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  1. rules of nullus santus.png
    Thou shalt not circumvent age restrictions. - Under no circumstances are you to depict characters under the age of 16 in sexual situations. Under no circumstances are you to participate in sexual situations with a member not within your age group. Abide by and respect the policies Iwaku has in place for your own safety and the safety of others. You may review the policies regarding sexual content in roleplays here.

    Thou shalt not "godmode". - Whether you are a demon, angel, general of Hell, or any other supernatural creature, this status does not give your character the ability to alter another character's fate without the permission of that character's creator. If you have an idea involving another player character and wish to express it, please contact that player and a GM in a group Inbox Conversation for permission.

    Thou shalt radiate respect. - OOC is a place to plot in public and a safe place for players to voice/express/share their ideas. It is your sworn duty to uphold the values of respecting others and exercising common sense.

    Thou shalt not plagiarize. - Obviously some of us have read the Divine Comedy or other works. Quoting sources such as the Bible and The Divine Comedy are allowed to enhance atmosphere, inspire others, and be conducive to storytelling; just make sure you do it correctly. If you wish to use lines from a book, please clearly quote and cite your reference. Plagiarism is a serious crime. Stealing others' work is not tolerated.

    Thou shalt honor the GM and Co-GM's wishes. - If you are asked not to do something or to change a post at the request of myself or my Co- GMs, it is to be done. Do not fight. If you do not like it, you can leave. We are a pretty lenient and creative bunch, but you would be helping everyone in this game to enjoy it to the fullest by cooperating with us.

    Thou shalt have fun. - No pouting, no crying, and no sad faces. (jk jk.) Emotions can't be helped, but in the spirit of this time of Harvest and Halloween, we hope that you have fun writing this story with us and being a part of that spirit together. Thank you so much for participating.
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  2. To protect the personal information of our players, all applications are to be submitted privately via this form for approval by the Game Masters. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THEM VIA INBOX CONVERSATION. When we approve your character sheet, we will post your character in the Cast List. This application's format is much like a test. Good luck and thank you for your cooperation.

    WARNING: Applicants must be at minimum 16 years of age (In Real Life) to play in Nullus Sanctus. There is no age restriction for characters, but children are not found in Hell; if you wish to play a child, Act I: Incognito is your ONLY chance to do so. Under no circumstances are characters under the age of 16 allowed to have sexual interactions of ANY kind in Nullus Sanctus. Those caught violating this important rule will be promptly watch-listed and subject to punishment. Iwaku policy regarding direct sexual content between minor and adult players (under and over 18) still applies and will also be enforced. For any questions or concerns, contact a Game Master or review our Mature policies here. We will be keeping a list of our underage participants. We are giving our underage members the benefit of the doubt to participate in an adult roleplay and make the best of it. Please do not betray our trust.

    The application is in two parts: the Character Application and the Player Resume. Please fill out BOTH parts in full before submitting. If you send in an incomplete form or only one of the two, you will automatically be rejected.* Once your application has cleared the approval process, only Part One will be made public.

    Text versions of the form are available for your reference.

    *Players who are resubmitting an edited character on instruction from a GM or who are submitting a new character after their previous character's death are not required to fill out Part Two unless told otherwise by a GM.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to use BB Code such as colors on your application, you will have to use the tags. (E.g., [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR] and [B][/B].) The form does not include a BB Code editor.

    Text Version (open)
    Character Name:

    Appearance: (NO PICTURES. We would like for you to describe your character only in your own words. Please keep this section to 2 paragraphs max.)

    Position you are applying for: (What do you wish to roleplay? A human soul? A creature of Limbo? Here is a list of positions to apply for. This list will be updated at the end of Act I: Incognito.)

    Title: (Optional and limited. See listed NPC options.)


    Alignment: (Good or Evil. For souls ONLY.)



    What your character fears:

    Text Version (open)
    How long have you been role-playing?:

    Schooling: ((Optional) E.g., diplomas, grade level, college experience, self-taught.)

