Nydanna's Ever-Changing List of Ideas! (Seeking Male Characters, apply within)

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  1. Welcome to my search!
    I am currently looking to fill two more slots! I will warn you in advance, I am being extremely selective with my searches and am looking for a specific type of roleplayer. If you look through my IC history, and resume and believe that you might be compatible with me, feel free to drop me a PM or leave a message on here.

    I'm looking for male characters, not partners! Female partners are preferential! Sorry guys, but I have bad luck with those with a Y chromosome.​

    About me (open)

    • I am an advanced writer. My minimum posts are four paragraphs, and I have no limit of how many I will write. I usually give what I’m given though. I prefer quality over quantity, but if you’re just throwing together a bunch of words together I will have a tough time trying to respond. Just a warning.\
    • I prefer using realistic images for my characters You don’t have to, but I’m just warning ahead of time, because I have someone drop out of a rp for using a realistic picture instead of anime.
    • Depending on what’s going on in my life I can post multiple times a day, to at least once a day If that’s going to change, I will warn you ahead of time. I’m willing to work with however many posts you can give me, just let me know. Warning: At the moment I am having troubles with my muse. Posting will vary from once a day to once a week if I’m having trouble. I’m hoping to find a partner that will help pull me out of my funk, but if not it’ll work itself out eventually.
    • I do prefer to have female main characters, but I always play multiple other characters of all genders and orientations. I don’t do MxM or FxF, sorry.
    • I will not play male in a MxF pairing… not when smut is involved. I'm willing to give it a shot with a minor character to get some practice, but I will not do it with a main character.
    • I’m fine with all adult content, as long as my partner is over the age of 18. However, I do prefer smut in moderation. However, I don't mind going crazy with violence, gore, or other adult content at long as it's a part of the story.
    • I do NOT do pure smut, nor do I do plots that are anything greater than 60/40 on a Plot/Smut ratio. If a roleplay is nothing but smut I get bored, fast. I need plot. Plain and simple.
    • I also do not do love at first sight. It's bullshit in real life, and bullshit in fiction. I do like romance in my stories, but honestly if it feels like the characters are being forced together rather than things progressing naturally, I just can't quite stomach it.
    • I do not do short posts. I'm sorry, I just can't do it. If you are intimidated by long posts, I'm not a good partner for you. My quality is often reflected by what I'm given to work with. Give me crap, and that's what I'll put out.
    • I cannot do pure romance either. Like smut, I get bored when there's nothing more to the story. If all I wanted was a happy ending and sex, I'd read a romance novel. Not my thing.
    • If you can only post once a week that’s fine. If you can post a dozen times a day, that’s fine too. Just let me know ahead of time if you’re going to take longer to reply. I’m fairly understanding, and I promise I won’t get mad!

    What I am looking for (open)

    • Someone who can post at least once a day, if possible.
    • Someone who will contribute to the story and not leave all the work to me.
    • Someone who can post multiple paragraphs, and is capable of Advanced writing.
    • OOC works for me, but it’s not necessary that we become best friends, although I do enjoy chatting with my partners.
    • Someone with a sense of humor! I hate uptight people.

    More Plot. Less Smut, blue These are plots that focus more on the plot and character development then sexy time. I prefer these above most! These plots are 80/20 for Plot/Smut, and are definitely my top choices.

    Once Upon Another Life (open)
    (Low fantasy, various time periods)A pair of soulmates meet in a lifetime, they marry, and live happily ever after for a time. However, not all stories have a happy ending. A witch, obsessed with the husband and jealous of the wife curses them when the man refuses her seduction. The curse is simple. Each lifetime the soulmates will join together and will live blissfully happy for a time. It is at the highest point in their relationship that one will perish, leaving the other to spend the rest of their lives in constant pain and misery. This goes on for centuries. The soulmates reborn each lifetime, meet, fall in love, and soon have the lives they want only to have it ripped away a short time later.

    It's now 2014, and the soulmates meet once again, only this time Fate has chosen to intervene. The two begin to have dreams of their past lives, and soon learn that this is not their first time together. Eventually they learn about the curse, which has already been set in motion by their meeting. Now it is up to them to find a way to end the curse, or one of them will be doomed to spend the rest of their lives in pain over the loss of the other.

    When We were Young (open)
    (Modern/ realistic, drama) They met during a summer internship. He was there before starting law school trying to learn his way around. She was the daughter of a judge who was working on following in her father's footsteps. Their affair was brief, and they parted amiably enough, but after they split there was still lots of unresolved feelings that neither could shake. Five years later they learn they will be working in the same law firm together.

    Let the Games begin! (open)
    (Medieval Fantasy) A kingdom has been cursed, doomed to sink into the furthest pits of hell if a perfect soul is not sacrificed. The king comes up with an idea, one that will not only save his kingdom from being destroyed, but will distract his people from their plight. A game, but not just any game, a deadly one. (Think something like Hunger Games.)

    Humans, elves, fairies, and every creature and being is invited to join in the games with a promise of not only proving their strength, but also earning themselves a title and land as a reward. Many flock in order to enter the contest, none aware that their prize will not be what they are expecting.

