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the northern capital

Novus City is what once was Toronto. They rebuilt the city from the ground up, although there are few structures that remain. They're known for their technology and are always trying to advance it. A lot of alchemy takes place here as well. It is the second-largest city in the country.


DATE: October 29th, 2035. Friday.

TIME: 5:30 PM. Afternoon.

WEATHER: 55.6°F (13.1°C). Chilly with a light breeze.


Novus City is bustling as usual, with traffic jams all over as people leave their 9-to-5 jobs and head home. The town has been peaceful, with the biggest scandals being accusations of black magic and illicit practices in the name of science.


Magitech Scientist Accused of Practicing Black Magic
Dr. Kathleen Estrada has been taken into custody for allegations of practicing black magic. Supposedly, Dr. Estrada was using the life of test rats to put curses on her peers in order to rise up in her career. This arrest only supports the rumors that The Magitech Institute has been using illicit practices in the name of scientific advancement, and many are up in arms. Dr. Ilyas Greer, director of The Magitech Institute, assures the public that nothing of the sort has been happening and that if these accusations are true, they will see to it that Dr. Estrada will be punished appropriately.


- More fun activities will be added later. Can add any of your ideas too.


The Magitech Institute

[See Buildings and Businesses thread]

The flexible scheduling that Shears affords Avery is something they appreciate greatly, but having to stay into the later evening so often really takes away from their personal life. It's a little ironic, spending your time making people beautiful for special events while having no time for any of your own.

Their next client isn't set to arrive for another twenty minutes or so, giving them ample time to settle their ass on their personal working table and start unshelling one of the oranges from their stash, displayed in a tiny wicker basket as far away from the various hair product chemicals as they could get them.

"Shit," they hiss, their pointer finger stinging from the pressure against the orange. "I think I got another hair splinter." Placing the orange between their legs, they fetch a pair of tweezers from one of their drawers so they can hunt for the little fucker. "Got a magnifying glass on you, by chance, Kat?"

When they've successfully removed the splinter, they get back to peeling their orange. "I only have one more client today, on a Friday of all days. Can you believe it?" They grin at their boss, interrupted only as they pop a slice of orange into their mouth. They chew politely before continuing, "But I'm back tomorrow morning, so no clubbing for me tonight. Maybe I'll catch a movie. I think that new Marvel movie just came out, didn't it?"
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Katerina sits in the back room at the table, stuffing the last bit of her turkey sandwich in her mouth with one hand while her fingers flitted around her phone keyboard with the other.

☽To Mr.Obie🤓🚬🍁: Hey, I had a last minute cancellation and thought I'd ask if you wanted it before anyone else. Just let me know!☽

It had become habit whenever she got a cancellation to let Felix know and see if he wanted the spot. She constantly asked if he would rather go to a barber shop, yet he always insisted that 'no one cut his hair better than she did!' Kat was beginning to think it was just an excuse now.

"Uhh…" Kat trails off, thinking about Avery's question. She slips her phone into her apron pocket, wiping her mouth with a napkin as she makes her way back out to the front. "I think best I could do would be my lil phone one, and I don't think it'd be much help." She chuckled a bit

"If it makes you feel any better, I might not have any more tonight and I'm not ready to head home yet." Katerina let out a laugh followed by a small sigh. While most people were happy to almost be off work early, she'd much rather work until close and well after that if she could.

"Oh dude, I don't know nothin' about a Marvel movie, you know I have absolutely no life." Kat almost cackled. She was glad to have not only a stellar employee/coworker in Avery but also a bit of a friend as well.
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