    Top 5 Horror Films:

    Top 5 Horror Books: (Comics/manga count.)

    Free Write: (Since this is an RP for Intermediate to Advanced writers/RPers, I would like you to show me some of your skill and write a paragraph of Horror text. It could be anything from Dark Fantasy to Sci-Fi Horror to just plain classic Horror. Take your time and and show me and my fellow GMs that you've got what it takes to write elaborate and brilliant death scenes, full of malice, all while keeping it somewhat tasteful for all horror junkies.)

    A Real Life Historical Event: (Name one real life historical event that strikes you as horrific and heart-wrenching. Give us your reasons as to why this particular event stands out to you.)

    Thank you for applying for Nullus Sanctus. Your application will be reviewed by the GMs for approval and we will contact you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you may be asked to revise your application. The GMs reserve the right to decline any applicant for any reason. Best of luck to you all.
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  3. And I, who had my head with horror bound, said: Master, what is this which now I hear? What folk is this, which seems by pain so vanquished?
    - Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

    The Plot


    Heaven is no longer open to the souls of the dead. The gates have sealed shut and a faceless God has sent his angels to investigate and conquer the dark fires of Hell. This assembly of angels is unknowingly cast down to their doom as they learn that the only way into the realm of Hell lies through Limbo. A madman who babbles of prophecies and destiny finds himself faced with the task of guiding Pax, an angel who carries within her the purest of hearts, on her search for Hell's gates. Along her travels, Pax will gather the lost souls of Limbo in a final attempt to breach Hell's entry.

    Hell lies in wait.


    Some souls will decide to stay.

    Some will be lost forever.

    Others will give their lives to protect the purest of light so that it may reach the utmost depths of darkness.



    This landscape from a child's nightmare is no land at all; it teeters on the edges of Earth and Hell and serves a conduit between realms. It is a grey world, tangled with the gnarled black branches of the trees and charred paths which set the way through a maze-like forest of gloom. No sun shines here, no light casts a shadow... There are only the constant overcast, dusky clouds which leave this place in immortal twilight.


    Limbo is listless and depressing. All who venture here immediately feel a sense of doom. The air is weighed down by despair and the constant, mournful wails of children. Many souls cannot handle the torturous sights and sounds of Limbo. The children's screams often lead the lost to suicide beyond death, to remain trapped for a timeless eternity in Limbo's dark coppice.

    At the edge of Limbo sits a mysterious ebony castle, dimly lit with blue candlelight, which no soul has entered since time began. Many fear the castle and what lies within, as it is rumored that Baba Yaga herself has made a deal with its owner. All have come to fear the terrible witch and the grasp she holds over the realm.

    Keep your wits about you here. Death is at every turn.

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  4. posotions.png

    As a Human, you are sent to Limbo whether you have sinned against God or not. Once a human learns of an angel's presence in Limbo, they are drawn to their light.

    There are three kinds of souls in Limbo:


    HUMAN SOULS are basically the same as their living counterparts: substantial, tangible, and extremely adaptable in the face of adversity. Only these souls can move on to Hell.


    CHILDREN'S SOULS are chained to Limbo and can never leave its perimeters. They have the choice to aid or hinder the angels' mission.


    LOST SOULS are human souls that died in Limbo, having given into the overwhelming desire for suicide or met their fate at the hands of Limbo's denizens. They are insubstantial and intangible, much like ghosts. Lost souls can rarely be RESURRECTED or SUMMONED by an archangel.

    The position of Lost Soul cannot be applied for; this role must be unlocked through in-character death of a Human or Children's Soul. Lost Souls are limited in terms of play, but we are hoping to see what you guys will do with this option.

    All souls can change their alignment with good or evil deeds. Alignment determines which powers a soul has at their disposal. (Upon becoming a Lost Soul, a character loses all abilities regardless of alignment.)

