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  1. Hey guys, I'd love to start up a thread that I've been wanting to do for a while. The plot goes like this:

    It's the year 1215, humanity has been slowly degrading and new experiments have begun to arise. Scientists have recently been doing research to combine human genetics along with animals in hopes to upgrade their military. These experiments have been kept from the general population in order to keep the idea from their enemies. As months pass, their test subjects have begun to finally accept the transferred DNA and began taking on traits and characteristics of the DNA they've been infused with, just as the original plan had wanted. But after months of further testing, cruel punishments, and horrible training, the subjects have had enough. A band of 4 had devised a plan to escape the facility they've been trapped in, using their new 'gifts' to help them. They escaped...but their happiness was soon distupted.

    Now that the experiments have escaped, the government needs to get them back. The subjects were placed on the news everywhere, being called monsters who would kill anyone that got in their way. The reports would tell civilians to contact the police or other government facilities if they should ever find or see one of the four that escaped. So now the hybrids have to run for their lives, or risk being captured.

    So thats the plan. I'm hoping to have at least 4 subjects and a few humans to help them out. You can choose the animal DNA your character has been infused with, but just don't make it too absurd (like you can't have dragon DNA or anything like that). I'm also very open to suggestions, so feel free to PM me anytime!

    Character Template:

    Hybrid DNA:
    (Optional) Theme Song:

    So that's about it :3 Let me know if you're interested!


    Name: Ferith Zumail
    Age: 20
    Personality: She's quiet, cautious, but once she feels safe she's very pleasant and likes to fool around, but she can turn serious in the blink of an eye. She is also very protective of those who have gained her trust or are younger than her, and can easily take up the role as 'Mother' or 'Caregiver' as she doesn't usually enjoy fighting, unless it is absolutely neccesary.
    Hybrid DNA: Snow Fox
    Theme Song: Escape - 30 Seconds to Mars
    Other: Ferith can call upon the stealth and swiftness of her other fox half, able to sneak past others without them detecting, Her reddish brown eyes able to focus on far away things and her ears are able to detect the smallest of sounds, though her ears (and tail) have also proven as a downfall for Ferith, as they can focus of too much and confuse her at points in time, and they are not easily hidden, so she usually wears a dark hooded cape. She prefers hiding out, rather than fighting, but if cornered or having no other choice, she will fight to the death.
  2. I AM IN!!!!

    Name: Axel Crowe ('ll see this guy a lot)
    Age: 24
    Personality: In the face of adversity, Axel can come up with a sardonic joke at anytime to lighten his own mood, or others if necessary. He's good-natured and always up for conversation. Once he knows he's more or less with a certain group, he's automatically fixed his mind to protect and assume bodyguard position.
    Hybrid DNA: Red Octopus
    Picture: N/A So I'll give you a written description. *clears throat* He's around 6'5" with eight foot-long black hair that tapers off into red at the ends. He has green eyes.
    Theme Song: Houchou Hasami Katta Naifu Dosu Kiri (Maximum The's freakin exciting...try it)

    Other: In regards to his appearance, his hair tapering off into read hues at the bottom is due to the color of the octopus he was infused with. Because of this fusion, his hair can be gathered into sections at a thought, and fortified with the strength of a fully grown red octopus. It doubles as both a good offense and a strong defense. His attacks are swift despite the obvious weight of the hard flexible steel quality of it when used for battle. As an ad-on, the scientists allowed the ability of extension that allows his hair to stretch as far as one hundred meters. He can emit ink and oil slick from the ends of his hair. His fighting style is hard and fast, matching his personality (and theme song) and his attacks are exceptionally accurate when underwater. He can't exactly breathe underwater, but he can hold his breath for an hour at a time.

    Likes: Loves to smoke and chew gum (simultaneously if both are on hand). And, when left to himself long enough, starts to play the air bass guitar (he loves it to death). He enjoys conversations and acts like a child every so often to lighten the sober moods.
    Dislikes: Unnecessary delays.

    Extra: Because sea creatures are cold blooded, and he was once human and warm blooded, he has this almost unnatural craving for anything hot to warm his body. Smoking is one of the many methods, as well as consuming large amounts of alcohol. He lives more like a reptile than a sea mollusk, but either way, he just likes hot stuff.
  3. Love it~~ :D
  4. hm....need to scout for others~ I'll see what I can dig up
  5. Name: Noel Triton

    Age: 12

    Personality: Happy go lucky and hyperactive most of the time, but if the situation calls for it she is quiet and calm. She is also very protective of the people who are close to her.

