o.o Why are you starring at my Oreos?

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  1. ((Hm, that's suppose to be 'staring' not "starring"))

    ~She stuffed her oreos in her shirt and puffed out her cheeks in a flustered manner~ Just ask and I'll give ya one silly. Besides you can't take these yummy delicious little cookies from me •ε• I got mad skill.

    I suppose I should get to the real reason to this thread:

    Hello I'm new radah radah radah. LETS BE FRIENDS :3 so I can secretly cuddle your face.
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  2. Hi, erhm name....?
    Do you have milk for the oreos?
  3. Sorry. >.< You can call me Orikana.
    I do have milk. ^^ Why wouldn't I? It's milk's favorite cookie.
  4. Hello, Orikana! :3 Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you have a wonderful time and find some potential roleplaying partners!
    And Dragon, who needs milk with oreos? xD It does make it better tasting, but...
    Can I has an oreo? I'll be your friend.~
  5. Hi, Orikana. Can I have a oreo, pelase?

    I guess one doesn't need milk, trickster.
  6. Thank you Trickster. :3
    ~She reached under her pillow and tossed them each a new package of oreos, giving them a glass of milk as well~
  7. Yay!

    ~Consumes oreos and milk...

  8. Hooray new friends! //catches the package of oreos;

    And cookies. <:
  9. I just wanted the oreos...kidding.
  10. I love you too, and I'm sure Dragon does as well! C:

    I really love your icon/avatar picture by the way, Orikana.
  11. ~Secretly cuddles Dragon's face off~ Thank You Trickster ^^ I really like your signature.
  12. ~Is now faceless.

    My face is gone....
  13. It was the squirrel! ~She points to the squirrel on her bed~
  14. Damn squirrel.

    ~Goes after the squirrel.
  15. ~She giggled and threw a blanket over his head~
  16. ~Stumbles and falls.

    Keep my face.....just treat it good.
  17. Ehhh!!! ~She jumped on him and shook his shoulders~ Don't die on me! o.o

    You're okay, right?
  18. ~Is shook.

    Yes, though I have no face.