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    The day was a beautiful afternoon, warm from the sun yet cooled by the nearby ocean breeze blowing into the sails. The massive ship carried many students, mostly first years but those that chose not to stay at the university and were returning were also on the ship. Docking at the port to release all students into the nearby town which held the grounds of the famous Nova Academy. Each student had been informed of the optional initiation speech given by the eldest professor of the school, the head of Sentinel House, Arukab Tragide. A map of the island was provided for all those that chose to grab one revealing the location of the one town and the terrain of the island.

    The captain of the ship stepped out, shaking the ground with every swaggered step. His balance seemed off, though in truth what set him off was the firm and still surface of the land. He was a giant of a man riddled with scars but hiding them underneath a green suit. Everything about the trip had been taken care of so he had no reason to do anymore and let his crew handle the rest. Many civilians of Fardhuk recognized him and smiled to see his return. Smiling and waving back at them, he continued to make his way through the main road that lead to a towering structure clearly visible to anyone arriving.

    Approaching the door the green-suited captain opened the entrance. The first room was the main hall, massive with 6 tables stretching from the wall to the base of the stage which stood empty enough for an echo to be heard with ones footsteps. Sitting alone in a corner rested a dark but inviting figure, dressed as he always was and still carrying the spiked pauldrons on his shoulders. "Arukab. The students are here!" Roared the captains deep voice.

    Standing up, the professor returned with a simple response, "Thank you, Saethos." Merely seconds after the words echoed through the main hall the man who'd just entered turned around to make his exit. Now speaking to himself, Arukab spoke once more, "Another year starting. I'd better notify the rest of the staff." The old bones that held his body together creaked as he walked slowly towards the exit as well. A water fountain that constantly generated its own water remained the first thing seen outside the doors, a device older than the university itself yet flowing as a statement of knowledge.

    First walking to the two stone statues representing the founders of Nova University depicted as guards to the main roadway leading within the school grounds, Arukab pulled a rope which released a flag at the base of each. The blue flag which bore the crest of each house, the shield to represent the Sentinel House, A lance for the Dragoon House, and an opened book for the Scholars house. Immediately turning around to approach a flag pole merely 7 feet away Arukab raised the same flag, but for this one to soar in the sky riding the wind to mark the beginning of this semester. The flag also acted as a signal, the head of each house should know to watch for the flag today. In one hour it would be time to welcome all the new students. Returning students could attend the event by meeting in the Main Hall as well, which was the usual sight as it came with a free feast, however those that chose not to were free to do as they wished.

    Returning to the Main Hall, Arukab made his way straight for the stage, using the removable steps to get on top rather than going around. Atop the stage sat a podium and three seats. Dotted around all four walls were more seats labeled with the names of various professors. While the schools inhabitants may have been divided by house, the seating arrangements were not, students were free to sit where they pleased.
  2. Shakumi had slept in the ship's hold for a considerable part of the journey, and had awoken long after the boat docked. The hold air was still the cold and dry stuff picked up at the port the ship had left from, since few people had opened the door during the trip. As a result, she was staggered by the blast of warm, sub-tropical heat that was sucked through the doorway when she opened it. She had no idea how to read the sun for this locality yet, so she simply guessed that it was sometime in the early afternoon. As she stepped off the boat, she felt herself casting some tiny spells that would stabilize her sea legs. She picked up a map from one of the map distributors on the dock, at which point she was told there would be a kind of induction meeting where food would be provided, so she decided not to bother with finding any for herself. She realised she probably wouldn't have time to explore much of the town before the meeting though, probably only enough time to check out a couple of destinations.
    After studying the map for a considerable period of time, she decided on where she would visit. The first was a long distance outside of town, so she found herself using magic once more. She had not expected to be using it quite so much before she had even started lessons, but it seemed it could not be avoided. This spell was a particular favourite of hers. By controlling the pressure of the air around her feet, she could create what were essentially invisible roller skates, except she was riding on blades of air rather than plastic wheels. She often used this spell in both battle and for general movement, so she was quite adept at controlling it. After 10 minutes of effortless gliding, she found herself at the door to a small, quaint building. It was completely wood and straw, unlike the buildings inside the town, and it generated a very peculiar atmosphere. However, she didn't feel out of place here, while she did with many of the buildings of the town. Perhaps it reminded her of her village elder's hut.
    She opened the door and stepped in. She noticed the slight, dull tinkle of a rusty bell, and it became evident the tiny shop probably didn't have many customers. In the center of the room stood a faded table that in ages past would not have been out of place in a palace, and there were strange concoctions lining shelves on the wall, collecting dust. An old woman sat in a rocking chair in the corner, but it was not easy to tell if she was awake, asleep or had been dead for several days. Shakumi suspected she might have been using age extension techniques - no one naturally has that many wrinkles. She found what she was looking for under a pile of archaic tomes, but even with the noise she was making, the owner seemed not to wake up. Unsure exactly what to do, she decided to leave the money for it on the table, since she didn't want to wake the old woman up. Just as she was leaving, she heard the woman thank her for her business. Maybe old people were just very good at feigning sleep. She rid her mind of the thoughts, and headed slowly back to the town, deciding the box was probably too fragile to survive using her gliding technique.
  3. Amberlyn-
    Amberlyn sat at her desk in her office, finishing up her lesson plans for the first month of classes. She looked out the window of her office on the top floor of the Scholar House building. The flags rose in the square. It was nearly time to welcome a new wave of students to Nova University. She stood up and crossed the room to her cabinet, filled with tonics and elixirs of her own design, all on display behind the glass. She took a key from her necklace and unlocked the doors, then took a small vial filled with a translucent silver liquid. She drank it quickly, and shuddered at the taste. "The things I do for my health," she said. She locked the cabinet again. She pulled open the heavy door to the hallway and stepped out.

