Now With Some Semblance of Plot!

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Last thread was a disaster, and I hope this will fare better.

In addition to this mess, take a good look at my resume.

• Thread preferred, but can use PM if you prefer

• Any post length is fine, as long as I can understand what you're typing.

Although I categorize myself as "Intermediate", I have near-excellent grammar & spelling. I simply suck at writing long posts, unless really motivated.

• I only play females in Libertine/teen RPs.

• I would prefer to only play Original Characters, as I'm not that good with canon.

• Fandoms are extremely iffy for me. I haven't seen much, but I've seen a bit of a variety, so please ask me about something.

• I can kind-of play multiple characters.

• I will not do anything historical, furry/animal, or super-realistic.

• Can you tell I love bullet points?

• My posts are kind of slow at times. This is due to me having to go through my posts about a hundred times, even before I finish typing it.

• I don't like photos.

I would prefer to do the following plots, although you're welcome to suggest ideas (I might not be up for it, however.)


Reincarnation (MxF, FxF)
Centuries ago, according to legend, a hero "vanquished" the Demon Lord; but in reality, the gods just killed them both, and sent them on a journey of reincarnation. Through their previous reincarnations, they have either fought or have never come in contact with each other, but in their latest incarnation, they somehow start to find each other strangely attractive!?
(The Demon "Lord" does not have to be male)
Succubus x Summoner (FxF)
X is a girl attending a boarding school*. For whatever reason, she summons a succubus (Y), and soon finds out that the succubus is rather clingy, wanting to stay with her, at least for a while.

* = Details of the schools (all-girls or coed? Magic or normal?) can be figured out between us.
Not open for further replies.