology salvaged from the A'vi are beyond what is capable of yet being understood, and their use of biotechnology cannot even be comprehended at this time by even top scientists. The biological computers used to run their ships, now mostly damaged and burnt, seemed so far greater than those of the era that it brought into question just what computer technology will be able to do in the next century.

    The Agency was given some of the technology that was either inspired by or salvaged from the A'vi, and from them created weapons significantly more advanced than even what was used in World War I. Ranging from laser pistols to plasma cutters, the advancements made by the Agency applying the technology they were given, and are still being given, have began paving the way for future advancements, some for the better of mankind, some solely for the advancement of warfare. With so many projects and the Agency becoming expansive in its applications, the Agency created squads to implement their technology. While some were trained for espionage using cloaking, others were trained for demolition, assault, information receiving, engineering and the list continued to grow. It wasn't until the first break through in the bio-mechanical technology implemented by the A'vi, and the sight of private contractors with A'vian technology that the Agency created its most controversial squad: the Omega Squad.

    Ω The Omega Squad
    While every squad within the Agency handles alien technology, the Omega Squad literally is the alien technology. Biomechanical information salvaged from the physical hard discs of the biological computers of the A'vi offered enough data to crudely create some of their biological augments. While this was imperfect, it didn't matter. The Agency had access to military rejects, prisoners, private contractors or even volunteers to the project. The very first step in becoming a member of the Omega Squad is simply survival. Only one out of a hundred applicants survive the process by which their DNA is altered with that of the samples taken from the A'vi, and it is only with the hybrid DNA that they can gain access to the A'vian biomechanical technology recreated by the Agency.

    After a member of the Omega Squad survives the DNA alteration process, which is a process outlined in hard disc manuals meant to help the A'vi understand the physiology of any create they come across by altering select portions of their DNA to uplink with their organic computer system for a perfect scan on a cellular level, the Omega Squad is then scanned in a very similar fashion, albeit a limited one. Each member of the Omega Squad starts the program with an inhibitor ring under the skin of their neck, lined with four bombs that can be remote detonated or set to go off if the group extends too far out of range, forcing the group to stay within their allotted confines. With their scans complete and inhibitor collars activated, the group continues on with the next step.

    The group is outfit with a set of streamline watches whose dials act as combination locks that, with the authorization code, allow them full access to the gear the Agency creates for them. While the watch acts as a lock, a secondary device housing a crystal acts as a beacon and a power source, often in the form of a necklace, pocket watch, or even knife handle, that allows the Agency to transport their suits and weapons. In an almost instant glow of flashing light, each member of the group is outfitted with a color-coordinated suit, a set of weapons suited their needs and is no longer "inhibited" from their inset abilities. What this means is that between the watch and their secondary item, any member of the group can effectively summon their weapons and unlock the abilities granted to them by the A'vi DNA.

    Those chosen for the Omega Squad, first and foremost, often have to be so expendable that their deaths will have no consequence. That is because the very first step often results in death. Those chosen for this process are often war criminals from World War I, prisoners in general, volunteers hoping to become a super soldier, or even private contractors making a deal for freedom after a set period of service. The risks are well known. Not only is the mortality rate high, but the missions the Omega Squad are sent out on tend to be some of the most dangerous. It is a misconception that they will only be dangerous missions, as some are as simple as recon, and some even further are just missions the other Squads weren't suitable for, but the point remains that when no other Squad can or will complete a mission, the Omega Squad is the Squad sent. Omega, being the last letter of the Greek Alphabet, was chosen for the Squad that is the last line of defense.

    Ω Weapons and Abilities
    A unexpected side-effect of the alterations regarding A'vi DNA is that essentially any entity that undergoes the process is given some form of telekinetic ability. This can include basic telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, cryokinesis, etc., to more advanced forms such as a specialized telepathy with animals. However, some have shown to not actually gain a telekinetic ability, but instead show one of their physical traits amplified significantly. No subject has ever shown more than one ability, but their seems to be no favor or pattern in what traits or telekinetic abilities manifest. Even without the suits, these traits prove to manifest themselves. Because of this, and because of the nature of some members of the Omega Squad, the inhibitor collars are equipped to emit a suppression impulse that weaken these traits.

    Another side-effect of the DNA alteration, and the main cause of death during such, is that a preset or 'idea' type of DNA is used as the base for homo sapien in the process. Because of this, certain physical traits such as poor eyesight, asthma, etc. are eliminated during the process. Even some underlying issues may be eliminated. This is an unavoidable possibility due to the process being very crude and because current medicine cannot feasibly diagnose all the possible incompatibilities with the process, the mortality rate is high. Despite that, there are examples of individuals with such traits surviving the process, thus proving it not impossible. Those that survive the process generally feel in better shape or have less difficulties building muscle mass or attaining muscle memory, giving them a slight edge on the regular soldier.

    The technology current given to the Omega Squad is centered around crystalline technology. It is lightweight and powerful. The suits of every member is an organic polymer that allows its user to "feel" through the suit, but due to the structure of the suits, make them capable of being resistant to cuts or small arms fire. Despite that, being shot will still hurt, and larger rounds or multiple smaller rounds can tear through the fabric. Being stabbed or blunt force trauma, specifically, still pose high threats. The material, however, is capable of self repair. Helmets are equipped with specialized HUD's and communications for members while also allowing in signals from the Agency. These suits are the bread and butter of the Omega Squad, as they house the crystal that acts as a power source for all of their weapons.

    The weapons used by the Omega Squad are essentially all powered by their A'vian Crystals on their chests, and harness a type of electricity refined significantly using reactors from the A'vi ships. In its new "format", the energy acts almost as if it were comprised of an entirely different form of wave. Almost every form of firearm used by a member of the Omega Squad will fire a superheated bolt of this energy, which carries an inherent yet low amount of kinetic force. It is mostly used for its raw heat and the transfer of energy associated with it. Weapons, such as swords and knives, are often augmented to cut with a heat similar to plasma, or electrified to stun or carry a charge to their targets. On the other end, some specialized weapons can be made into explosives or even to draw in energy, forcing a freeze. Weapons are generally created for each individual, suited to them by their self-scan, their work history and a questionnaire beforehand.

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  3. @Silverdawn Nowhere yet. See, this roleplay was created as a group project. See here. I haven't started the roleplay just yet because I want everyone involved to have their final say and input on the roleplay before I start it. Basically, in all fairness, I want them to see what would be the finished product. I will more than likely have an OOC up in 24 hours after this.
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  5. I am also interested. So also send me the link when and if you start the roleplay. But is it okay if i play two people if the roleplay starts?
  6. The OOC is up!

    You can begin character creation.

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