    The hall was still fairly empty. Most students would probably be exploring the campus, or heading toward the main hall for the welcoming and feast. Amberlyn descended each staircase slowly as she scanned the atrium, reminiscing on years past, as she often did at the beginning of each year here. Reaching the bottom floor, she picked up the pace and exited into the warm sunlight. As she walked, she nodded to her previous students, and smiled at those she did not recognize. The walkways were filling with students now. Some were nearly trembling with excitement as other slumped along, wishing they could be finished with school already.

    Upon entering the Main Hall, she saw Arukab at the front of the room on the stage where the podium sit. As she walked between the aisles of seats, she called out to him, "Ready for another year, Arukab?". She climbed the steps to the stage and looked out across the sea of chairs, still empty, but soon to be filled with promising young minds. The seat behind her was reserved, a sign marking it Professor LaRosa. She sat and waited for the festivities to begin.
  4. Genevieve-
    Genny sat at the front desk of the library, flipping through pages of a massive book. She turned each page with caution, as if it might break, taking the yellowed color to mean it is very old and fragile. As she finished the chapter, she shut the book. It closed with a heavy thud and dust shot out around its edges. Genny placed her hand on the cover and ran her fingers across the title, highlighted with gold foil, it read An Abriged History of Nova University.

    Genny focused for a moment, clearing her mind to allow for visions to enter. A few minutes passed by before any premonitions crossed into her thoughts. But then, she saw herself in her dorm room, meeting her new roommate. She smiled and they shook hands. Then she was in class, the Advanced Magic professor shocked her, with slit pupils and cat ears. He looked familiar to her, but his presence so close was more intense than ever before. Next she saw the Main Hall, filled with students, with the three Heads of House standing up on stage to welcome everyone. Professor LaRosa, Arukab, and Mishra Ayrie, yes that was his name, stood in a row. It was soon. This was to happen in a matter of hours. Or even before.

    She let her mind relax again. The library came back into view. Genny picked up the book she'd been reading and hauled it up the ladder that attached to the wall behind the desk. This was the section where they kept all the books which refer to Nova University. She slipped the text back into the space it belonged and climbed back down. Across the room, she took the stairs up to the second level and stepped into the Medical section. She took down a book at random and marked its place with a divider. Back at the desk she stamped the card in the back of the book, and signed her name and the title in the log of borrowed books. At the library exit, she took they large skeleton key from her pocket and locked the door behind her.

    Inside the Main Hall, very few people were waiting yet. Genny took the book outside and sat on the fountain near the entrance. She opened the Medical text to the first page. There was time yet before she needed to be inside for the welcome.
  5. Hart watched with bated breath from the bow of the massive transport ship, the Academy and its Port Town coming into view. In the bright sunlight, everything seemed to be painted a sheen of light gold, and the brand new students on board the ship buzzed with excitement. The chatter of the excited students was something akin to a dull roar, the white noise filling Hart's senses as he disembarked from the ship, map in hand. Some Deckhands had already assured him that his luggage would be moved to his room by the time the Welcoming Ceremony and Feast concluded.

    The Port Town of Fardhuk was a hub of activity as hundreds of young students poured off the ship. Many headed straight to the University, eager to explore the campus, while others explored the town that they would likely be visiting very often. Around the town, townsfolk greeted and offered directions to lost students, while vendors harked their wares at them, hoping that their youthful excitement would stir them into spending money. The town was exciting and colorful, various streamers and banners in similar colors and designs to the University hung here and there to welcome the new students.

    Hart found himself wandering the University campus, taking in the sheer size and beauty of the buildings and grounds. Behind him floated a suit of heavy metal armor. It was dark, unpolished gray in color and completely silent as it noiselessly followed him- if it weren't for the fact that the suit of armor was well over six feet tall, it might've gone completely unnoticed because of how quiet it was.

