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  1. Hi, I'm OtakuKat. I normally go by Ota, Kat, Rei or Sanji (Sanji07 is another username I often use). A few friends and I decided to move our rp here since Gaia Online is going downhill...So uh yeah thanks for stopping by. :downcat:
  2. When hasn't Gaia been going down hill. Pshh.
    Welcome to Iwaku Otacon... I mean Otakat.
    Enjoy playing roles, oui?
  3. Hihi Otakat! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. It's gotten MUCH worse in the past year or so. All the new CEO(?) cares about is money. X_X
    Pffft thanks.
    Yeah I usually stick with one or two characters and change them as needed to fit into each rp.

    Thanks you! ^_^ I'm already quite impressed by this place.