    Good Souls:
    The Truth - The ability to sense evil in another human soul.

    Sacrificial Rites - Good souls can sacrifice their lives to save the life of an angel.

    Evil Souls:
    The Lie - The ability to use the fears of others to hinder the angels.

    Guilty Conscience - Evil souls can confess a sin in order to escape an encounter with a monster or angel. This may only be done seven times over the course of the game.

    Children's Souls have additional abilities.

    Good Souls:
    Innocence - Replaces The Truth. The depression of Limbo cannot touch an innocent; they cannot become lost souls unless slain by a monster or evil human.

    The Angel's Halo - If an innocent child aids an angel in a significant manner, they become marked by the light of Heaven. (This will unlock a special plot point and character option in Act III.)

    Evil Souls:
    Mischief - Replaces The Lie. Denizens of Limbo recognize mischievous souls as kindred spirits; monsters will not harm them.

    The Devil's Phial - This phial is given only to mischievous children by Baba Yaga. If a mischievous child can collect 13 lost souls, they can trade them to the witch to become a demon and enter Hell. (They must still access the gates to Hell to advance.)


    ANGELS are the ferrymen for lost and abandoned souls in Limbo. Once a human soul is considered lost, an angel can collect these souls and keep them safe long enough to deliver them to an archangel for resurrection- or summon a soul for information. As an angel your main goal in the RP will be to stay alive. Your resistance to temptation is far stronger than a human soul and often you can prevent a human soul from becoming a victim to Limbo's many monsters.

    Angels have a unique list of powers.

    Flight - Obviously, angels can fly. An angel's wings can be taken or removed by force, which results in the angel losing this ability.

    Circle of Protection - The ability to create a temporary radius of protection from evil. For the sake of roleplay this circle can last through only two of your own posts (two weeks real time).

    The Phial of Life - This container can hold a lost human soul. Every guardian angel gets one and each phial can hold only one soul. Choose wisely.

    The Ultimate Sacrifice - The act of giving one's own life to prevent, reverse, or counteract any character's death. (This applies to souls, angels, monsters, etc.)


    Limbo is riddled with folkloric and mythic creatures. These creatures are, in truth, MONSTERS that entrap and lure human souls, angels, and demons alike. They often succeed in claiming the souls of children and have made Limbo their home.

    We have a decent list of monsters for you to choose from. If you wish to be something not listed, bring the GMs your suggestion and a reference of the creature's lore and we may allow it.

    Suggested Monsters (open)

    Monsters cannot leave Limbo.

    Each monster has one power of your choosing (which must be tied to their individual lore) in addition to the following:

    Devil's Advocate - Monsters are not hindered by alignment paradigms and may do as they please within the confines of Limbo. They can sense the nature of souls, read the fears of others, and are unaffected by any of Limbo's forces.

    Titled NPCs are not available at this time. In Acts II and III, special NPC roles will open to players as a limited character option.
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  5. Bipolar_by_jaeia.jpg

    This is everyone's thread to act silly, make jokes, promote insanity, and share memes, videos, or art that relate to the RP and other kinds of shenanigans.

    We are always watching.
    So please, for the love of god DO NOT POST ANY PORN.

  6. This is where my fellow GMs and I will be making announcements.

    First Announcement:
    Extra Info and "How Things Work" for Applications

    How To Submit Character Applications and Player Resumes

    You have the option to copy and paste the text versions into a word program on your PC and then copy/paste your finished sheet into the forms, OR you can just click the text link where it says "Click Here" (above the Text Version spoilers) to go right to the forms and fill them out there.

    Formatting Your Sheet


    You can insert line breaks and divide your paragraphs in these forms. ^_^ Don't worry about running out of space!

    The Historical Event Prompt


    The historical event prompt is not a personal question! We are not asking for personal experiences of our players. We meant to ask for non-fiction horrific events, particularly from world history. :)

    Thank you guys and I hope that this helps lessen the confusion.
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