    Title in the works (open)
    She had talent that most men could only dream of. Her father, a world renowned weaponsmith having taught her how to wield a weapon from a very young age. She took to it like a duck to water, her skills surpassing even those in the Royal Guard. There was not a single man who could beat her, not even the king's more powerful knight.

    The posters for the challenge pique her interest, a calling for all swordsmen of great skill to earn their place in the Royal Guard as the prince, and sole heir to the throne's guard. Try as she might to put the challenge out of her mind, she knows that she will be able to beat all who answer the call. It's not her pride that lures her, but a sense of duty in protecting her country's future leader.

    Disguising herself as a man, she enters the contest and, as predicted, wins. It is only when asked to reveal her face that the truth comes out that the greatest swordsman in the country happens to be a young woman no older than nineteen. The king is furious, insisting that his son could not possibly protected by a woman and demands that the man who took second place be named as his son's guard. The prince however, stands by the promise of the contest, informing his father that she is now his personal guard. The relationship between the two is shaky at first, with the prince taunting and teasing the woman (All in good fun of course!), but she soon proves herself when she saves his life from an assassin.

    Realizing that he made the right choice, the prince begins to trust the young woman with not only his life, but his counsel as well. (There's a bit more to the plot, but it's still a WIP.)

    Hand's of Death: Twisted Fates (open)
    he world that the roleplay takes place in is neither medieval, nor modern, but a combination of the two in a sense. Weapons are all steel, no guns, bombs, or anything of that nature. There are trains and ships, along with basic electricity and indoor plumbing.

    The story begins with two families of assassins who have been feuding for the past century. The bloodshed had spilled into the streets of their country, forcing the king to take action. Believing that he has found the perfect solution he makes a decree; the eldest daughter of one family is to marry the eldest son of the opposing family. They are given one month's time to prepare for the wedding, and a year after their marriage to concieve a child to verify that they are living as man and wife.

    I am looking for someone to play the eldest son, and the members of the opposing family. I will play the eldest daughter, and her family.

    I would like someone who can give me high quality paragraphs. Yes, I will be looking at previous posts and making requests for writing samples if there are none. (Sorry, I'm picky!)

    There will be violence, and gore, and I absolutely do not limit it.

    The romantic aspect is optional.

    Slightly smutty, green
    From Here until the end of the World (open)
    (Modern, Realistic)Based off the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) He's lost his girlfriend, and his job; pretty much down on his luck in every way possible. She's wild, eccentric, and far from home. The announcement comes that no one has ever expected, one that brings the whole world into a panic and spreads chaos everywhere. The world is coming to an end in six months, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it (Or is there? >_>) The two strike up a friendship and make a pact; make their last six months memorable.

    Trapped at the end of the World (open)
    Two siblings find themselves trapped at the end of the world, at least that is what they are led to believe. What they don't know is that they are part of an experiment to test the strength of morality once the world falls apart. The two 'siblings' find themselves trapped inside the house with only the memory of being on a road trip before the world came to an end.

    The Pact (open)
    Best friends since kindergarten, they did pretty much everything together. At the age of sixteen, while all of their other friends were hooking up, the two had yet to lose their virginity. They made a pact that if they hadn't lost it by the time they were eighteen, they would lose it to the other. What neither of them knew was that they both had been harboring a crush for one another, and they both decided to save themselves till their eighteenth birthday. The time is finally come, and it all comes down to making a choice. Will they go through with their pact? And if they do, what happens afterwards?

    What the Boss wants (open)
    She's a single mother of a two year old, working as the personal assistant to an elderly CEO. Her boss, a very understanding man who let her come in late often, leave early whenever she needed to, is on his way out the door, handing over control of the company to his son. Believing that her new boss will be as understanding as her old one, she comes in late one day to discover that if she wants to keep her job she's going to have to earn the privilege. Her new boss gives her an option, be at his beck and call whenever, for whatever he wants, or find a new job.

    Sneaking Around (open)
    (Modern, Realistic) Almost cripplingly shy, she is the picture of innocence; sweet, quiet and completely loyal. She's led an extremely sheltered life with her older brother watching over her constantly, especially around the opposite sex. She's her parents' golden child and everyone knows that isn't going to change....or so they think.

    For years she's harbored a crush on her brother's best friend, her complete opposite. He's left the realm of innocence before adolescence and hasn't looked back since. He's reckless, dark, and everything her brother has been trying to protect her from.

    Thrown together at a party, she finds her chance to finally confess her feelings. Could he possibly feel the same way? Or will he take advantage of her tender heart and use her as he sees fit?

    Case of the Reluctant Protector (open)
    She's a loner, a bit of an outcast due to her past. He has been her brother's best friend for years, never quite learning the horrific details of her childhood. Under the best of circumstances she wouldn't give him the time of day. However, when her brother joins the marines and is forced to leave her for months, he asks his best friend to step in and keep an eye on her in his place.

