Nuwala: End of Days

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  1. In a world where Death himself walks the land. Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs can go on all kinds of adventures. Alone or together make your mark on the land of Nuwala (new-wall-a). Travel the land and help those in need or slaughter the innocent. Travel to the five great cities.

    Tyruncous (Ty-ran-c-us) (Capital City):
    Ruler: High-King Norogoth Gormarch

    Ocynous (O-sea-on-us) (Seafront):
    Ruler: Jarl Kurloff Gormarch

    Nortrous (Nor-t-raor-e-us) (Plains):
    Ruler: Jarl Pokus Gormarch

    Kyonous (K-i-ah-on-us) (Desert):
    Ruler: Jarl Behlen Gormarch

    Pythous (Pie-th-us)) (Mountain):
    Ruler: Jarl Tuskus Gormarch

    Or even enter the homes of the most powerful creatures on the entire Realm. The three dragons of wisdom. Even tho these three being are immortal and extremely powerful beings they don't believe in conflict. They may answer any question if you survive the journey.

    Jhavrriar dwells on the tallest peak of the tallest mountain. He is the smallest dragon, and can see into the future:

    Sikarria lives deep inside the magic forest. He also has all knowledge on the present:

    Hovirruk lives in the deepest cave under the most dangerous mountain. He is the largest of all the dragons:

    And one more note. I am Death:
  2. The sound of Howls echos through the forests as the moon rises above the Mountain region of Nuwala. Lars was now face to face with one the very creatures he has become. This werewolf was different from the others , It was twice the size of a normal werewolf with eyes that glowed a dark green color. Lars believed that this one had came from the same Forest that Sikarria Dwells in. " YOU MUST TELL ME!" Lars screams at the beast only to have the beast roar back. The pack of Alphas surrounded the beast ready to leap into action at any moment. " do not make me repeat my self creature" Lars says as he draws his saber . The creature steps back until it was up against a tree , growling as Lars steps closer.

    It makes one last attempt to leap away only to get pinned to the tree with Lars saber. A smirk starts to grow on Lars face " wolf bane " He says as he digs his saber deeper into its chest. The creature begins to shrink until changes back into its true self. Lars smirk vanishes as he gazed at what was now a small old man glaring back at him.
    " I WILL DIE BEFORE I TALK BOY!" the old man argues as he attempts to remove Lars saber. Lars step back letting the grip of his saber so he could cross his arms " no old man , the time for talk ended when you tried to run" The old man gives Lars a confused look, " wha?" Lars pack begins to inch closer to the old man, " to be honest you were dead from the start " Lars says as he walks away Leaving the old man to be devoured by his pack. Since the old man did not reveal the path to the magic forest Lars only chance was to retrace the old mans tracks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.