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  1. The plethora of emoticons here is insane! Like, look at this little Chihuahua -> :chihuahua:

    Or is that that one thing from Card Captor Sakura...

    ... the world may never know.

    Anywho, nice to meet you guys! I've been rping for a good minute and I'm branching out to new rp sites in hopes that I'll find more people with my specific interests in mind. I love rping Period roleplays but I don't see those as much as I used to. And with Halloween coming up, I'm not gonna act like I'm not craving a good, Victorian gothic roleplay. Halloween is like my rp anniversary or something. It was about that time when I first started rping long, long, long ago on the Neopian RP boards.

    Anyone else got their start at Neopets? :D Come now. Don't be shy~

    Looking forward to rping with you! C:
  2. Hahahaha NEOPETS!
    I remember I loved the forums but was too shy to post anywhere at the time. I started LARP'ing first before I ever forum roleplayed. ^.^
    Welcome to IWAKU! I hope you enjoy your stay here and I will always be around if you have any questions or what not.
    I am a staff member in the Content Development department which means that I create lots of lessons, exercises, and resources for all members to contribute and flex their writing creativity with.
    I also have tutorials on general BBCodes and my specialty; div boxes!
    If you are interested in learning about how to use this forum's coding than I am more than happy to help you here!
  3. I confess I haven't seen a ton of Period RP's anywhere, but I'm sure there's someone here who can match your interests! Ihere've never explored all the emoticons either, cause there're just too many of them. XD I didn't get my start on Neopets, but a pretty similar forum, Magistream. :P Anyways, I hope you find a good Victorian gothic RP to satisfy your Halloween desires~ and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the other staff members. Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Oh no!! I can understand your dilemma, though, not going to lie. To be honest, I started lurking the rp board there a few years prior and was scared crapless to join in, lol. I totally get it. I have major respect for you as a LARPer, though. I could never work up the courage to join in, though it looks so fun! I used to walk the quad in college just to watch the LARP groups there. :) Thanks for the kind welcome! Those BBcode guides will be useful. ^^

    Thanks so much for the heads up. I'm starting to find that out. ;_; It seems like they've declined in popularity. Oh poo~ I don't recall Magistream but, then again, I thought I was '2edgy4u' with my Neopet account back in the day. How were the rp boards there? I appreciate your warm welcome!
  5. The RP boards on Magistream were absolutely awful. Heehee. XD s'why I migrated around until I found Iwaku. Period RP has become a bit of a niche genre, but I have definitely seen a couple here or there, and it's early days yet. :) g'luck!
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