    And you thought your ex was crazy (open)
    They were completely anonymous to each other. They lived across the hall from each other, always passing one another in the hallway but never exchanging more than polite greetings. Then one day he walks into their apartment building and finds her in the hallway of their floor in tears with a few suitcases. Not wanting to seem heartless, he asks her what's wrong and she quickly explains that the man she shared the apartment with has just kicked her out, and she has no place to go. Feeling sorry for her, he invites her to stay with him for the night, one which turns out being the best night of his life. Going out on a limb he tells her that she can stay until she finds a new place to live. However, what he doesn't realize is that there is no boyfriend. She never lived in the apartment at all. For the past few years she has been stalking him, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her move, and now he's delivered it to her.

    Fluffy stuff!, aqua Because everyone needs some fluff from time to time. <3

    Why not me? (open)
    She was the girl that no one really noticed, the quiet one who sat in the back of the class, only speaking up whenever the professor asked a question. There was nothing wrong with her, she was pretty enough to be noticed, and talkative once you got to know her, but she simply kept to herself.

    He was the class clown, and all around popular guy. Everyone on campus knows him, and every girl in school is after him.

    The two get paired up for a social experiment simulating the realities of the outside world and how difficult it is to maintain a relationship. For one month they must share a dorm room, and act like a married couple. At the end of the month, each of them will have to present an oral presentation on their experiences. The two start off the assignment with their own assumptions. She assumes that he will annoy her, and the constant attention he gets will end up as a distraction for both of them. He assumes that like every other girl in school, he'll have her eating out of he palm of his hand. What he's not prepared for is the fact that she is nothing like he expected. They get along easily, and before the month is over he finds himself falling head over heels for her. She, however, doesn't buy it, under the assumption that he is simply trying to get her to fall for him like all the other girls in school. It's up to him to convince her that his feelings are genuine, or risk the chance of losing her for good once the year is over and it is time for them to graduate.

    Reunited (open)
    They were each other's first love in high school, practically joined at the hip from the first day of their freshman year until the day they graduated. Everyone thought they would marry, but to their surprise the two went their separate ways. She went off to college, then medical school to become a doctor, while he found his own future. No one expected her to come back to her hometown, not with the shitty family life she left behind, but she does, surprised to find that her first love is still there, and the feelings she had for him haven't faded away over their time apart.

    Pairings with general plots, purple Pretty self explanatory.

    Pairing (open)
    Sister x Brother’s Best friend
    Queen x Conquering King
    Princess x Knight
    Shy Girl x Bad Boy
    Angel x Human
    Queen x Prisoner

    Fandoms, red Yep, this one explains itself too.
    Fandoms (open)
    Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)
    Dark Tower
    Stargate (SG1 or Universe. Fuck Atlantis! If if's SG1 I'd prefer an O'Neill & Carter pairing if comfortable using cannon characters.)
    Cell (Stephen King Novel)
    Firefly/Serenity (Please, please, please! Someone pick this one!!)
    Divergent (Four and Tris please!!!)

    And that's about it. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line. =)

    P.S These will change along with my moods.
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  2. Added a few new things, and one more opening. =)
  3. Hi. I messaged you before and I think you replied on another thread and I forgot to take a peek at it before going on a short hiatus from the site. I am very sorry about that. But, if you will have me, I would like to roleplay with you.
  4. Sure. Did you have a plot that you liked from the list? I'll warn you now, anything smut related is most likely going to be met with a bit of reluctance on my part. I'm seriously smutted out from previous rps.
  5. As am I. I would prefer to do one that is more plot driven right now as well. I actually like the sound of all of them. Was there one in particular that you maybe have been craving at all? If not I am fine with picking one.
  6. The yet to be titled one and Hands of Death. I'm in the mood for a violentish character. XD Although if we do Hands of Death I may revise my original character for the plot. A socially awkward assassin always makes for an entertaining story. :)
  7. Let's do Hands of Death then. :)
  8. Alright. Would you like to talk about the plot in PMs, or would you prefer I make an OOC in the forums?
  9. Um, either one works for me. Up to you, my dear.
  10. Alright. I'm going to make a thread because I have a bad habit of losing PMs. I check then and forget to respond and people think I've forgotten about them...it gets messy. lol
  11. Closed for now! If I haven't gotten back to you, give me a poke.
  12. I'm actually interested in both the Royal GuardxPrince, and also the, "And you thought your ex was crazy"

    I am twenty years old, my writing skill varies between Adept and Advanced, and I post a minimum of three paragraphs but can write a lot more depending on what I am given :3 If you want to know anything more about me, let me know!
  13. Ooooooooo! Someone who wants to do the Royal guard one! I'm definitely down for that one!
  14. Awesome! I would love to do that one as well :3 I'm all down for it
  15. Awesome! Want to work out the details in PM? I haven't made a character for it yet, but it won't take me long to whip one up.
  16. Sure! Shoot me a PM. I'll need to come up with a character as well
  17. AngelxHuman! I can Post Alot And As Well As 3 Paragraphs By Email. Doing it here would take a hell lot longer!
  18. I don't usually do emails if I can help it. I tend to delete them by accident and forget to reply. >_<
  19. Ok, so...we will do it here but I can't post daily.
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