November Movie Night: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

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    You, dear Iwaku member, are cordially invited to Iwaku's movie night! Using the online program, which is free to sign-up and use, we will be watching two movies together as a group. Whether you're looking to hang-out with fellow Iwaku members, watching some free movies, or just hang out and casually chat-- this is definitely the event for you!

    Check out Rabb.It

    Additional dates and movie themes will be added if there is enough interest. A special Iwaku movie night room will be generated about a half hour prior to the event and you are welcome to join in. Staff members and interns will be present under their staff usernames for easy identification.


    When: November 18th, 2017 at 18:00 CST (6PM Central Time) - Come when you can, leave when you must!
    Where: Iwaku movie room
    What: We will be watching two movies: Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Trek: Beyond
    Who: Any Iwaku member wishing to join us! (And fight for dominance of which is the better Star Franchise)


    Watch with us HERE
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  2. My youngest sister will be having an early birthday party on that day, and I might have DnD then, but I'll try my best to watch along again ^.^
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  3. The "nice execution" is particularly relevant to Seen Been.
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  4. Well of course I'll watch anything Star Wars.
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  5. You know, this is kind of hilarious. I just read a general chat post "comparing" these two and voila! It's movie night! XD
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  6. I'll be back home by then so I should be able to join you
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  7. I know, right? XD
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  8. I wonder who would do that?? Shame on them
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    But yayyy! Movie night! Rogue One was a bit boring to me, but I'll definitely tune in for the Darth Vader scenes!
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  9. Star Wars is better. Sorry, not sorry. I look forward to both.
  10. I probably won't be able to make it this time :(

    So I'll make sure to hype it up!
  11. I usually have to work on movie nights but I'm free this time!
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