Nuclear Maelstrom (Signups/OOC)

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  1. News channels start blending together, a chorus of broadcasters giving news of the End, each simultaneously running news reel worded differently.That's what people getting settled in for the night listened to in fear on the night of June 15, 1994. The world's problems had escalated so badly even the US government split. The Stronghold, and the NEA were what remained of the US government and it's military. Ten years before that night, the US built great underground sanctuaries, the Plugs, designed to cradle the human race through the Nuclear nights that loomed overhead in an unknown section of the future. June 15, 1994, a meteor slammed into the earth on American soil, The Military knowing the truth, split from the rest and in their imperialistic views, the Government lied to the public saying that it was an act of war from the United European Congress. That was the last television broadcast, 5 hours later, the Earth became engulfed in flames, as America declared the meteor impact an act of war, the rest of the world declared war on America.
    The world now, it's a mess, Water is now a mined resource, in the chaos, money was thrown out for water rations and samll trinkets of metal called chips to be used to trade with. Humans weren't the same on the surface, The meteor designated the Prophet, mutated them and a minority group summon unnatural phenomonae either by sheer will or the use of their Core Driver, crystallized manifestations of the first use of their powers, their most sacred possesion.
    Humans down below not even aware of what they really should've been afraid of as the NEA experimented on them all from their own secret Plug. The year is now P.I. 34, or simply put 2028, the radioactivity has died down for the most part, though a few areas where bombs actually hit or detonated in clusters were still highly radioactive, as was the water that wasn't forced under hundreds of feet of upturned earth.
    Factions began rising up as civilization devolved yet progressed in this Nuclear Nightmare, The Badge, a faux police force who act as hitmen putting bounties on heads for something as something simple as looting a corpse in the desert that used to be southern California, The
    Stronghold still fights it’s ongoing struggle for freedom in the wasteland against the NEA, even after the world bit it. Mutants, a failed experiment of the NEA before the war roam around now forming gangs of torturous megalith freaks, Animal/Human hybrids started popping up and started to grow into a race as well, the Wardogs, though not all of them were dogs, a very unfitting name since their home was overtly sexual and devoted to bizarre pleasures. Even Replidroids grew self aware and overrode their programming to go on living forever unless killed, commanding more inferior robotics that usually end up going rogue and firing off everything at whatever it sees roaming the dunes and glowing forests of the wastes. The radioactive environment mutated humans sometimes into creatures of myth, Elves started being recorded by wanderers, Titans came about too, and though the Titans didn't do so, alot of the Factions rebuilt derelict war machines and pre-impact vehicles, the Demi Humans' soul cores able to transform their machines into power armored suits.
    Cities still exist, even if they're made of scrap metal and derelict parts from here and there. New Angel in the south west, Phoenix, as its name implied flew back up from its ashes, up north there was Motor City in the Motor City Badlands, a winter wasteland covered by a new mutant Ice age. It’s not a world for the weak, and those who are weak must either become strong fast or become a skeleton in the dirt.

    UEC: United European Congress
    A new Super power after the Veil lifted, a Union of all European nations under one Prefect Ministry. Seeks to roll over the Fallen America and build it’s new colony over the ruins. A democratic panthology of Kings, they process forms and assemble polls and send to the Grand Chancellor the resulting data for veto or approval. People of this faction are not evil, but rude,callus, cold, distant and nearly emotionless.

    NEA: New Empire of America
    An Autocratic conquest machine on the new Frontier, obsessed with loyalty and a bright new America under one man, President William Festanos, the Autoarch, a brutally psychotic man who’ll dip to animalistic measures covered up by roses and fireworks to see his ends meet the way he wants them to. Members of this faction are easy to anger, and swift and brutal with punishments, they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and won’t hesitate to exploit weaknesses to get as they desire.

    Stronghold of the Dream:
    Remnants of the United States Military who have bonded together and became a single force, buried in held out hope that they’ll be able to bring former American life to a ruined nation. They patrol with honor and dignity, they fight to protect the citizens of what they still call America. They’re kind, firm and admirable, they’re not afraid to sacrifice their lives for what they believe, they are in the truest sense soldiers.

    Biker gangs who stuck together through the war, and now ride along the highways looking for slaves and victims alike. They’re sadistic and would to grab somebody and lynch them on the back of their choppers after they’ve robbed and raped them. Their slaves are treated worse than abused animals kept in rusty cages and fed meat from slaves who disobeyed, they’re sold for food at times or to owners who use them to fulfill animal desires until they are no longer pleased. Violent Psychotic and Merciless.

    A gamblers heaven if you got stuff they wouldn’t mind ripping off. A den of thieves and backstabbers, and the mafia rules do apply, organized crime is a lucritive business when there’s no laws they can break. The entire state of Nevada is almost a complete casino with slums completely surrounding the borders. Greedy, sneaky and conniving, con artists.

    Big, ugly DUMB and mean, that’s all really anyone knows, cept for rumors people say of survivors getting raped for hours beofre they would pick who they’d eat that night. No one is really sure whether it’s true.