    As he explored, Hart found various gardens, fountains, plazas, and buildings, thoroughly populated with students. Some like him were obviously new, taking in their surroundings with eyes that could be akin to a doe-eyed deer, others were older students, chatting with one another, laughing and joking as they shot glances as the wide-eyed freshmen. Hart made an effort not to wander too far, for fear of getting lost and missing the Welcoming ceremony- though despite his efforts, Hart found himself meandering aimlessly around until he by chance came upon the Main Hall, which was easy enough to recognize because of plaza and fountain right in front of it, as well as the sheer size of the building as well.

    The plaza in front of the Main Hall wasn't nearly as crowded as Hart expected it to be- likely because the other students had yet to filter in or find the place. Standing at the edge of the plaza, staring at the immense Main Hall, Hart found himself unconsciously toying with the school Crest he was given. While other freshmen had a shield of lustrous gold, or a rich reddish spear, Hart possessed a large trinket of bright silver, in the image of an open tome. The silver crest shined distinctly in the bright sunlight as Hart fiddled with it in his hand.
  6. Elias fell asleep outside again. He woke up because he heard voices and the distinctive sound of shoes on st one. Slightly sunburnt and sore, the teacher stood from his resting place and began to make his way to where he was supposed to be for the welcome. There were plans for him to go there earlier, but obviously fell asleep. Again. Naturally, none of his plans actually worked out all the way, small wonder half of his lesson plans were improvised.
    Finally making his way to the great hall, he realized he wasn't alone. Which could be either good or bad depending on how one looked at the situation and how many people were in the room before hand. There weren't many people there, small groups of students making their way in small waves meant that Elias wasn't late for once. If he showed up late to the Welcoming Ceremony, he was fairly certain that his colleagues would shun him for half the semester, which he didn't particularly want to repeat.
    "Is it the new year already?" He joked, stepping up to the podium. By this point, it was obvious that his face was sunburned, and that he'd slept outside again.
  7. [Professor Ayrie's office was a mess, to say the least. Of course, this was when it was clean. Papers were scattered everywhere, flying free, stacked up, strewn haphazardly across the floor. Most of it didn't seem to make sense either, at least not to someone who wasn't 1] him, 2] someone who understood alchemy well, 3] someone with a knowledge of ancient languages, or 4] someone who understood the fundamental nature of magic itself. Yet despite the clutter and confusion, it all made perfect sense to him as he sat on the ground, his tail swishing back and forth as he grabbed papers from random places on desks shelves and the floor, his yellow eyes scanning each of them and either placing them somewhere new, at random for all appearances, or in his lap where a sheaf of papers was beginning to grow. Even if one were to watch him, the patters of symbols and words ont he pages didn't seem to make connections either but at that point, everything was running through his own head at rapid fire pace with no hope of following in it's wake.

    As he grabbed the final page, clearly a title page by the format, he laid it atop the stack and looked at the some five hundred pages he had gathered. Standing up straight, he arched his back, his ears laying flat to the sides as he stretched out his arms. Rolling his shoulders to relieve the stiffness, he set the pages into a prepared binding for them, watching as the leather bound itself around the sheaf into a book, the title of the first page inking itself on the cover. Giving it the few minutes necessary to let the binding set, Mishra went over to the bookcase that held similar books. These were colour coordinated, though the system they were in was hard to tell from the first glance.

    The cover of the one he had just bound was green and there was a shelf of green books about three from the ground and it was this one that held the fewest, there only being two others there. The titles on each of them, written in the common tongue read simply as Esoterics I and Esoterics II and the third one he had just bound was similarly titled Esoterics III. He slotted this book in next to its neighbour.

    Looking about his office once more, his eyes fell upon another title sheet of something else he was working on. Picking it up, he read it and within two words, he knew the colour of the binding. Taking a blue leather one from a small box, he laid it out on his desk int he only clear space there that had once been occupied by the green binding of Esoterics III. He was about to begin gathering more pages when he saw the flag raise from the window.

    "Never enough time," he murmured softly, his voice quiet right now.

    With a sigh, he grabbed his lab coat from the coatrack by the door and pulled it on, taking the Chaos Blade off as well and buckling it's belt around his waist. Even if they were at the university, the Wraiths could appear at any time and any place; it wasn't wise to be unprepared, no matter how safe you thought you were. He was perhaps safer than most, able to use magic and sword arts so he always had a weapon at his disposal.

    Taking it all in hand, he walked through the door to his office, leaving the mess behind to be dealt with at an unforeseen moment in the future, and made his way down to the Main Hall. He kept his feet on the ground and did his best to walk around students rather than through them; even if there wasn't anything physically affecting them, many didn't exactly like the idea that someone could walk right through them - many were sick after the fact just the feeling of it. Of course, he was no worse for the wear but he was here at Nova University teaching students and working on his own agenda.

    It became harder to avoid the students the closer he got, the freshmen crowding around to get in along with a few upperclassmen who knew about the free feast afterwards. The masses were teeming with bodies and Mishra found himself slowly becoming more and more annoyed, especially considering that he was expected to be at the front. Rather than just phase through all of them, he had a far better idea that would induce mass hysteria.

