Now We Pray



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For us mind bending criminals it used to be just prison but after 2014 hit, everyone with life and death row was sent to a new prison which made them learn regret ,guilt, sorrow ,loneliness, fear, and despair...everything they didn't feel before they committed the crime. Now those put up for death sentences wished they never committed a homicide, those with life...well they wish they could get executed on spot. Just like we preyed on the innocent, now we are the prey and the world our predators, we saved Grace just a little too late and we damned God just a little too early. We thought we couldn't fear a thing in prison, we thought we had the perfect gun to catch our deer with. We ate off the golden plates fashioned and with sharpened knifes that that had a sharp toothed grin. But the hunter now has become the game, and the game can't turn the tables on these predators. Predators that should have never existed.
Now we no longer taste the sweet fruit from the meadow, only our own blood as we choke our final breath staring straight into the eyes of an evil darker than our own. The innocent has been justified, but who will grant us our Justice once we become someone else's deep sin. Who will punish them?

Who will peel away their sin; they too have eaten the forbidden fruit in the Snake's Garden, so are they any better than we?
Man's wings from Christ have been struck down and plucked for the picking just be eaten by a killer's killer...The innocent have something new to fear and it must be themselves or their new sense of justice.
Shot down like food for grumbling bellies and our blood drained for the cracked parched throats of our quench their thirst for their final revenge.

....Now we pray....

God be our Everlasting Father, guide me through the storm of the Devil's Wrath.
Punish me in another fashion.
Bathe me in the Bloody Sea and drown my sins in the depths.
Help me climb the stairway to Heaven further from the ladder to Hell.
Give me peace from the sparking war, and eat the flesh of my enemies.
Rid me from the wicked deeds and give me honor to die with.
Bring my soul before the cross of Christ and wipe away my burning tears.
Allow me to step into the Spring of Rebirth and start anew.
Let me face the lion Goliath and be his sacrifice for the day.
Father be my Sheppard and take me as your Lamb.
Father God gives me ease as I part.
God be our Everlasting Father, guide me through the storm of the Devil's Wrath.

-Already Dead.

You only knew your time was up by how silent it got when the beating of cold leather boots pounded against the cold wet cement floor, followed by the happy little whistle of the Executioner. Fear filled eyes watch him pass by with a small pinch of relief saying they got to taste another day of the musky dust filled air. Sometimes it just got silent out of fear that you were next, because no one really knew whose name was on the death list unless the Warden Lady Gray would announce them, and that was just her being generous. Other days she would come get a convict and have them tortured for just the way they looked at her a previous day and she was that good with faces. Lady Gray was a woman with the most frosted heart any man could ever say they knew of. She was the head honcho of this place called Hell's Redemption.
Whispers about her floated when she wasn't around and when she was everyone had their eyes in their plates or on the floor; not even daring to look at her and risk getting beat. Lady Gray and the Executioner were the walking epitomes of the Devil and his greatest spawn. But the guards were no better, they asked things of the prisoners, beat them, raped them, took their food, and threw them in a room full of bugs and rats, just because they had the absolute power to do so. To make matters worse there was no nurse or any sort of medical help for an inmate if they got hurt or ill, they would just get an infection, rot, and die. There are six hundred and seventy-two cells filled with men and women. Three hundred and thirty six belong to men and three hundred and thirty six belong to women.
And because you were sent to Hell's Redemption

There Is No Way Out.

Unless you have the guts to kill again and escape for freedom, for there is always a way for an animal to escape its cage.

Any one interested?