Nuke The Entire Site From Orbit- It's The Only Way To Be Sure

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  1. Every famous sci-fi flick (as well as a good number of military and espionage films) has had it: the end-all, the final solution, the superweapon of unfathomable destruction. It's guaranteed to completely waste anyone and everyone within range, eliminate the target problem, and leave nothing but scorched Earth (or is it?).​
    Here's my theory: why is this ultimatum reserved to the realm of sci-fi? Why can't every genre have it's "only way to be sure"?​
    Your job is to describe the equivalent of nuking from orbit. Nothing is off limits. Well, except the things I specifically tell you are off limits.​
    Just choose one or more categories and get writing!​

    KIDDIE MODE: Magical Girl setting
    EASY MODE: Non-magic Zombocalypse
    MEDIUM: High Fantasy (Lord of the Rings level of fantasy)
    DIFFICULT: High School (must be internal; nothing outside of the high school and the students' personal possessions may be used)
    HARDCORE: Classical Era (Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon- the good ole days. No fantasy element permitted)
  2. The Emperor had raved on about wiping the city of the map. He just hadn't realized how literally his majesty had meant it.

    So now he was digging secret canals in the dead of night, nothing but a tiny flicker of light to guide him. Already he'd stabbed himself in the toe once with his shovel, and almost missed countless times more. He'd have said this was no work befitting a soldier like himself, victor of 67 battles, champion of His Burning Legion, if the Emperor wouldn't have executed him where he stood.

    That it he meant it literally was no comfort.

    "Dig faster, you fool!" His Majesty whispered, voice scaled down but all the anger and fury of his bellows intact, "We're running out of fuel!"

    "Yes your majesty," He replies, as he carves out another foot of canal.

    Soon, they would break the pillars that held the dam up. Soon, the water would come roaring into the streets and canals of the city, flooding the ditches and hollows the soldiers had dug out for months. Soon, the very foundation of the city would crumble, and it would be washed out to sea, a forgotten glory.

    But for now, he dug.
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