    Taking a much less used path for the first day, he maneuvered his way around the Main Hall to the back where there was a service entrance and students were forbidden to go through. This time, he did phase his way through the walls, passing through with the full intent of getting there no matter what. After several walls, hallways, and closets, he came through behind Arukab and Amberlyn. Brushing imaginary dust off of his coat, he stalked up, again rolling his shoulders to replax his muscles before taking a his usual seat and crossing his legs.

    "So how many new test subjects do we have this year?" he asked Amberlyn.

    It was hard to tell if 'test subjects' was a term of endearment or an actual way that the professor referred to the students, possibly even both.]
  8. The salt carried by the wind was a plague to her skin. Astrid's had swollen red and her eyes looked no better. For the better or worse, she had struggled through the welcoming gifts of Fardhos to make it to the opening ceremony. Astrid would not miss is even if it killed her, and the way it looked, it just very much might.

    “Ma'am, let me help you!” One of the students yelped as Astrid tried to wade through the body of attending young men and women. She pulled her arm back when the girl tried to support her, but with a little more strength than she intended. The girl lost her balanced and, tripping over her own feet, stumbled into one of her peers.

    Just a fantastic first impression, Astrid thought to herself. She walked over the poor student she'd just flung about and apologised. “Sorry about that,” Astrid grabbed the girl by her wrist and pulled her up to her feet. “I'm fine. Just cau-” Astrid brought quickly her hand to her mouth. “Ah- Ah- Hachoo!” She sneezed, feeling as if her irritated skin was being ripped apart by it.

    “-A cold. I'll walk it off.”

    “Y-yes ma'am!” The student squealed, quickly getting back in line. Clearly she didn't believe it, though, as not ten seconds later, Astrid could hear her go about how the new teacher's hand was apparently so cold she was afraid she'd freeze to it. Astrid could not help but chuckle; at least until said laugh was interrupted by the feeling of sandpaper being rubbed against the insides of her throat.

    “Colleagues.” Astrid's hoarse voice announced her arrival, as she made it up to the stage coughing and wheezing. “It's an honour. For those who haven't met me yet, I am Astrid Jorunn. Forgive me for not shaking your hands.” She said, rubbing it past her nose to make herself look... Somewhat more presentable.
  9. Professor Krego , Green

    While most professors stayed in their own personal office, Krego stayed within his classroom. Across the walls were placed blue stones so dark they seemed to be black, but on those stones were carved runes each varying from the next but all carrying the same effect. A heatless blue flame emitting from the runes lit up the area in a calm lighting and gave off a soothing feel into the room. At the desk placed at the focal point of the room sat Professor Krego reading from a book with a title written in a foreign language. On the other side sat an open empty book bound in leather where Krego was taking notes, he was working on translating this text so he could put it inside the Nova University Library.

    Interrupting his project, Krego heard many students noisily passing through the hall outside his classroom. Putting two and two together, Krego realized the new students must have arrived, which meant he was needed in the Main Hall. Letting out a light sigh, he stood, leaving the book open so to keep his place. While heading to the door another book followed him, levitating behind him due to the binding the two shared. Once Krego opened his arm the book found its way into his hand.

    Despite being in the same building, Krego still stepped outside through the door in his classroom. The purpose of the door was simple, some spells were too dangerous to use indoors and might shake the building wildly enough to cause damage. The suns light made the scenery very colorful this afternoon, many students rushing through the area kept the school grounds appearing much busier today than most other days. Working his way around students and finding himself in the front where one of his students, Genevieve Brooks, he stopped for a moment to greet her. "Good morning, Genny. Looking forward to this years studys?"

    Professor Arukab , Gray

    While waiting inside for everyone to arrive, Arukab was sitting quietly watching as students and teachers alike gathered inside the Main Hall. The first inside the hall was the Head of Scholar House, Aberlyn, who had greeted him right away. "Let's hope this year is a good one. Wraiths won't wait for us," respondedthe professor. Next teacher into the main hall was Elias, the archery teacher. The one weapon Arukab was without skill, ranged combat was far from his forte. Greeting Elias with a nod, Arukab smirked at his sunburn.

    Soon following was professor Ayrie, a madman by most accounts. Referring to students as test subjects wiped the smirk of Arukabs face. The two didn't get along well in the past due to clashing personalities, but Ayrie was afterall the best fit for Head of Dragoon House and also a very fit Advanced Magics Teacher. For now Arukab ignored this comment, mostly due to the statement being addressed at Amberlyn rather than himself.

