O-Oh my..... H-Hello there! ^///^

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  1. Hello there~
    My name is Crayla Crayola<3
    It's a pleasure to meet you all. *the small girl bowed at her waist, her rainbow hair falling over her shoulders.*
    Please don't be a stranger and send me a starter!
  2. Hello rainbow bright! 8D
  3. Man, I used to love Crayolas. I would always use the red and black first, cause those were my favorite ones to color with. Old school.

    Welcome to the site!
  4. Hello, little crayon, and welcome to Iwaku.
    Take a look around, familiarize yourself with everything.
    Community hub on the forums and the Community 101 tab on the toolbar at top are especially useful.
    If you have any questions, do ask!
  5. Hello tiny colored wax! :D
  6. By love he loved to eat the colored wax. Strange, I know.