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I recently discovered one of my roleplays' plots was nearly word for word copied and used without informing me about it. A few very minor things were altered but have absolutely no influence over the actual plot itself.

I know the civil thing would be to quietly approach them and discus the matter in private, but since they are skype contacts with me, and they had been in the actual RP where they took the work from (including the character sheet set up, but I can live with that having been copied since it's just codes, not ages of planning and perfecting over the course of 6 years.) I am past that point. They had plenty of opportunity to properly approach me and discuss the matter. Not a single word was given to me about their newest RP. No form of credit was given to me.

So how should I go about this situation? I know what the rules state about these situations, just not how I can notify the mods/admins about this without it ending up on the wrong pile.

Found this link, I suppose that does answer my question for the majority of it.
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