    Next to join the teachers was the newest addition to the team, the advanced weapons teacher Astrid Jorunn. The difference between her and Arukab in armed combat was clear, if not for his legendary Silver Phantom Astrid may very well be the better combatant. Arukabs abilities allowed for him to fight without a dependance on his arms. The two weapons teachers had already met simply because of his position as head of house. "It's good to have you with us Astrid, I hope the weather here doesn't put too much of a tax on you." Clearly she was still adjusting to the warmer climate on this island than she was used to, and this wouldn't be the first time he's seen this.
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  10. Shakumi headed towards the main hall, following the general direction of the other people rather than the map she had in her bag. Just as she reached the entrance, she stepped to the side and placed the box on the floor next to the wall. Carefully, she unlatched it and opened the lid, before slowly lifting out the contents. She detached the strings from the marionette and moved each individual joint, making sure they all worked properly, without resistance. Next, she fragmented a small piece of her soul off, and channeled it into the marionette. It was a dangerous process, but incredibly useful. Concentrating a little, she switched active control to the fragment, and tested her new body. There was a slight delay between sending a message and the marionette carrying out the action, but that was only to be expected from a relative beginner. She was thankful she had gone to such lengths to purchase the doll though. It possessed much better detail than the ones she had practiced with, and the senses of the marionette were much clearer than she had anticipated. She walked the marionette into a bush, then switched control back to her own body. She picked up the box and hid it in the same bush, before slipping into the back of the hall. It seemed the event had been going for a good few minutes before she had entered.
  11. Amberlyn LaRosa , Teal
    She nodded at Arukab. Surely this year would be great, as all the others have been. Elias arrived with a sunburn. Amberlyn assumed he'd napped outside. It didn't surprise her. Yet, when he joked about the new year coming so soon, she couldn't help but chuckle.

    Amberlyn smirked at Mishra. She was not fond of his attitude about theirs students, but she had decided long ago that it was not worth the fight. He was typically kind to their faces, and he was an excellent teacher. And who knows, he could even mean it in a playful sort of way. She disregarded it yet again. "Enough new students to fill this hall, that's certain."

    Then, a new professor arrived and introduced herself. She seemed to be ill, adjusting to the new climate. Still, Amberlyn couldn't bring herself to feel badly for her. She seemed so strong, regardless. Astrid was clearly quite the warrior, so her politeness came as a bit of a shock. All those that Amberlyn had encountered had been hardened from battle and bloodshed. It was a relief to see someone who remained kind. After Arukab responded to astrid, Amberlyn followed with "Great to meet you Astrid, I'm Amberlyn LaRosa."

    Amberlyn looked across the same sea of chairs which moments before were entirely empty. Students were filing in now, most taking seats in the back.

    Genevieve Brookes , Plum
    Genny looked up from her book to see a familiar face in front of her. It was her old Magic teacher, Professor Oracio Krego. He looked the same to her as he did last year. As always, he brought with him a book on a chain. She momentarily thought about all the power it possessed and how she'd seen Krego use it. She was a bit envious of it all. Genny closed her book, marking it with her finger.

    "Very much so, sir. Although I'm a bit sad I won't be seeing you in class anymore. Moving on to Advanced and all. I work in the library now, perhaps I'll see you there?"

    She hoped to see him at the library. Over the course of the Basic Magic class, she had grown fond of him. She saw him as a fatherly presence. Although he was usually quiet and reserved, she felt that he was kinder to her. It may have been wishful thinking. Still, she respected his wisdom, and appreciated how much he had taught her.

    The sun hurt her eyes as she looked up at Krego, waiting for his response. She shaded her face with her hand.
  12. Even after all these years, Markus did not like crowds. The boat ride had been hellish, forcing him to stick as close to the sidelines as possible. This was his first year at the university, and no matter how much he tried there was always the factor of getting uncomfortable in crowds and getting horribly seasick. Naturally, he ended up in the ferry's infirmary the entire trip. It was easy enough not to get lost, following the crowds that massed together in ways that made his stomach turn. Vaguely he wished to return to peaceful life of trolls, whom had been his only companions for most of his life.
    There wasn't a familiar face in the crowd, and this was his sisters last year at the university. There would be no reason that she'd actually want to hang out around him. Just before she left for this school, she would always call him weird and strange. Those names would keep him up at night, paralyzed with fear that he'd been found out. But she'd left, taking his secret with her unknowingly. Perhaps she would never know, and he wanted to keep it that way.
    Plastering a smile onto his face, he trotted into the main hall, slapping the personality of the dead boy as if he'd always been Markus. Markus would have been excited. Nikolai was not. Since there was no one he knew, Markus sat down on the nearest empty seat, internally wanting everything to quiet down. Making small talk was his forte, chattering the ears off of those around him was something that was always done with him and Markus wondered how anyone could stand to listen to him and the way he rattled on and on.
  13. Elias smiled at Astrid, though the action made his face hurt. He could swear up and down that he would never sleep out in the sun again, but before summer even ended he'd wind up with another sunburn on his face. At least it wasn't too bad, though it made his face turn a fairly obvious shade of red that could be seen from a short distance away.