    Demi- Humans:
    Humans affected by the fallout and infused with celestial radioactive fallout from the meteor. These people are gifted with an astral form, reminiscent of their unique astral power. With the use of their Core Driver they can transform vehicles and weapons into pumped up version of themselves. They’re just like humans except for a few who are a bit on the mentally unstable side.

    Animal/Human hybrids that arose in the aftermath created by living directly during the Veil. Wandering Merchants report them to be headonistic and at the same time barbaric. They are said to be very bloodthirsty and yet devoted to satiating every urge for every sort of pleasure.

    Demi-Humans said to descend from the Flying Island. They are said to be extremely powerful and wise, if they hail directly from the island itself. Though many have been reported, no one has ever seen the island from they supposedly come from, and many believe them to be gods in disguise.

    Bizarre psychotic mutants supposed forged in a cave city down south. Pale Skin, bald heads, and throwing knives are a sign of these people. Nothing else is known

    Characters I’ll be using for this roleplay

    New Angel City:
    Name: Humvee (Velonica)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demi-human (Skybringer Unknowingly)
    Personality: Abrasive, bitchy and shows affection by violence, but has mood swings to being distant and silent. Has arguments with her Astral Self and is prone to coming off as Insane. Has a reckless dangerous side that makes her look a little more crazy sometimes. Has a terrible phobia of Big teeth and claws.

    History: Spent her early years on the move with her brother and father before a Daggertooth ate them both in front of her. After that she became a driver for the Badge, and got the nickname Honey badger as the chief had a crush on her, and at the age of 17 left the Badge and found a home in New Angel City, as both a salvage operative and a weapon manager and has worked there since, even if she does complain and beat people up alot.

    Skills: Excellent Driving and Marksman experience, can hold her on in a fist fight, can build a gun, can’t cook unless it’s in a packet, tray or can.

    Abilities: Her astral powers govern celestial flames.Her Astral form is herself, except that she has cat ears shaped out of her pink fires, and out of the same fire are also her eyes, wings and two cat’s tails.

    Homemade MiniSPAS, Walther p99

    Motor City:
    Name: Typhoon (Tai Panza)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demi-Human
    Personality: Amiable, dimwitted and adorable, but quick to infuriate, and not the person you wanna meet during a firefight. At the drop of a casing he snaps from a warm hearted friendly guy into a fighter and a runner at the same time, he’ll fight, and retreat all at once. Has a dream of going to a place called Blue River he’d heard about from a merchant coming down from Canada. He’s very unpredictable in a fight, because he doesn’t plan anything, he acts before he thinks, though he knows what he’s got to do, he has no idea how he’s going to do it even when he’s doing it.
    History: Grew up alone with his brother, who ended up getting himself killed by ice Bandits. Since that day, he grabbed a rifle and became known as the Typhoon, because he would hit targets from Seemingly nowhere and from all directions, using booby traps. He then found a home in Motor City getting a job as outskirt enforcer and bounty hunter.

    Skills: Lucky, somewhat charming, good with a carbine

    Abilities: Radiation wave and absorption, immunity to mutation. Has no reported Astral form.

    Character Sheet:
    Faction: IF APPLICABLE

    This is a mature roleplay, I expect sex, rape, murder, cannibalism, dismemberment, psychosis, swear words. I expect it to almost be part of everyday in this role play. This role play isn’t for the easily offended or light of heart.

    The NEA is coordinating a big strike on Phoenix to declare war on the Stronghold, in order to attempt to recapture the west from the Master General. The Stronghold has now hired citizens of New Angel to make a long journey through enemy lines into Phoenix to find out what kind of strike they are planning and while half the team returns to New Angel the rest will go to Motor City to attempt to coordinate a dual pronged counter attack that would cripple the NEA forces.

    The Bronze is now on NEA’s payroll, and word is the UEC is only helping NEA until they win and then the Americans would get stabbed in the back by the now invading UEC. Wardogs have been sighted passed the no return line, and Mutants have snatching people up again, which they haven’t done since 50 years ago. The Dreadhogs have been recruited into the Bronze near Vegas as an opportunity for added Security and it seems Vegas is under NEA control. They’re close, and it’s up to the Stronghold and its allies to bring freedom back to its old home.

    Parts That need Signing up For

    President Festanos (NEA)

    Master General Anderson (Stronghold)

    Gearbox(New Angel City)

    El Jeffe(New Angel City)

    Jitters (Motor City)

    Keira (Motor City)

    Mayor V8 (Motor City)

    Carwreck (Motor City)

    Grand Chancellor Horton (UEC)

    Chief Rogan (The Badge)

    Master Purge (Mutants)

    Commandant Garland (Motor City Militia)
  2. Interested as playing a slightly civilized Wardog. Slightly civilized in the way that he is more interested in trading supplies, and the rare slave or two, to people who can pay, rather than going at it with them. Can't sell a used slave... Well you can but you aren't gonna get a good price for it.

    Personally, I think he doesn't trust Demis. His policy is to shoot them dead on smell. Then burn their ashes.
  3. Sounds fine. Put up ze character sheet just remember it can be any animal they just call themselves wardogs