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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Little-Leilani, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hello! I am Little-Leilani! I am an newbie here at IWAKUROLEPLAY! Please, feel free to introduce yourself to me here, as I will do the same.

    Once again, my name is Leilani. I was introduced to this role playing site by a friends, whom I do not know the username of. ; n ;
    I am quite shy, so you might have to try to get to know me better and get me to be less shy.
    I love anime and manga and all that other Japanese-style kind of stuff. I am a gamer-girl, because I love video games. ^^
    I cannot wait to role play with you. ^^

  2. Hello, and welcome to Iwaku! :D
    I'm SpiritFire, it's nice to meet you.
    I'm sure you'll really like it here ^^
  3. Hello little tiny Leilani! 8D I'm Diana. I used to be obsessed with anime/manga, but not so much anymore. But I loooove Asian style be it furniture, clothing, or food. Ever since I was a little kid. XD

    Welcome to the community! <3
  4. Hi Leilani! I'm October, I'm not really into Anime, but I do like some : ) Hope you find everything you are looking for here, I'm sure you will. We've got the most awesome Rps around!
  5. I am Tetsuri Toaki, Welcome to Iwaku and it is a pleasure to meet you. =^___^=

    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  6. Thank you. ^^ I hope we get to role play together some time. ^^
    I knew it was you the minute I saw the cat.
  7. Thank you. ^^ I hope we get to role play together some time. ^^
  8. Thank you. ^^ I hope we get to role play together some time. ^^
  9. Thank you. ^^ I hope we get to role play together some time. ^^

    *stands next to her and pushes the shades up on my nose*

    We are going to take over the gaming industry...

  11. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    I take it that you have found a friend here already, so that's always nice!
    I'm Kitti, by the way, good to meet you.
    If you need help finding anything here, please feel free to ask!
  12. Hello. I am Alexhandr Ro Denthanor. Welcome. I am new here as well. Let us both enjoy our time here.

    I myself only enjoy DBZ and Trigun as animes, but I am indeed a gamer. I play games many have not heard of. Not quite sure if that makes me a hipster or not. :P
  13. Hi Leilani! Welcome to Iwaku! Hopefully someone has kidnapped you to rp by now!