    "Nice to meet you as well." She looked miserable, or at least, something resembling it. He wasn't the best at reading people. The only thing he was good at was archery, and he was forever glad he'd never have to their jobs. Having no real magic didn't help when his older students try bewitching the arrows to go in all sorts of directions, and next thing he realizes the arrows have minds of their own and he couldn't turn them back unless he got one of them to stop it or pleaded with another teacher. That in itself was mortifying, and tried to avoid such situations as much as possible. Hence his no magic in lab rule if he didn't want to loose an eye from poor aim and bad spell timing. Which he had to learn the hard way.
  14. Professor Krego , Green

    Seeing his former student was moving forward was always a good sight, but he knew they'd be seeing more of eachother, so he didn't have much to say. "Yes, I'm working on translating another text for the library again, I assume we'll see eachother there." turning around and gesturing his hand for her to follow, he continued, "Come, Professor Arukab will be speaking soon." welcoming her to follow by his side, he had made his way inside the Main Hall. Without checking to see if she'd follow, Krego wasted no time standing by one of the walls that stood parallel to one of the dining tables. He was no head of house so there was no need to stand with the others. From here he couldn't see every student, but he had a good idea on those in front of him. Glancing up to see the other teachers meeting at the top of the stage a smirk slipped onto Kregos face as he noticed Elias was burned and the new Advanced Weapons teacher was ill. Krego stood silently as he waited for the welcoming speach to begin, the hall was currently rather loud with talking students.

    Professor Arukab , Gray

    Students had filled the Main Hall rather quickly, as usual. Many familiar faces and new ones mixed in and mingled with one another, bringing a gentle smile on Arukabs face. Speaking to no individual, but rather the area, he spoke aloud "Well, no sense in waiting much longer. I see Krego is here, but as usual he'll not join us up here. The man never changes." Guessing that it had been about time, Arukab stepped up to the podium and signaled the large room full of students, teachers, and chaperones by holding out his left hand in a 90 degree angle. Most new students hadn't noticed, but the older students knew that was the sign to be silent he or she who made the sign had something to say. Slowly, the room became silent as the new students caught on.

    Once the room had been silent enough, he spoke in a voice he rarely used, sounding strong, firm, and loud. "Greetings, thank you all for attending." His voice echoed through the room, echoing from the high cieling down to the ears of each student. "I am Professor Arukab Tragide. For those of you in Sentinel House baring the crest of the Golden Shield," He continued as he opened his jacket to reveal the crest he had mentioned, "I am your Head of House. Behind me to my right is Professor Amberlyn LaRosa, head of the Scholar House baring the crest of the Silver Tome. To my left is professor Mishra Ayrie, head of the Dragoon House baring the crest of the Crimson Lance. The three of us guide this school, and we hope to guide you all in the right direction. For those of you returning, we welcome you back and hope to see that you have progressed well. As for the new students, we welcome you to our school. For some of you the change of scenery may be hard, but our teachers and chaperones are here to help you with more than just your studies. Should you have any problems and find yourself in need of help of any form, we will be here." Taking a pause to change topics, it was time to address the reason most of them had decided to study here. "Many of us have seen loss at the hands of the wraiths, this school exists to prevent future tragedy. It is my honor to aid all of you in this war, the world is in need of warriors and with our help and the help of your fellow students we will be victorious! It is an honor to have you all here and I am positive I speak for all staff here when I say...Welcome to Nova University!"

    As he finished, servers from the massive kitchen opened the doors and walked through carrying countless decadent dishes holding delicacies from all over the world to not only offer the greatest variety, but to remind everyone of something from their home. Every dish was fresh, hot dishes still steaming, cold dishes perfectly garnished, it certainly was a feast fit for royalty. Should anyone have eaten beforehand they would still have a watering mouth from the delicious meal prepared. Once every dish was set on the dining tables the cooks and servers retreated back into the kitchen, likely for cleanup duty after creating such an elegant feast. Arukab retreated to the back of the stage and sat down, he'd participated in enough of these feasts that he didn't mind getting to the food a little late.
  15. Genevieve Brookes , Plum

    Genny stood up quickly at Krego's suggestion, quick enough to give her a head rush. She wanted to hear the speech, as usual. With her finger marking her place in her book, she flanked the magic teacher, keeping just a pace behind and one to the right. He was a quiet man, and although she was fond of him, it is always awkward to walk by someone in silence.

    By the time she entered the hall, it was filled with students in their seats, teachers meeting at the podium, and some simply waiting along the inside perimeter of the wall. She sat in back just as Arukab began speaking. As he gestured to Professor LaRosa, Genny smiled. After all, she is her head of house, and is the one who set her up with the job in the library, a favor for which he was very grateful. She pulled her Scholar House pendant from her sweater and held it with pride. Then, Arukab introduced Mishra Ayrie.

    His intensity rivaled that of her vision earlier. She clutched her tome necklace a bit tighter. There was something about him that made her uneasy, though she couldn't pinpoint what. She focused her attention on Arukab, and within moments her stomach had calmed.

    At the end of the speech, the staff brought all the food to the table and set it in front of their plates. Genny took portions of ham, stuffing, and vegetables and began her meal.

