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    I am always open to suggestions/plot-lines; merely ask and perhaps something can be worked out.
    And I apologize in advance for the length and detail of this post.

    I tend to prefer role-plays that are similar to my writings; so that is what I shall be putting down for plots.
    These will help me to get my muse back and finish whatever stories I have started and need to have completed.
    Feel free to ask any and all questions that come to mind, especially in regards to the possible role-plays I have listed below.
    Am open to joining group role-plays; merely send me a link and I shall take a look.


    Things to know
    - I can post anywhere from two paragraphs to over fifteen within a single post.
    - Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is quite important to me; though I understand we are human.
    - My social life can sometimes get in the way of my role-plays, so multiple posts a day are not common.
    - Characters that are listed in my blog are available for role-plays; unless otherwise stated.
    - I do not offend easily and prefer my partner to be the same way.
    - Swearing, words considered to be 'foul/harsh/curse', and detailed sexual scenes will occur.
    - Just because you suggest something, does not mean I will accept it; it is my right to deny any offers that do not interest me.
    - I am accepting multiple partners for numerous role-plays.
    - Though I prefer to role-play as males, I am capable of portraying females.
    - Male/male pairings are my favorite, but I can do female/female or male/female.
    - I am not comfortable with pregnancy in any way being in my role-plays, so please do not suggest it.
    - Role-plays may take place in a thread or private messaging.
    - All role-plays done in threads will be put into the Mature sub-forum.

    plots I am looking to do
    Supernatural [Sam/OC] : Based on the TV show using the character Sam Winchester and my OC, Azriel. My character is an archangel that was woken by the Winchester brothers and Castiel after having been entombed for over 2,000yrs. After awakening, she used what little power she had at the time to gain the ability to understand and speak English by taking such things from Sam; this was done by kissing him and transferring the ability to speak/understand English from him. This role-play will find her traveling with the brothers because she is unable to use much of her power due to being entombed for so long. I am wanting some sort of relationship to form between her and Sam, even if it ends up being a purely sexual one; though I would like for them to have some sort of connection/bond. They are allowed to 'fall in love', but understand that Azriel is an archangel from the time before Christ was crucified, so much of the modern way of things will be confusing/lost to her. But that is also one of the other reasons why she is traveling with them, so she can learn about the modern world while she waits for her powers to fully return. Further details can be discussed in regards to this role-play, and feel free to ask any questions.

    Incest [Brother/Sister] : This pairing would be a brother and sister in their twenties and part of a very wealthy, influential, and powerful company. Their parents had died when they had been in their early twenties, leaving the corporation to them; which the sister ends up taking control of to allow her brother to pursue other things in his life. The company was created by their family and has been in their possession since their grandfather had built it. Their sexual relationship has been going on since their teenage years, but has always been kept very secret. Now with the sister running the company it is even more important for the sexual part of their lives to be kept hidden. This role-play can be purely sex or it can have a bit of plot to it. One possibility is the brother takes a small group of friends to a cabin that he owns for a relaxing week/weekend, which of course his sister ends up showing up too, and one girl who tagged along could end up catching them together. Or she could never actually catch them, but I would like the girl to be trying to gain his attention throughout that scenario. Either way, I would like to role-play these two together since I have been wanting to write a story with them, but am unsure of what scenario I would like them to be.

    Erotic : Erotica is the main genre I prefer to write about, so I am looking for any role-plays that deal with this area. I am open to suggestions in regards to this, but please read my role-play resume for more detail in regards to what interests me and what does not. As mentioned above, I do not offend easily nor am I shy when it comes to sexual matters, so feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind. And no, I will not do any sort of role-playing that deals with 'you doing sexual things to me'; such as using our real names, etc.

    Fandoms : I am open to fandom role-plays, even ones that contain cannon and non-cannon characters. I am not up to date on much of the anime that is quite popular these days, so please do not ask me to do them. Here is a list of fandoms that I would not mind role-playing: Supernatural, X/1999, Anita Blake & Merry Gentry, Sherlock, Psycho-Pass, Lords of the Underworld, Doctor Who, Twilight, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fever series [karen marie moning], Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, Elementary, Vampire Chronicles [anne rice], Sookie Stackhouse [true blood], Hannibal [books/movies]. Now I am not an expert in all of these fandoms, but I do know a bit of each one. Some I do know much better than others; merely ask to know which ones are which. When it comes to Hannibal, I do not know the TV show so please do not ask to do a role-play in regards to it.

    Occult/Fantasy/Supernatural : This is another genre that I enjoy writing about and role-playing. If you go to my blog and look at my characters, you will see that nearly all of them are either non-human or have some sort of gift/ability/power that makes them different than a normal human. I am capable of role-playing as a human, but prefer to play a non-human.


    Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of the information above.
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, then please leave them below or send them via private messaging.
    Now what I have listed does not mean I am not open to your ideas.
    Please feel free to speak to me about possibilities and hopefully we can work something out.
    Here is a link to my characters listed on my blog : click here
    Here is a link to my deviantart/fanfiction where you can read what I have for my Supernatural fan-fiction : click here or click here
    Please take a look at my role-play resume that is located on my profile so you may have a much better idea of the types of role-plays that interest me.
    Once again, thank you for your time.
  2. I'm interested in doing the Incest idea or a fantasy/supernatural rp. I'm fine with M/M or M/F
  3. I like smut with the plot.
  4. Would you prefer to play the brother or the sister? Since we will be incorporating some NPC's into this roleplay, we can switch off on who plays which NPC as things move along.
  5. That is perfectly fine with me. Here is what the brother and sister look like, plus a little information about them...

    Name : Lara Devareux
    Age : 28yrs
    Height : 5'7"
    Body type : Curvy and toned
    Occupation : CEO of Devareux Enterprises
    Features : - Hair: Long, wavy/curly, black/brown
    - Eyes: Green
    - Skin tone: Tanned
    - Single piercings on lower earlobes
    - No tattoos or scars

    Lara's appearance (open)

    Name : Jonathan Devareux, but goes by John
    Age : 26yrs
    Height : 6'4"
    Body type : Muscular
    Occupation : Writer, later becomes co-CEO of Devareux Enterprises
    Features : - Hair: Short, black/brown
    - Eyes: Green
    - Skin tone: Lightly tanned
    - Scar: Has a scar on the right portion of his lower abdomen from when he had his appendix removed as a kid, it has faded over time but is still noticeable
    - No piercings or tattoos

    John's appearance (open)

    Personalities : John and Lara are both very intelligent and always seem to be hiding much about themselves from the world around them; which is true in a sense. As a young kid and teenager, John used to be very wild and tended to get into trouble quite a lot. While his sister had been drawn in and keeping to the outer circle of social situations. Both have always been attractive, but it was not till their twenties that their personalities began to reverse; John becoming quiet and a bit anti-social, while Lara took on an extrovert's personality and began to have quite the wild time. Due to their immense fortune, money is of no importance to them so they do not mind paying for things or treating friends out to dinner, drinks, whatever. When they are together they act like brother and sister, bantering back and forth or arguing over petty things, and so none would think that they were in fact lovers. But when others are not really paying attention to them, looks will pass between the two that resemble glances that lovers would make. Sometimes they will even find ways to touch one another, though it all may seem harmless to those around them. When others flirt with them they will respond back to them in a flirtatious way, or refuse them just to keep with the facade, but they always find someway to get away from them so that they can spend the evening together. Lara always seems to be relaxed yet have an air of business around her, but she can also seem a bit smug at times.
  6. wait... I thought I was going to make my OC.... :/
  7. As stated, these plots are built around stories that I am currently in the process of writing, so I am wanting to do roleplays similar to them to help me get my muse back and finish what I have started. If you would prefer to create an OC, then go right ahead and we can just forget the information that I have posted. But I would like to keep with what I have posted in the plot outline of this roleplays; wealthy siblings, sister runs the company while the brother does something else, they are also lovers but must keep it hidden from everyone else so that the secret does not get out and ruins the business their family has worked hard for.
  8. yeah I love the plot but was going to make my own OC. you can post your OC first.

    Will the brother and Sister be twins or not? jw
  9. No they will not be twins, would prefer them to have some years separating them, but not too many. And as for my character, I will just use John that I have posted up there.
  10. ah ok. I'll make mine in a moment
  11. I'd be interested in a RP with your character Arawn and/or possibly Lugus. Arawn I would assume a slave x master RP, judging only by his profile. And Lugus, well, I don't quite have any ideas with him yet. But, of course, you probably have some ideas so I'd like to hear them, if you do. [:
  12. Honestly when it comes to the characters that are listed in my blog, I have no actual plots in mind for them. They are merely characters that I have created and post in case someone wants to roleplay with them. Or if there is a group roleplay going on and one of those characters could fit, then I would put them in there. But Arawn would more than likely be a slave/master roleplay. He does quite enjoy his pets. hehe.
  13. Gah >.< got distracted with other RPs and completely forgot to post my sheet for ours...

    Name : Emry "Em" Devareux
    Age : 24
    Height : 5'7"
    Occupation : CEO of Devareux Enterprises
    Features :
    - Hair: long, semi-wavy, black/brown
    - Eyes: Green
    - Skin tone: Lightly tanned
    - No scars
    - Piercings: both ears double pierced
    - No tattoos
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