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  1. Oᴜʀ Lᴀsᴛ Sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ

    This story focuses solely upon two seniors just out of High School:

    Cheyenne Howell

    And her lover
    ( Please send a picture. )


    Cheyenne Howell has always been the quiet girl that usually keeps to herself. Without even trying most of the time, she gets hurt, and often. Known for her incredible beauty, which, she, herself, does not see, the slender blue-eyed blonde keeps her head in the clouds.

    This part of her life follows her last summer of freedom. She's finished High School, and next year she'll be off to college, even if she doesn't want to go. Beneath that soft-spoken, calm and shy demeanor, she's rebellious and fiery, highly opinionated with a good outlook on people and who they are in reality.

    There's just one catch.

    Her step-father is leaving for a business trip for the entirety of summer, leaving her alone with her step-brother. Ironically enough, he happens to be her lover. Not quite yet, though. During Summer, both unemployed, they spend more time together than they thought possible. Cheyenne couldn't lie and say he never made her wet between her thighs, and she couldn't deny the fact that she'd always had feelings for him.

    Though, before this summer, they hardly knew each other. In fact, her mother died just a year after her step-brother's father married her. Now, she lives with them in the same house. Almost always, she locked herself in her bedroom with some headphones and a laptop, keeping herself away from the family that didn't feel like one. She somewhat shut down, but loneliness takes hold, especially want for a guy in the house.

    This story unfolds, as she goes through heartbreak and memories, will he be there for her? Who knows exactly what happens... One night they are bound to take it all the way.

    Mkay! There you have it. I only have a few requirements:
    • I almost always have to play the male, so please understand why I want you to play the male, this time. Please know how to make your character more like a male instead of a female and give your charrie a good personality.
    • Please be a decent writer and know what you're doing. Correct punctuation and grammar is expected.
    • This role-play is in Libertine for a reason; there will be a sex scene or two and it won't be fade to black. Be detailed, please, again, know what you're doing.
    • Please give me a small form with a picture of your character, his personality, and anything about his life you want me to know.
    • This is a passionate act, and they will fall in love. No non-consensual sex, and no BDSM.
    • This is more story than sex. Know how to develop the story.

    Thanks for reading and just PM or message me below to join. :D
  2. I'm interested, but could you give a few details on the pacing of the plot before I submit a picture?
  3. What do you mean? How fast the story develops? Sorry if that's a stupid question, it's late at night where I am and my brain stars shutting down, hehe. >.<'
  4. How do you imagine the plot unfolding? What plot points? How would they fall in love? When? I don't need specifics, just a general idea.

    Also, I will add I will match you in both post length and quality.
  5. Ah, I see! I was thinking that it could start out with the father telling them he was leaving last minute, giving them a shock and leaving things somewhat awkward. For the most part, and at the beginning of the role-play, Cheyenne won't know what to do and won't leave her room except to eat and stuff like that. Finally he coaxes her out due to wanting to get to know her after so many years, and they start developing feelings for each other from there. They can go out and do things together and it all goes from there. Some where along the way they can also get caught to add some drama into the situation to keep the plot strong.

    I will also add that I am thrilled to hear that. I have trouble role-playing with people that are below my level, so I look forward to role-playing with you. :)
  6. It seems this request has been filled, but this seems like something I would actually enjoy to do with you. I already have some ideas in mind for my character and things that could further process the story. Though I am not the most amazing at Hetero sex scenes I will try to keep up with the idea. My quality and length shall always match yours.
  7. I believe I can definitely do this role play! I'm happy that we can begin!,
  8. Okay, great! The in-character thread is in the normal section, here's the link in case it's buried:
    The role-play
  9. It is taken, BUT, how about I do it with you as well? It'd actually be kind of neat to see how differently the stories turn out with the different partners, and how differently they progress and such. I'd enjoy doing this, but it's up to you. If you don't want to do that, I'd still enjoy an Rp with you and we can always do something else or something like it. :)
  10. Here is the picture of the guy that i'll be using:
    Anything you need me to post now?
  11. Nope, you're all good. :D I'll go start the role-play off.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Of course I will still do it with you, would you like me to pm the character sheet or just place it here?
  14. Whatever you're comfortable with! :3

    Would you like us to do it via PM, or me to make another thread? I'd be fine with either. :)
  15. Alrighty, I replied on the thread. :D
  16. I would rather a pm! It's easier to for me to manage.
  17. Alright, cool! You can just send the character sheet here or PM if you'd like, and we'll begin the role-play over PM. :)
  18. [​IMG]

    "Draven. Uh Draven Lachlan"
    Draven Lachlan (I figured they didn't have the same last name?)
    "Old enough to get out of the house"

    "Pretty easygoing, cool, smart..I can be an asshole sometimes though"
    -Easygoing, Smart, Sweet
    -Stubborn, Lazy, Rude
  19. Awesome! Did you want to start the role-play off or should I?