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I am starting new nail art tutorials online. I love making art and would love it if you guys can check out my youtube channel. I only have 5 videos right now and could do requests and working on making more videos in the very near future. I would appreciate everyone who has a youtube account to subscribe to my channel and watch my videos. I would like to get my views up on my videos. Please write here what you think and let me know if you have any requests. Also put down if you subscribed and what your name is on youtube. Thanks :)

Here is the link.

SUBSCRIBE. I am doing a nail polish contest. I am buying these from jordanacosmetics dot come. So please don't comment about you wanting to win make the comments unique. You may comment more then once the more you comment the more chances you get to win. You have to be a subscriber to win. After 60 subscribers which I am at 30 right now I will pick a random number from random dot com and whoever's comment is the number gets the prize. You can choose the nail polish from the website or any 5 items from there. I will pay and send them out to you
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You have an adorable voice, and a good clear speaking tone for the tutorials too!

I look forward to seeing more of those! I love nail art, I'm just always too lazy to do it for myself. XD
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@Glampire thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that you sub'd.
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I thought this was on how to make your own nails for carpentry. >:(
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@The Butterfly no sorry. Can you still subscribe?
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As a man, I generally don't give a hoot about fingernail stuffs. :P No offense.


The fingernail is such a small canvas, and I can only imagine the degree of control your hand needs for that. Well done, girl! This is art.
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ah that's cool. how long does it usually take to do your nails? lol

i'm a) much to lazy
b) usually can't wear nailpolish anyways (work/fieldwork stuffs)

but if i had time adn could i'd totally dec out my nails all nice and pretty! : D
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@The Due thank you very much it takes practice. Please subscribe and show the love :)
@Harley Quinn thank you for looking. Normally it takes around 10-15 minutes because I do top and bottom base coat plus the colors. But the more detailed works takes a lot longer. All my videos were done in real time :)
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this is about as fancy as i get haha and i haven't done this in a while ;p

you wanna do ma naaails? hehe

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My mother enjoys doing this sort of thing and I am her favorite Barbie to practice on, though she typically uses acrylic nails.
My favorite of her works though was for my prom, white base with a silver tip. Her favorite part was putting a glitter coat over it all though...
@Nissa Revane that's wonderful. Can you please take a look at my channel and subscribe?

@Harley sure i would love to do your nails.
still looking for subscribers and view for my youtube channel
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Oooh, how fancy~ You have some awesome skills. I chew my nails as a terrible habit so I can't paint them as I would like but still, neat stuff. (That and I'm not really the paint-my-nails gay)
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I haven't gotten to the Nail Art stuff, yet. I started on NYC, when I was just a kid, but now I have to use OPI just to get to normal.
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Oh god, I want to ask if you'd do tutorials for nails like these because...


DEM NAILZ_prplpnk.jpg
Image yoinked from:

Best excuse to not do shit manually ever.


But for some constructive crit:

Your voice is pretty clear and strong, that's great. Michelle Phan is a G but sometimes you gotta bang your head on your monitor speakers just to hear what chick is saying about application. And I love that the camera is actually close enough to be able to see what you're doing to your nails.

The lighting's been good in all your videos but it feels as if the way the light is being used, you can't see things -as- clearly. What I found is that some printer paper and finding ways to prop them up does wonders for evening out the light's range.
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@Kooriryu thank you for the compliments. Problem is that I am using my iphone. My laptop doesn't do very good pictures and my iphohne is iffy with lighting. I'm trying to do my best though. As for the picture would you be willing to settle for a little different? Because I do not have 3d decorations neither do I have hello kitty.
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@Kooriryu i'm working on yours right now.
Still looking for subscribers and requests for videos on youtube.
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D8 Oh god, wait no, I was just kidding! I mean it's cool if you were going to do a tutorial like that in the future but I wasn't requesting it seriously!
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@Kooriryu well I am doing it anyway it was really cute.
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I tried it in blue & silver. It didn't look as cool, but I felt so cool having nails that weren't normal plain nailpolished xD