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Now i am here...but sort of overwhelmed.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kingofheart, Mar 24, 2015.

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  1. Hello? I suppose that is a proper introduction, but uhm, i´ll be giving a heads up now on the fact regarding my weak english grammar so please forgive me.

    It´s hard to come with words to express dwelving a new place, i have a hard time feeling comfortable in this situations but regardless i leap into this type of situations that end making me feel awckward.

    First off, the forum format is something than i never really had the oportunity to acustom myself to, i´ve always had the text roleplay layed on systems and engines that had a dynamic layout allowing for me to keep up with everyone in the roleplay without having to wait for another post and notification to come in. Atleast that is how i picture how it works here, but you guys are free to prove me wrong and i seriously won´t get upset about it.

    I also had question regarding : Which purpose does the element upon registering influence? seemed like an alien thing to ask someone just starting.

    Either way, i did mention it earlier but i am a person who spends his time trying to become comfortable, aaaannd i have a really hard time picking any of the types of roleplay that this place has to offer, so i would appreciate if someone would be kind enough and point me somewhere or maybe help me out here.

    And oh! uhm, for whoever spent their time reading this, i am really greatfull.
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  2. Well welcome to Iwaku! *Waves* How could I help you?
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  3. Well, i just particularly have no preference for places to roleplay so would you happen to know a good place to start in?
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  4. Yes, you could head over to the interest checks to see if there are some things there that may interest you. They have a lot of ideas there you can even start something up of your own if you want. Here at Iwaku the possibilities are endless
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  5. Thank you very much!
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  6. You're overwhelmed you say? Welcome to my world but welcome to Iwaku most of all.
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  7. No problem glad I could help! Any question don't hesitate to pm me or something.
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  8. Waves and welcome x
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