Now taking Ad banners for your groups, threads, blogs, projects etc!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. We have had Roleplay Ad Banner Submissions for quite some time. (If you've never used it to advertise your rp, DO IT! It's in the Roleplay 101 menu!)

    And now we are taking ad banners for OTHER things on Iwaku too! If you have a group that needs more members, a thread you really want people to post in, a challenge or workshop you want to advertise, a special project or more, you can now submit a banner request for all of these things. The link is in the Community 101 menu!

    Banners stay in the rotation for 1 month when they are added, then automagically time out. You can always resubmit a banner request at any time. And if you can't make your own banners, one can be made for you.

  2. The information is on the submission form but to make it easier, banners are required to be 500x100. If you feel you can't make one I'd be willing to help with a few just let me know the category, and possibly an idea of mood you want the banner to set.
  3. Are we still doing this? I haven't seen any since the transfer.

    If it's still a thing, I have a new fangled Pirate RP that needs one :D
  4. It is still a thing, but I have to create a new submissions form AND install the banner rotation. D:
  5. No, but thank you. 8D There is just a long forum-fix to-do list and we're still plugging away at it.