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    Hello! I'm WiseWolf, but I'm also called Wisey or Wolfie on the internet. My real name is Lauren and I've been role-playing for the past four years. Im 18 years young and love writing with people. New to this site! I'm normally in one-on-one role-plays, but only because group ones never worked out in the past. Someone would always leave once they were an important part of the plot! Ugh! But I do like both, and this site seems awesome! HIT ME UP!

    I like to think I'm funny.

    This song is stuck in my head all the time:
  2. Hi Lauren and welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm October, local mod here at the site. Yeah, onexone rps are always longer lived than group games it seems : )

    Hope you find everything you are looking for and if you have any questions about the site feel free to ask.
  3. Hi Lauren the wisewolf! 8D Welcome to the community!