    Amberlyn LaRosa , Teal

    Amberlyn stood behind Arukab as he began his annual speech. At the mention of Krego's name, she looked into the crowd. He was just entering, Genevieve steps behind him. She watched as Genny took a seat and as Krego resigned himself to standing by the wall. She tried not to make eye contact.

    Even though there was a brief history between the two, there was no reason for there to be any strangeness in their relationship as colleagues. After all, it was only on night, and nothing needed changing based on that moment of transgression. Still, the memory made her smile. She passed it off as joy for the start of the new school year. It was timed well with Arukab's introduction of her as the Head of Scholar House.

    When Arukab welcomed the students at the end of the speech, the food arrived. As always, it looked delicious. She opted to eat on stage, like all previous years, in case any students had questions. This way, she seemed more accessible and open. She crossed her legs at the ankles under the faculty table and ate as gracefully as one can eat ham. Some teachers joined her at the table, while others retired to backstage following Arukab, a sign she took to mean they were unimpressed by the feast. And after so many years, it was a surprise she was still impressed.
  16. “Nothing that could keep me from attending.” Astrid assured Arukab, even if it did not look or feel that way. Yet she could not buckle under this cold in the face of her new colleagues and soon to be students. First impressions were important to Astrid and it had been drilled into her that little window of acquaintance could make or break a bond.

    “Well met.” She greeted Amberlyn and then the dark-haired man that stood besides them. His face glowed an even brighter red than hers. Perhaps she was not the only new teacher this year, Astrid thought briefly. Though, the man hadn't mentioned his name so it was more likely his face was a familiar one around the premise already.

    The body of students was impressively varied. From all corners of the world they had gathered on this island. Up north, there was nowhere nearly as much variation to be seen. Yet all of them had come to the academy with the same goal. Astrid fought back the cough crawling up her throat, as she listened to the headmaster speak. She smothered it in the palm of her hand, which a second later she saw to be stained with small drops of blood. Perhaps it might had been a good idea to visit the infirmary...

    Yet stubborn as she was, Astrid had it to sit down next to the head of scholars. The feast was grand indeed, although Astrid had her reservations about it's local specialties. An island was bound to serve fish, something she would not stomach in her current condition. Instead, Astrid settled for a soup. It was far more delicate and creamy than she remembered the dish to be and try as Astrid might, she could not find the meatballs in it. Instead there were some greens drifting in it that she had never seen before. Astrid couldn't help but blink awkwardly at the dish before she dug in.

    “That would go down well with some mead, wouldn't it?” Astrid suggested to Amberlyn, who – to the ordinary bystander, looked like she'd traded her lunch with the new weapons teacher. Any other day, the ham would have looked so good that Astrid would have killed a man for it. For now she was just glad to have something hot and easy to eat.

    “I have never seen a feast like this. In the north, we have new recruits suckling off bones for the first week. It teaches them to still their hunger and not to waste food. This is truly a different world.”
  17. HENRY-

    Henry stood in his classroom setting up different metals for students to look at when they were to come inside the room. He had a dusting brush, and slid it over the different metals one at a time. Henry could smell the metals extremely well, being around metal for such a long time, he could easily tell which one was which. His tuft of white hair stuck out like a lizard on a rock, feeling it's movement he brushed it to the side, and it stuck for the time being.

    After brushing off the metals, Henry walked over in the direction of his desk. The snake eyed man smelt for his weapon, which had a familiar scent that he placed on it. The scent was of one of his foods that he had loved so much before his death, sweet pickles. When Henry found it, it was in its crossbow form, as he picked it up. The teacher placed his weapon on a stand for the whole class room.

    He listened closely then, Professor Arukab had started his speech to the students that had joined in the Main Hall. "Well Arukab, you have always had your way with words, now haven't you," Henry spoke in the silence of his own class room. He smelt for the other advanced weapons that he had made so students could view them as well, taking great pride in their creation. Then he came over to his weapon, the Grave Crossbow, and placed a hand on it, speaking to himself "Just a little while longer, and students will be able to join and create."


    Jeric came into the main hall, his cloak covering his body. He came in right when Professor Arukab had finished his speech. The 19 year old had walked in the direction of a table where servers were coming around. He sat at it in silence, listening to the conversations of other students. A voice then came into his head, it was that Wraith, Cren. "Let's have some fun Jeric, let's challenge someone to a duel. You always loved it when we dueled against someone" his voice sounded dark and echoey at this moment in time. "No, not at all Cren, I am not letting you take over my body just for a little duel challenge," Jeric spoke in a whisper.

    He took one of the goblets that a server was coming around in, it was wine. "Glad to have a little of this," Jeric smiled slightly under his bandages that covered the right side of his body. He sipped some through the left side of his mouth. It tasted good, like cherry blossoms, with some apple. He set the goblet down on the top of the table.