    Hybrid DNA: Wolf


    (Optional) Theme Song: First Impact - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st

    Other: Her hearing and sense of smell are the same as a wolf’s and she also has night vision, but can only use it for around two hours straight since it hurts her eyes if she uses it for too long. She hates being in the city since the pollution in the air causes her to feel sick. When fighting she relies on speed to overwhelm her opponents because her size makes it easy for her to get hurt if she is hit. In order to hide her ears and tail she wears a black hooded trench coat when out in public.
  6. Thank you Power! :)

    Okay, so 3/4 hybrids, we still need a few humans! ^^ I also might up the hybrid number to 5~ but I don't want it to get too complicated ^^
  7. Joining! if that's ok :) Wouldn't mind playing a human?
  8. That's perfect Copper! :)

    The profiles for humans would generally be the same:


    Feel free to add anything else you might want :)
  9. Whoo :)

    Name: Alin Anderson

    Age: 26

    Personality: Alin is usually quite pleasant and easy to get along with but can be quick to temper . He is jealous of the hybrids, wishing that he could be one.

    Picture/Description: Although Alin is tall with broad shoulders and a muscular build he is considered to be quite ugly; his forehead bulges out slighly with dark slashes for brows shadowing small brown eyes, thin lips pulled into a stern line and sorrel brown hair cropped to be kept out of his eyes.

    Other: Alin has a sister in the government. (Not sure if this is ok?) and a fascination with swordplay, especially the katana.
  10. Sister being in the government will be awesome~ It could add some action/drama in all thr right places. ^^ So did we want to start this up with 1 human and 3 hybrids? Or wait to see if one more will join?
  11. Name: Rhiannon Serrano
    Age: 23
    Personality: She is social, very social. She is outgoing and very in control of herself and her surroundings. Rhiannon has no personal space bondaries and generally doesnt think others do. She is very much one and opposite of her DNA
    Hybrid DNA: Tiger
    Picture/Description: Rhiannon stands about five and a half feet tall with short and somewhat spiky dark brown hair. Her eyes are a deep amber color showing her tigress side. She is slim yet well toned. Her face shows strength but her eyes show much compassion. (will find picture soon)
    (Optional) Theme Song: Promania by Cascada

    stock-photo-close-up-of-a-tigers-face-13163569.jpg (YAY found kitty!!!)))
  12. Love.

    Okay! So we have all the hybrids, ill work on the post hopfully sometime tomorrow (this weekend is a bit hectic for me) and if any other humans wanted to join, i think ill let one more just so its not too crowded, then we should decide a posting order as well. ^^ but ill work on the opener as we decide :3
  13. Name: Stanley Warren Ericsson
    Age: 36
    Personality: Stanley is an aggressively bland man, a fraction of his personality he is well aware and overtly proud of. Being not good around people in general, Stanley finds his unbelievably dull personality a defense mechanism against all the horrors that permeate themselves within the social world. However, despite his inherent dislike of interacting with his fellow man, Stanley trembles at the thought of being absolutely alone, and constantly requires the guidance of his coworkers to comfort himself. Stanley hates his boring job with an unrepentant passion that excites him, and on many an occasion when he is at his desk he enjoys a multitude of fantasies concerning that could befall that wretched building. Most of them largely involve fire and insatiable alien insects with ray guns. Stanley enjoys these swift bursts of imagination, as it indicates to him that he has been rendered a completely hollow shell by the bureaucratic process that he rends through every day. Stanley desires excitement in the most ardent way, however his limited physical and social capacity often just confines him to his desk, which is forever an irreversible frustration for poor Stanley.
    Description: Stanley's skin is dull white and indelibly smooth, with a hard set and brick-like jaw set in the Norwegian fashion. His physique is slim and wasting, neither built up nor unkempt but left in a state of repetitious decay. His head is uncomfortably large, with wide vacant eyes that cast an almost unearthly stare upon their surroundings. He rarely smiles, and his mouth is often placed in an unbroken straight line beneath the tip of his nose, which is round and stubby. His hair is flaming red, a sharp jet of colour in the otherwise blank background, combed down with care yet still appearing quaintly rustic. His eyes are a dull, sapphire blue that sinks mournfully into his jutting eye sockets. He is always seen wearing a drab two piece business suit, black and worn from years of use. His outfit is often accompanied by a variety of ties, the one extravagance Stanley likes to afford upon himself.
    Other: Is a low-level bureaucrat working for the government. For the most part a nobody. Assisting escaping hybrids might prove a nice exciting escape from his drab office job.
  14. Hell I love this character. Leopold amuses me to no end. I love his eccentric way of writing xD

  15. I love him! :D Okay! So as for the order of posting, if I go first, who'd want to be second and so on?
  16. I don't mind, I'll go last if no one else wants to? :)
  17. Curses. Came too late. This seemed like a great one. Blast it! >.< Ah well.