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  2. Location: The Pyrrhus - Bridge /// Mood: His usual grumpy demeanor


    Johannes once had a supervisor that interacted in a similar fashion to how he felt Rio was currently when dealing with perceived infractions. The first time, she would simply ask in a relatively non-threatening manner, and as long as her wishes were followed nothing would come of it. However, if she was required to outright tell the individual the second instance, then it was far too late for a light-handed approach. The pilot considered this old flame much like Rio, a cun...his emotional dampener curtailed any further mental escalation of anger, but he still wore the slightest curl of a frown.

    That chip, for better or worse, wouldn't stop him from parting his lips to speak, perhaps as much as the psychologist had, though he intended to banter with a far less practiced, and noticeably forced kindness. "I imagine being put on ice this early into the mission would not be such a bad outcome, the person would only be paid a decreased stipend of their salary, but wouldn't have to deal with such a crowd of clashing personalities. Hard to weigh which scenario is more pleasant, honestly." A chuckle as he broke eye contact with Rio with a roll of those augmented oculars to glance over at the approaching Ku'rhom, the only individual of the sort that was quickly identified and recognized as the navigator even without his later introduction.

    Still, Johannes gave the significantly taller alien no heed, instead, retrieving his tablet from his satchel and scrolling through the menus. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I would wish to be one of those lucky crewmembers to be removed from active duty. After all, I'd rather not place my sleeping body in the hands of someone that for all I know will fly us into the gravity well of a black hole; I'm the best pilot the GTG could get that was willing to go on this mission, sour disposition and all." During his entire diatribe, Johannes had, as much as someone who wore a scowl, visibly calmed down once more. His digits would pause in their typing at the statement that the navigator spit out, an incredulous appearance on his gruff features quickly followed by a simple two-word insult.
    "No shit."

    A hand waved through the air as if to clear it. "Sorry, that was partially uncalled for." Briefly peering up at what he considered an awkwardly proportioned creature, Johannes offered his somewhat genuine apology followed by a few more words that were certainly not insults. "It has been a while since I've worked with a half decent navigator, I look forward to whatever outcome you provide me with." With a smirk, Johannes steeled past the pair before their session could begin in his midst if that was to happen, while there were segments of the bridge, everything was still within earshot. His privacy had been ruined, but at least he managed to complete his tasks. "I'll be sure to follow protocol and give myself an appointment with you at the most opportune time." Johannes could take jabs and dish them out, and he was still grinning as the sliding door of the entrance opened and closed with a hiss as he walked the corridors aimlessly in a direction not yet known.

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    Speaking of my little gush moment over Jack, do you know his or Jacqueline's real names?
  8. Helen


    As soon as she tells me to just breathe, that's the moment where I start to have trouble getting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. I am glancing at her with near wild eyes, lips parted in worry. "D-demi I have to help you. I don't want you to prick yourself accidentally, oh God what if you bleed more..." She proceeds to grin at me and I make one of the only faces I don't think I have ever made in a long time. Eyebrow raised, lips parted at one side and nearly sticking at the other, with eyes slightly narrowed as I raise my hands in the air in near defeat. It's what Charlie likes to call

    'The Fuck do you Mean' glance. The glance of confusion followed by absolute disappointment or concern that is laced with annoyance. I am not sure which one it is, but I am fairly certain that the ' The Fuck do you Mean' is written all over my face. Demi should be fully aware that I am just not going to let her hand a possible injury by herself. Even if it means swallowing down some nausea in order to clean up the blood.

    "I can't just stay here while you are bleeding! Are you nuts to think I would just sit back and drink hot cocoa while you are trying to fix up your wound?" Besides, if I had been as strong as Demi is neither of us would have been injured in the first place. I consider everything that happened to Demi then to be a burden that deserved to rest upon my shoulders.

    As Demi is walking out I think I become angry. Is it anger? No, it's irritation. It's the irritation that I have when Logan or Charlie doesn't listen to me. I want to command her to stop, to not feel any pain while I clean up her wound and then I realize something. Commanding Demi to do something she doesn't want to do is the exact same thing as my...nightmare telling me to do what he wants when I didn't want it. I might as well be back in that bed. Demi might as well feel scarred that I force her to do what I want.

    Man, that dumbass of a an ex lover was really rubbing off on me wasn't he? Soon enough I will be wanting to force...

    My stomach churns and my throat turns sour. I will not. God. I don't want to think about that...I do no...bad lip trembles as I watch her, ashamed of myself and what I wanted to do right then, but I blink in shock as Pen grabs her by her shirt and insists she is going to help her.

    I guess Pen's got more balls than me.

    I see Demi's face as they start to leave and I give her an encouraging smile, nearly shaking with that thought etched into my head.

    You might as well force her to do anything you just like him...hurt her just like...

    Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

    You can force them to do whatever you...

    Happy thoughts happy...

    You can threaten them if they resist...tell them to shut up if they...

    The happy thoughts are reduced to shambles all over the floor. I feel sick. I cover my mouth with my hand and take a shattering breath. Why do such bad thoughts pester me like this? I don't want to do any of what my thoughts tell me. I don't know why I have such bad thoughts. I don't like them. They are mean and scary and damn it all I don't like them.

    I turn to Cyrus and Nellie, my lips still shielded by the palm of my hand. I feel like I could get sick.
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