    Jeric looked down at his hands, one was bandaged one was not. "Why did this happen to me," Jeric asked himself. Then Cren spoke aloud this time, "Because of the fact that you needed help dear boy. You forget very often Jeric, I am the reason you are still alive." Jeric shook his head, "I understand, but why could you not have healed my body at least?" Cren smiled, "You wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for me though, now let's find some one to fight." Jeric shook his head more, his cloaks hood about to fall off, as most of his face was being revealed to the people around him.
  18. [True to Amberlyn's words, the Great hall filled up considerably. As the new faces filed in and took their seats, Mishra was cataloging each of them into what he could them for. Of course, his mind was focused on his prowess, or at least what had been his prowess in day gone by. That seat of power belonged to Amberlyn, for now. Still, it occupied his mind for the time being, placing what he would do to each student with the right materials. An intelligence boost here, muscle enhancer there, wings in the back. Of course, he wasn't really allowed to experiment on the new students, at least, not without the proper paperwork being filed and even then he was limited.

    Long ago, he had no need for such trifles. Back then, he had the full gambit of prisoners to work with, and consent was something they had to always give for his mad machinations. The horrors that he visited upon some, almost always unintentional of course, were an excellent deterrent to others who would commit crimes. Like any empire though, there would be crime.

    A smile crept across his face, remaining until the feast had been brought out. Mishra was used to not eating much, working through meal times easily and often subsiding only on water; not that any of that was a problem for him. Still, as he was, with work pressing but him not in the middle of it and with tantalizing smells wafting through the air, he was tempted to get himself his own plate of food. However, the sea of students before him did not look so easily passed, not without some more interesting methods. That and he could see steam and heat coming off the food - best to let it cool first before diving in.

    He took a seat at the faculty table, near the end where he could leave without phasing through everyone and their meals. By outward appearances, he looked pensive and it was only a few minutes later that he reached into an inner pocket and drew out a small notebook and a black quill from one of his inner pockets and began writing in it. The notes were quickly written in a language that was lost to this world, but he read it easily enough. Notes of things that had been, should be and possibly were to come. All were possible int he Blind Eternities.]
  19. Henry-

    Henry, finished his set up in the classroom. Appealing to his tastes, he walked out of the classroom and directly to the main hall, where all the new and old students had come to for orientation. As he walked along he witnessed more and more students coming off of the boat. New students stared at him oddly, while other students waved, remembering him very well.

    Henry passed by the students one after another. The tall, yet old teacher took in different scents hoping to remember them. Some familiar scents were already around him. Henry walked through the main hall doors, and took in the scents of food and drinks. He noticed the scent of crab, some were lamb chops, and one of his other favorite foods, Linguini pasta with smoked sausage and a hearty red sauce.

    The man couldn't eat though sadly, he could only take in the great smells, and fill his nostrils with the wonderful smell. Henry walked over to the faculty table, and sat down by the others. The first person he noticed was Mishra, writing down a few notes in a small notepad.

    "Having fun already," Henry spoke to Mishra in a sarcastic way, but as a joke. He wondered what the guy was writing down, the scent of the ink mixing with Henry's scent receptors. It was an odd smell to Henry, ink was not his favorite scent of all things, it bugged him slightly, but then he remembered the smells of other foods and drinks to block out the scent of ink.


    Jeric was having a tough time dealing with Cren at the moment. There were too many people in the area for Jeric to keep the Wraith contained, and an even harder time keeping his own actions under control. He didn't notice, but the hood of his cloak soon fell and others started to stare.

    Cren giggled slightly evilly in Jeric's mind, "This is going to be fun to watch you grovel, weak human." He chuckled more and more inside the 19 year olds mind. "No, I won't let you have that pleasure" Jeric replied aloud in front of other students, who continue to stare at him. He looked around at other students, and was wanting to scream at them. He wasn't going insane, but he was becoming enraged.

    "What are you all looking at, have you never seen a broken body before" Jeric shouted in anger at the other students. They backed away from him, frightened slightly, but confused as well. They were feeling threatened by his shouts too, wanting to either defend themselves or keep others at a safe, and reasonable distance. "They're staring at you, they're staring at the bandages, they're judging you Jeric," Cren spoke inside Jeric's head.
  20. ["Of course I am," Mishra replied, still writing in his notebook.

    Finishing the thought he was on, he flipped the pages back to an earlier one, this one clearly featuring a sketch of Henry alongside numerous notes in his precise scrawl. He flipped the page over to the other side and wrote down another note.

    "Thinking of all the advancements I could do to students... and to teachers... is one of the ways that keeps me saner than normal. Indulge a little to prevent drowning... You for instance... I wonder what you have hidden below those bandages of yours...."

    "Something not quite normal..." he said quietly, standing up so that it could only be heard by the two of them in the din of the feast. "I should like to see why you reek of death..."

    "And the intoxicating scent... of formaldehyde...." he whispered with a grin as he passed by Henry on the way to the feast tables, stowing his notebook away.]