Nuwala: End of Days

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    Zoey Lacrosse

    Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc):

    Undead (Are you alive? Or Vampire or Werewolf?):

    Looks to be 17 but is actually 325

    Back Story:
    Zoey used to be a human living an everyday ordinary life. One day though, she and her friends were out at night during the full moon, having fun when out of nowhere a hot guy appeared. He spoke to them in a kind tone and her friends immediately fell for him. Zoey left them alone and went home. The next day though, her friends were found in an alleyway shriveled up with bite marks on their necks. Zoey was scared but by the next full moon, she was over it. She went to the park that night and the guy appeared again. They talked and he snuck up behind her. He bit her neck but didn't kill her. Instead he turned her into a vampire and he was the last thing she saw before passing out. She awoke the next day in her bed and looked in her mirror. It had been no nightmare.
  3. I need to clarify. Race is either human, elf, dwarf, or orc. I put undead in there so that people could also be a vampire or werewolf if wanted. But that was my bad not yours, but you're accepted.
  4. [​IMG]
    Lars Blackthorn

    Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc)

    Undead (Are you alive? Or Vampire or Werewolf?)


    Back Story
    Lars grew up in a small village of elves who lived in the mountains, Due to the rise in Werewolf attacks Lars joined the small guard that the village had formed. After defending his village numerous of times Lars and a group of elves decided to enter the beasts nest and eradicate any future threats . The battle had taken its tolls on both sides but in the end Lars was the one to strike down the alpha . As the survivors gathered around Lars, he orders them to return to there village and spread word of there victory . " it is to late for me" Lars says revealing the large bite from the Alpha that covered his shoulder. Since that day story's were told about Lars and his courage across the elven villages . Werewolves attacks were no longer an issue , After many years of Using the cursed blood to his advantage Lars Has managed to tame a small pack of Alphas to aid in in search of the three great beasts of legend in hope of a cure.

    Werewolf form

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