Now for some important words from Staci....

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  1. Q ^Q
    N..No one understands him...
    it only takes some of your time to consider loving Snorlax, and giving him your appreciation.
    Only three seconds a month, and you can make a difference.
  2. i love my snorlax i always thought he was i the only one who wanted to sleep on his belly ((and prayed he didnt roll over))
  3. The only thing he is good at is sleeping >:u But other than that he's soooooooo adorable = w=
  4. [video=youtube;lxcze86uRzU]![/video]

    In other news, Staci is a Pikagirl in a Pokemon world.
  5. no have you never played the first pokemon park when he got up a giant pool filled up....he is a drain plug also

    leo holy shit is he talking about sex with pikachu...or am i still rather drunk because god i hope i am i dont want to see what a pika human hybrid would look like...probably not the sexy things you see when they do the human versions of pokemon...probably some mutant you should kill with fire.
  6. Leo is an android, dearest. It is programmed to disturb drunk people.
  7. -_- dont disturb me im already disturbed enough as is....i dont need androids pushing me over the edge
  8. Posting in the Asylum will easily push one over the edge; with our lame jokes and Fel doing whatever it is that a Fel does.
  9. o_o I thought that song was adorable.. And about crushing on someone.. <3
    I LOVED IT. * ^*
    > w<'

    -sneaks a master ball into Miru's pocket.-
    > w>
    I only live in shelters that are purple. -nodnod.-
  10. Words can not describe how awesome that song was. The only way I can describe it is the fact that I would paint my kitten like pikachu and make a collar for it that has a sound emitter on it that has the recorded sounds of pikachu so I can use a remote control to make it say things. Then I would go around town with it dressed as a poke trainer challenging people for duels.

    What little sanity I had left before coming to this place is surely going to be gone soon. Good thing I just watched Alice in Wonderland, my friend the Mad Hatter could help me along.
  11. oh quite but not to burden you with facts or anything but i have the mad hatter locked up in my room....i was ontop of him so much he turned flat and for some reason made of cardboard.

    and yes i now want to see you do that
  12. [​IMG]

    Dis is me and Osso. <3 I'm Gary. She's Ash.
    :D <3
  13. [​IMG]

    bitch please i would rather be james ....
  14. Isn't that episode banned in the US? Or it used to be. Something like that.
  15. Yus. Yus it is.
  16. For good reasons, too. Can't...unsee...
  17. warping minds one picture at a time...
    now since we are on the topic of men with boobies here is my favorite drag queen
    but i think i got it wrong i dont think she is wearing a breast plate..
    oh and how awesome are breast plates...they are boobies that you can take off XD i want a pair just to hand on my have notches on their bed post/belt....i would have a wall of boobies ^_^


    Time to make this place adorable. - ^-